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Life, Law and other things.....

A take on what I see around me....A genuine attempt at being concise, informative and maybe - humorous.



Subhro Sengupta joined HNLU in 2011 and is about to enter his 3rd year. Apart from all human requisites at college, he likes to read, think, write, to go on long walks on rainy days, public speaking and thinking about life ahead. He attended Ramakrishna Mission at Narendrapur, Calcutta before this, where he used to have a moustache, just like his father does.
The reviews for Calcutta Chronicles' were not only unexpected - they were elating and above all humbling - I always thought of myself as someone who could draw sad faces better than happy ones (I actually can!). So for my readers...
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*There are two reasons for writing this despite the hectic schedule and the tremendous workload this semester. First being – the storm clouds. The ones that you see in the month of June - just beyond the spires of the Calcutta...
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