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Mooting Premier League is back: MPL 7 sees Nalsar, UILS, NLS, NLIU lead after strong 2016 start

Yes, it’s been far too long: we have some catching up to do.

Good news everyone: the Legally India Mooting Premier League (MPL) is indeed and truly back, reincarnated now in its seventh edition after taking a break for a little more than a year.

For those unfamiliar, the MPL is simple: we track, with your help, all moots that matter to Indian law school mooters, both domestic and international. Each moot is assigned points, in accordance with the MPL rulebook (which will be updated for season 7), and at the end of the academic / mooting year, one college will be the indisputable mooting champion of the year. It's all very scientific, serious and also a lot of fun.

So, without much further ado, we’re kicking off MPL 7 now with a round-up of what has happened in the 2016-17 season so far.

After having tallied results from eight moots that have taken place this season, we are pleased to announce the preliminary ranking for the MPL 7, which sees mooting stalwart Nalsar Hyderabad, not to be outdone this year as in the last few, sit in first place with 32 points, after winning the Pro Bono Enviro Moot, and picking up best memo and best researcher citations at the Oxford Price (South Asia) and the GNLU Securities moot (as well as 2 points for organising BR Sawhney).

UILS Chandigarh and NLSIU Bangalore are both tied in second place, with respective wins in Henry Dunant and the Oxford Price South Asia moot.

And NLIU Bhopal is in fourth place with 28 points, having been the runner-up in the BR Sawhney moot court competition, the South Asia rounds of the Oxford Price Media Law Moot and at the Amity International Moot Court Competition.

Correction: Apologies, due to an error with our spreadsheeting, NLIU Bhopal was the runner-up in BR Sawhney and not the winner, as originally reported. The winner was RGNUL Patiala, which is now in the MPL 7's fifth position with 23 points. Nalsar Hyderabad now leads.

And, lest we overwhelm you with numbers and law schools, please check out the 18 other colleges that are also in our MPL 7 league tables already (see below: yes, it's quite big, but it's also exciting and you'll be able to follow it in real time at this link, for additional transparency of updates and to avoid any tabulation errors).

But now, for some MPL housekeeping to clear the cobwebs out, since it’s been a while since NLU Jodhpur won the last MPL in 2015.

1. Mooters and MCCs: Please welcome first member of the new Team MPL

First order of business: please welcome Nilav Banerjee to Team MPL. You can reach him at or Team MPL at .

And if you are a moot court committee (MCC), please send us an email at to briefly say hi, so we can more easily get in touch with you to confirm moot results, rulebook changes, and so on.

2. Feedback and suggestions required

Second, we would kindly request your feedback and suggestions. That goes in particular for which moots we should include, upgrade, downgrade, and so on this season. Please leave your thoughts in the comments or email us at . Please bear in mind factors like prestige of the moot, quality of the moot problem, standard of judging, fairness of evaluation, number of participants and so on. Please refresh yourself of the moots in the various tiers in MPL 6 and we hope to come out with an updated rulebook ASAP.

For instance, just amongst national law schools, there is DSNLU’s antitrust moot (in its 3rd edition this year), RMLNLU’s SCC International Media Law Moot (in its 3rd edition), CNLU’s P A Inamdar Moot (2nd edition), NUSRL’s Trial Advocacy Moot (3rd edition next year) and many others.

3. Have we missed anything yet?

Third: If you know who won best speaker (5) and best memo (5) at MC Chagla, please do let us know - we haven’t been able to confirm those yet. Also, have we missed any moots that have taken place in the season already?

4. A rule change

Fourth: We are proposing a prospective rule change that a university will not be eligible to win any points for in a moot that it also organises (other than organiser points). The idea is that in the few moots where a home team participates, this will reduce any possible appearance of bias or undue advantage being given to the organising university’s team. However, the given university will be awarded points for organizing the moot.

5. Feedback and suggestions required

Yes, that's the same point as 2 but that's because it bears repeating: MPL would be nothing without the participation and involvement of mooters, ex-mooters, future mooters and non-mooters. Please share your ideas, wishes, dreams and worst fears. And above all, have fun!

Happy mooting!

MPL 7 season standings

      Date of moot -> 2/12/16   25/11/2016   18/11/16   2/10/16   30/09/2016   25/09/16   25/09/16   11/09/16  
      Tier -> 5   3   3   4   5   5   3   5  
Rank College Total
Itemisation of MPL points Pro Bono Enviro Moot Court Pts Stetson India Rounds (T3) Pts Oxford Price Media Law Moot Court  (South Asia) (T3) Pts BR Sawhney (T4) Pts Amity International Moot Court (T5) Pts MC Chagla (T5) Pts Henry Dunant (T3) Pts GNLU Securities Moot (T5) Pts
1 Nalsar Hyderabad 32 Pro Bono Enviro Moot Court: Winner (10); Best Memorial (5) | Oxford Price Media Law Moot Court Competition (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Best Memorial (10) | BR Sawhney (T4): Organizer (2) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Best researcher (5) | Rank: 2 | Winner (10); Best Memorial (5) 15     Best Memorial (10) 10 Organizer (2) 2             Best researcher (5) 5
2 UILS Chandigarh 30 Henry Dunant (T3): Win (20); Best Speaker (10) | Rank: 3 |                         Win (20); Best Speaker (10) 30    
3 NLSIU Bangalore 30 Oxford Price Media Law Moot Court Competition (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Winner (20) | Henry Dunant (T3): Runner-up (10) | Rank: 4 |         Winner (20) 20             Runner-up (10) 10    
4 NLIU Bhopal 28 Oxford Price Media Law Moot Court Competition (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Runners-Up (10) | BR Sawhney (T4): Runner-up (8) | Amity International Moot Court Competition (T5): Runners-Up (5); Best Memorial (5) | Rank: 1 |         Runners-Up (10) 10 Runner-up (8) 8 Runners-Up (5); Best Memorial (5) 10            
5 RGNUL Patiala 23 BR Sawhney (T4): Best Memorial (8); Winner (15) | Rank: 5 |             Best Memorial (8); Winner (15) 23                
5 CNLU Patna 25 Stetson India Rounds (T3): Best Memo (10) | Amity International Moot Court Competition (T5): Winner (10); Best Researcher (5) | Rank: 5 |     Best Memo (10) 10         Winner (10); Best Researcher (5) 15            
6 GLC Mumbai 11 MC Chagla (T4): Win (10); Organizer (1) | Rank: 6 |                     Win (10); Organizer (1) 11        
7 NUJS Kolkata 20 Stetson India Rounds (T3): Best Speaker (10) | Oxford Price Media Law Moot Court Competition (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Best Speaker (10) | Rank: 7 |     Best Speaker (10) 10 Best Speaker (10) 10                    
8 NLU Jodhpur 20 Stetson India Rounds (T3): Winners (20) | Rank: 8 |     Winners (20) 20                        
9 Symbiosis Noida 15 Stetson India Rounds (T3): Runners-Up (10) | MC Chagla (T4): Runner-up (5) | Rank: 9 |     Runners-Up (10) 10             Runner-up (5) 5        
10 GNLU Gandhinagar 18 Pro Bono Enviro Moot Court: Best Speaker (5) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) | BR Sawhney (T4): Best Speaker (8) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Organizer (1) | Rank: 10 | Best Speaker (5) 5 Semi-Finalist (5) 5     Best Speaker (8) 8             Organizer (1)  
11 ILNU Ahmedabad 18 BR Sawhney (T4): Runners-up (8) | Henry Dunant (T3): Best Speaker (10) | Rank: 11 |             Runners-up (8) 8         Best Speaker (10) 10    
12 RESULTS YET TO BE CONFIRMED 10 MC Chagla (T4): Best speaker (5), best memo (5) | Rank: 12 |                     Best speaker (5), best memo (5) 10        
13 UPES Dehradun 15 GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Win (10), Best Speaker (5) | Rank: 13 |                             Win (10), Best Speaker (5) 15
14 School of Law, Christ University 10 Pro Bono Enviro Moot Court: Runners-Up (5) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Runner-up (5) | Rank: 14 | Runners-Up (5) 5                         Runner-up (5) 5
15 MNLU Mumbai 10 Henry Dunant (T3): Best Memorial (10) | Rank: 15 |                         Best Memorial (10) 10    
17 RMLNLU Lukcnow 5 GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Best written submission (5) | Rank: 17 |                             Best written submission (5) 5
18 SVKM's NMIMS Mumbai 5 Amity International Moot Court Competition (T5): Best Speaker (5) | Rank: 18 |                 Best Speaker (5) 5            
19 ILS Pune 5 Stetson India Rounds (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) | Rank: 19 |     Semi-Finalist (5) 5                        
20 Karnataka State University Law School 5 Pro Bono Enviro Moot Court: Best Researcher (5) | Rank: 20 | Best Researcher (5) 5                            
21 NLU Delhi 2 Oxford Price Media Law Moot Court Competition (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Organizer (2) | Rank: 21 |         Organizer (2) 2                    
22 Sastra School of Law Thanjavur 2 Stetson India Rounds (T3): Organizer (2) | Rank: 22 |     Organizer (2) 2                        
23 Amity Law School Noida 1 Amity International Moot Court Competition (T5): Organizer (1) | Rank: 23 |                 Organizer (1) 1            
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