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Bar Council of India (BCI)

09 January 2013

imageBreaking: The Bar Council of India (BCI) today retracted its 5 January request to the administrators of all Indian law schools to reserve at least two seats in each course for BCI nominees.

08 January 2013

image Breaking: The Bar Council of India (BCI) has sent a letter to the administrators of all Indian law schools, asking them to reserve two places on each course for BCI nominees.

01 January 2013

Former ITES Noida Office, last month, as set out on its website In last week’s Mint: Most non-lawyers will not have heard of AIBE, but one week this month, more people in India searched Google for the term than for Sonia Gandhi, according to Google Trends. As a pure exercise in branding, the less than two-year-old AIBE—or to use its full name, the All India Bar Examination—should be considered a huge success for the Bar Council of India (BCI). That can’t be said of the exam itself.

10 December 2012

The All India Bar Exam (AIBE) was cancelled mid-way yesterday at the exam centre in Jaipur, Rajasthan due to a shortage of around 900 question papers and was conducted incompletely, but not cancelled, at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh’s centre where there were 300 papers too little.

09 December 2012

Breaking: The fourth All India Bar Examination (AIBE) in Delhi’s nearest test centre in Noida, saw 500 candidates turn up beyond the expected 3,200 candidates for whom seating was planned, while most candidates finished the exam early and reported a fairly low difficulty level.

06 December 2012

AIBE hall The Bar Council of India (BCI) has published the full list of 59 All India Bar Exam (AIBE) test venues – increased from 44 venues in the first exam – and clarified that those examinees who have been unable to download their admit cards, could sit the exam after showing four documents.

04 December 2012

Hall passes for the fourth AIBE that will take place in five days (9 December) are now available for download via the official AIBE website, with an enrolment or application number.

AIBE website admit card download link.

Please do share your experience in the comments.{jcomments off}

04 December 2012

BCI: 30,000 admit cards on the wayThe admit cards for the 9 December All India Bar Examination (AIBE) which were scheduled to be uploaded on the AIBE’s website yesterday, will now be uploaded tomorrow as per a modification in Sunday’s notification on the Bar Council of India’s (BCI) website.

02 December 2012

Breaking: The Bar Council of India (BCI) has promised that identification cards allowing All India Bar Exam (AIBE) candidates to enter the exam hall will be uploaded on Monday (3 December), while also confirming that the exam would be a three-hour open book exam - half-an-hour shorter than the first three exams.

30 November 2012

The Bar Council of India (BCI) has published sample questions for the upcoming 9 December All India Bar Exam (AIBE), which focuses heavily on general knowledge and history, while having changed the number of questions per topic.

27 November 2012

Mishra Bar Council of India (BCI) chairman Manan Kumar Mishra in an insightful interview with legal website Bar & Bench reiterated his strong opposition to the entry of foreign law firms, noted that the BCI had been cancelling licenses for around 10 law schools per meeting, expressed a grouse against law teachers and promised to bring law firm misconduct under the BCI’s scanner with the Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF).

27 November 2012

Bar Council of India (BCI) chairman Manan Kumar Mishra revealed in an interview with legal website Bar & Bench today that its All India Bar Exam (AIBE) contractor ITES Horizon could get paid up to Rs 2.1 crore ($378,000) for assisting with the exam, while parts of BCI revenues from the exam would go to the welfare of lawyers.

He added that the BCI would not provide any study materials this time and would release model questions three or four days before the exam on 9 December.

27 November 2012

BCI domain: Offline The Bar Council of India’s (BCI) homepage domain name registration lapsed yesterday (26 November) making the legal regulator’s site temporarily inaccessible. However, the regulator’s website should now be online again throughout the day as this morning's re-registration of the domain by the BCI is being propagated across of the world.

The BCI’s website also went offline in 2010, after the domain name registration had lapsed. Last week the All India Bar Exam (AIBE) website was inaccessible for three days.

22 November 2012

Breaking: The Bar Council of India (BCI) released a statement on its website that candidates who have enrolled as an advocate between 17 and 24 November 2012, could still register for the All India Bar Exam (AIBE) until 24 November.

20 November 2012

Exclusive: After a three-day outage, the allindiabarexamination.com website would be online again within hours, the Bar Council of India secretary told Legally India, while ITES Horizon Pvt Ltd, the company contracted by the BCI to assist on the All India Bar Exam (AIBE), has not been possible to contact.

14 November 2012

The Bar Council of India extended the deadline for submission of the application form for the now postponed 9 December AIBE.

The notification for postponement of the AIBE to 9 December now reads:

It is to notify that, due to unavoidable reason, Muharram and several requests received from candidates, the date of All India Bar Examination is extended to 9th December, 2012. The Exam would now be held on 9th December, 2012. Accordingly, last date for submission of application form and deposit of examination fee is also extended upto 15th November, 2012 and last date for receipt of duly filled in application form in the office of the Bar Council of India is extended upto 20th November, 2012. It is clarified that in no case application forms received in the office of the Bar Council of India after 20th November, 2012 be accepted. [BCI]

Full disclosure & sponsored link: BarHacker.in is a bar exam preparation service with a 100% pass rate, that is jointly owned by iPleaders and Legally India.

09 November 2012

exam Three persons of Indian origin holding foreign undergraduate degrees in law registered for this year’s Bar Council of India (BCI) qualifying exam to practice in India, but only one – an LLB degree holder from Cambridge University - passed.

30 October 2012

Breaking: The Bar Council of India (BCI) has postponed the All India Bar Exam (AIBE) scheduled for 25 November 2012, to 9 December because of a religious event and candidates’ requests.

15 October 2012

Karnataka State Law University (KSLU) disallows LLM degree-holders from colleges not affiliated with it, from being appointed as law teachers in the university, if they have obtained their LLM degree after year 2011.

Local community president alleges that KSLU is itself not recognised by the BCI and the UGC.

The circular affects hundreds of post-graduates from the Bangalore University, Gulbarga and Mysore [Deccan Herald]

09 October 2012

AIBE A Right to Information (RTI) request has revealed that the Bar Council of India (BCI) entered into a wide-ranging letter of intent (LOI) with legal industry services provider Rainmaker in 2010, not just to conduct the All India Bar Exam (AIBE) but also to cross-promote other products of the company. However, according to Rainmaker, the majority of that LOI was never implemented.