Bar Council of India’s (BCI) website has officially confirmed that the bar exam has been postponed to 6 March 2011, although only shortly afterwards the website went offline after the domain name was not renewed.

A screenshot of the bar exam section on the BCI website last Friday (see left) does not explicitly mention any postponement but reads: “The first All India Bar Examination, to be conducted on March 6, 2011 is intended to test an advocate’s ability to practice the profession of law in India. As this is the first time that this examination will be conducted, it will assess capabilities at a basic level, and is intended to set a minimum standard for admission to the practice of law; it addresses a candidate’s analytical abilities and basic knowledge of law.”

However, the BCI website is currently offline after the domain name was apparently not re-registered in time with the domain name registrar.


Currently the website loads a holding page with advertisements automatically generated by domain parking service (see screenshot left).

Internet name registry records for the domain show that the domain registration was first made on November 2007 but lapsed on Friday (26 November 2010). It was re-registered yesterday (28 November 2010) but in the new registration all contact details are anonymised so Legally India could not confirm whether the renewal was legitimate or had been made by a cybersquatter or other third party.

All emails sent to addresses at, including the official bar exam query address , are currently bouncing as undelivered messages.

While legal industry services provider Rainmaker has helped the BCI set up its website as part of the deal to run the bar exam, it is understood that the BCI itself is handling much of the day-to-day administration of the website assisted only occasionally by Rainmaker. Legally India has informed Rainmaker staff of the unavailability of the website.

BCI chairman Gopal Subramanium confirmed to PTI and other papers on Friday that the exam would be postponed. He also told the Indian Express that the exam would not be junked: “Nobody is opposed to the exam. There are only some outstanding issues, which we will resolve. Even the students want the exam.” However, an unnamed BCI functionary told the Express that holding the exam even in March 2011 “was subject to many ifs and buts” and that “there is no certainty”.

However, there is no official confirmation on how exactly the postponement would be implemented and whether and how exactly students could practice until then, although the Indian Express mentioned the possibility of giving an “undertaking to the BCI that when the AIBE is held, they will sit for the exam and clear it”, as first reported by Legally India.

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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 29 Nov 10, 23:49
All law grads, now advocates, are opposed to the exam, because of highly disorganized management by GS. We all are practicing and will never ever give the AIBE !!! Sue us if you have balls GS...and GS< stop referring to us as students, we are advocates duly enrolled to practice....brush up your legal principles !!!!!!!!
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Like +0 Object -0 lalitganatra 30 Nov 10, 02:02
Top Most Institution does not have any kind of management.

That's prove

For Example,Un organised AIBE EXAM,Due Date For Application Extended Two Times. Date Of Exam. extended Two Times,First They declare exam in month of July-Augst Than dec & Now 6 march, No service of notice after two month period given by sc for bar exam transfer petition case. They haven't think most important rights for livelihood of advocates. Even Bci chair person use the word "students" to the register advocate ?? What A Joke ?? No material in time. Bar exam helpline not working many times ? No official confirmation even after 25 nov. & Many more............& last even domain name not renew of top most advocate instituion while domain register inform via email on every day from last three month that your domain is going to expire. What a management !!!!

I suggest that BCI members must give bar exam on 6 March & if they pass than batch 2009-10 students(Now advocates) are required to give exam
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 30 Nov 10, 05:05
011-49225015,49225016,492 25042. Contact Numbers of Bar Council of India alongwith 011-49225000 noted in the public utility directory.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 30 Nov 10, 05:06
Kian please contact SG and BCI .
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 30 Nov 10, 05:07
Many students have started their practice can we also start
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 30 Nov 10, 05:11
MINISTRY OF LAW and JUSTICE as in Public Directory : 01123384205
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 30 Nov 10, 05:14
Please tell us the latest, news is coming that the exam will be cancelled
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Like +0 Object -0 lalitganatra 30 Nov 10, 19:34

Supreme Court Will Hear Transfer Petition On 13-Dec-2010

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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 30 Nov 10, 19:58
The trend I see here is, whatever date approaches, 'push it'. SO earlier and two times it was the last date for application and now it is the exam itself!!

Playing wid exams and changing dates shows the confused and unorganized state of mind of the BCI. Its high time the AIBE was declared 'scrapped' for the 2010 graduates, who are by the way now Advocates and not students!!
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Like +0 Object -0 ashisharun 01 Dec 10, 22:11
Just received email from Bar Council about the postponement and the proforma. Now they want students to spend another 100 bucks for a notarized affidavit! So much for incompetence.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 07 Dec 10, 19:04
The Britishers through a charity though of giving us dominion status .......and some of the so called leaders were very pleased about this.........and now it seems that history is repeating itself.....bci is giving us provisional practicing status and we seem to be very happy about that.....Even the leaders of the students deligation..Let me see to wot extend injustice can be dragged.....and how long our guardian of our rights support it.
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