Keep calm and carry on, assures CLAT convenorKeep calm and carry on, assures CLAT convenor

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2015 secretariat has promised that CLAT 2015 candidates will not be the sufferers of any errors that may be found in the CLAT 2015 LLM and LLB question papers.

CLAT 2015 convenor RMLNLU Lucknow joint registrar Dr JD Gangwar told Legally India today in a phone interview: “We have taken all emails [complaining about question paper errors] we received until yesterday into cognisance and sent them to the expert committee. If the committee finds even a single error then the candidates will not be made to lose out.”

“We are ready to admit any mistake that we may have made. That is why this committee was constituted. Human errors may have crept in to the question papers but it is for the committee to decide,” he said, adding, “we are totally committed to transparency and we will set an example on this”.

An expert committee to examine CLAT 2015 candidates representations complaining of LLM and LLB question paper errors was constituted on 2 June, after the question papers for the exam were made available to the candidates through publication on CLAT’s official website on 1 June.

Candidates and experts have cumulatively claimed up to 30 errors were present in the CLAT 2015 question papers and answer key.

“If [candidates] are saying there are errors then it may or may not be true. But only the expert committee should be the one to say [if there are any errors]. Otherwise it creates an environment of distrust,” commented Gangwar.

Gangwar said that the expert committee is likely to submit its report tomorrow and if the report admits there was “even a single error” in either the LLB or the LLM paper, then the answer sheets for that paper will be re-evaluated.

He added that after such re-evaluation, or if the re-evaluation is not needed due to absence of errors, then after the current results are released every candidate’s answer sheet will be accessible to that candidate on CLAT’s website.

He said that the secretariat would also publish individual answer sheets because the chronology of questions for each candidate was different, as was planned by the convenor when it first introduced the online version of the exam.

“We have to rely on some system. We are a university giving degrees so our credibility is established,” remarked Gangwar.

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Like +28 Object -2 Not Calm 04 Jun 15, 16:19  interesting  top rated
Heads must roll and people need to lose jobs over this. This annual tamasha needs to come to an end.
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Like +32 Object -3 Guest 04 Jun 15, 16:23  interesting  top rated
"We are a University giving degrees so our credibility is established"! BWahahahaha.. Seriously?
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Like +14 Object -1 Guest 04 Jun 15, 16:24  interesting  top rated
This whole CLAT system requires some serious examination and reconsideration
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Like +8 Object -2 hk 04 Jun 15, 19:32  interesting
criminal cases should be filed against hte convenor of the exam and the VC of the university conducting the exam for ciminal neglect in discharging their duties thereby jeopardising the careers of young aspirants,as young students have also applied for other institutes,the pattern of criminal negligience is same as last year,a CBI inquiry should be ordered as to why it is happening every year,this is done with malafide intention so that the really deserving and bright candidates get frustated and get admitted in some othe professional course and the mediocre get the seats.
Quoting Guest:
This whole CLAT system requires some serious examination and reconsideration
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Like +0 Object -1 Guest 06 Jun 15, 15:39
That's what happens when someone tries to go out of their aukaat xD
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Like +4 Object -2 Concerned parent 04 Jun 15, 17:05
Absolute Jerks !!!
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Like +8 Object -0 the clat returns! 04 Jun 15, 18:01  interesting
“If [candidates] are saying there are errors then it may or may not be true. But only the expert committee should be the one to say [if there are any errors]. Otherwise it creates an environment of distrust,” commented Gangwar.

The return of the CLAT Committee:
1. allegations made on clat committee for discrepancies in evaluation of results.
2. like a superhero, an expert committee is constituted by the same organisation on which allgeations of discrepancy were made in the first place.
3. there is a basic principle, Mr., who gives out degrees and whose credibility cannot be challenged, that a person/organisation should not be a judge in its own cause.
4. people waiting with the hope that expert committee will do some magic, LOL!
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Like +1 Object -1 Guest 04 Jun 15, 23:49
Your point - 3 while factually correct - nemo iudex in causa sua - is wrongly applied to the facts. Therefore, the jibe in 2 is redundant.

Don't get your hopes up in what I'll say.
Best of luck.
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Like +0 Object -0 the clat returns! 08 Jun 15, 11:58
i am sorry for my naive approach, could you please help me in understanding as to where my application of principle went wrong vis-a-vis facts?
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Like +7 Object -0 Cautious 04 Jun 15, 18:41  interesting
What is the composition of this expert commitee? PLEASE let us know. I personally believe it should be independent of RMLNLU.
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Like +17 Object -0 SMit 04 Jun 15, 20:03  interesting  top rated
I am a parent of the CLAT15 aspirant. As a parent, this wait for the final result and confirmation from the NLUs is turning out to be a nightmare. My son had dreamt and planned his preferences based on his CLAT score and other exam scores. We knew we could take a final call based on the final call from the NLUs of his preference, since the dates of payment elsewhere and the NLUs were all within the same time frame. After this disaster, we are in a fix as to whether we should wait (he still dreams to getting into the NLUs) or go ahead and make payment to his next best option. And if subesequently he does get a call from the NLUs, getting a refund from the other college will surely involve a stiff penalty as non refundable amount.
Am sure there are quite a few parents like me who will be making a lot of financial sacrifice to ensure their children get the best of education.
Time is running out .....the options for the students are closing down. The colleges are closing their last dates for payment.
Request the committee to take quick action and save these youngsters from disappointment and a demoralising start of their academic career!
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Like +24 Object -24 Guest 04 Jun 15, 23:29  controversial
We as parents are deeply concerned about the outcome and have let Symbiosis Pune go considering the rank our son achieved. we do agree there shouldn't be any errors and the entire process be fair but have a few basic legitimate concerns :

1) which are the people who are vehemently raising this concern
- the students who couldn't qualify??? these students will
still not qualify even if 5-6 errors are taken into consideration. the average benefit to students
will be for 2-3 questions and qualified students will also benefit. Even if they do qualify, they
will get into 15th/16th ranked universities.

- the institutes who provide CLAT trainings. they may be trying to prove a point or two and to gain
a mileage for their business, nothing more than that. why these training institutes are sending
mailers to all students to raise their concerns??

2) even if there were errors, the question paper was no different for the student who scored more than 140 and for many others also who have scored well. it was the same question paper for all the students, what is their fault??

At most, the CLAT committee will acknowledge 5-6 errors, and grant everyone equal marks like they did in the question which had repetitive options, which will bring everyone's ranks back to square one.

we seriously feel the sanity should prevail soon and CLAT team should expedite the entire process.
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Like +21 Object -4 Not Calm 05 Jun 15, 00:21  interesting  top rated
I achieved a double digit rank in CLAT this time, and I find your view to be disturbing and selfish. Every student paid 4000 rupees to appear for this test and they all deserved a paper that was fair and rationally prepared. It IS a scandal that the CLAT committee callously chose to copy paste dozens of questions, there is simply no getting around that fact. I don't know if you've seen the released question paper, but you will agree that it was sad, very very sad. Let us all be compassionate and let CLAT rectify all its numerous errors.
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Like +16 Object -4 human 05 Jun 15, 13:47  interesting  top rated
Hey why are u afraid of rechecking. I'm also a candidate who qualified clat. But I'm of the view that only DESERVING people should get clat. If your son got clat through fair means you needn't worry & if you've done something unfair you've a lot to worry.
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Like +2 Object -2 Anupam Sharma 05 Jun 15, 14:13
Quoting Cautious:
What is the composition of this expert commitee? PLEASE let us know. I personally believe it should be independent of RMLNLU.

What about the people who are ranked 1200-1500. 5-6 rectified errors can make a huge difference for them.
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Like +7 Object -0 observer 05 Jun 15, 06:18  interesting
what stops the Supreme court of India from taking a suo moto stand on this and get the entire process of CLAT cleaned up once and for all? Isn't the Chief Justice of India a visitor/patron to all or most of these NLUs?
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Like +11 Object -5 srinath 05 Jun 15, 09:19  interesting  controversial
CLAT 2015 conveners should conduct re examination if answers of 30 questions are wrong
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Like +7 Object -1 clat aspi 05 Jun 15, 10:19  interesting
Respected Sir/Ma'am,

This is to bring to your kind notice that, the answer key published today regarding PG course of CLAT 2015 contains many incorrect answers. Incorrectly answered questions along with their suggested correct answers are enlisted below-
1. Q. 59 – Correct answer is not (a) but (d). Refer Entries 1, 2, 5, 7, 20 of concurrent list stated under seventh schedule of Constitution.

2. Q. 64 – correct answer is not (a) but (c) i.e. P. B. SAWANT J. Kindly refer Para 96 of judgement of S. R. Bommai’s case.

3. Q. 69 – correct answer is not (c) but (d). Refer topic ‘Joint Session’ on page 67 of M. P. Jain (Sixth Edn.)

4. Q. 77 – correct answer is not (b) but (d). Refer article 352(1) of constitution.

5. Q. 79 - correct answer is not (a) but (c). Refer the case of Kathi Kalu v state.

6. Q. 80 - correct answer is not (a) but (d). Refer case of jagannath Baksh Singh v. State of U.P. (AIR 1962 SC).

7. Q. 105 - correct answer is not (a) but (b). Negligence is breach of specific legal duty and not just legal duty.

Further, there are some problem based questions, answers of which are doubtful. They are –
Q. 82, Q. 119, Q. 121, Q.122, Q. 129, Q. 131
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Like +3 Object -0 Sumit 05 Jun 15, 11:13
Candidates who have given the emails to clat website only those will get the corrections in their marksheet?
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Like +3 Object -0 CLAT Aspirant 05 Jun 15, 23:33
Why is review of expert committee taking so long? 4 days are more than sufficient to decide correctness of questions (if they are really doing so).
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Like +1 Object -0 sudhira 06 Jun 15, 11:02
i think right now the college has to take a stand and the commitee setup should be one which does not have the defaulters.What was the need to do the online tamasha if they could not handel it.For heavens sake dont play with our lives!!!According to this article the commitee was to give its report yesterday.Why are they not disclosing the report ,are they planning to take 30 days for 30 questions?just give us something concrete to stand on.Also if you cannot handle the things you propose please let a better institution take look into the puddle of problems because they might have a better solution
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Like +2 Object -0 aditya 06 Jun 15, 13:55
According to the VC there are no errors exept a typo , for which one mark is awarded to all.
Then what are they doing since 4 days?
VC should not have made that statement on national TV.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 06 Jun 15, 19:45
People! Check your scores they've changed! And I expected so much more change, but there's just a difference of 2.5 marks!
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