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2 dodgy CLAT questions cancelled (but here are some other obvious errors the expert committee utterly ignored)

Screenshot 2015-06-06-23-50-31-1
Screenshot 2015-06-06-23-50-31-1

The CLAT committee’s Dr. JD Gangwar has announced that 6 questions on the postgraduate papers had incorrect model answers in the 2015 paper and two undergraduate questions were cancelled completely (see image).

Each candidate would get access to personalised answer sheets on the official website.

One mark will now be given to all undergraduate candidates for the following two

But… here are just a few obviously impossible questions that were not fixed (with hat-tip to Rajneesh Singh)

As per annual revenue, Amazon is a larger e-commerce company; but as per market capital, Alibaba is a larger e-commerce company. Thus the answer becomes debatable.

The word “FASHION” is a seven-letter word, but the corresponding code has 6 alpha-numericals. Thus, the question is unsolvable. Typo error in question – z64t7uw is required

Wrong answer. B cannot be necessarily concluded from A and C. All Infotech employees may not be knowledge workers.

The correct answer has been marked as ‘C’. Ideally, the word “change” should be replaced with “exchange” to get the correct answer. Thus there is no correct option.

The answer is incorrect. For the second sentence the correct option is censured and not censored. Critics censure and not censor. No other option is correct.

In this question, in statement ‘B’ the word ‘wealth’ is misspelled and should be written as ‘health’, otherwise the question is unsolvable. If we consider the question with wealth treated as health in statement B, then a better option would be “D” instead of “A”.

However, actually it is still possible from the premises given, that all traffic congestion – even that which doesn’t cause a carbon monoxide increase – is still hazardous. LI would argue that no answer here is correct.

There are many more bizarre questions, plus several where the previously published model answers were definitely wrong…

And that’s not even getting into the ridiculous legal issues expected to be solved by pre-law schoolers…

Here’s the original model answer sheet for your reference.

And here’s an even fuller list of dubious answers by Rajneesh Singh

As partially reported by Legally India on 4 June 2015.

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