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CLAT 2018 innings of writs begins in Jaipur HC • NLU Jodhpur joins tangle as respondent • Lit funding drive starts to hire senior counsel

Yep, Clataclysm is very much back again this year...Yep, Clataclysm is very much back again this year...

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2018 will be facing the first of what are likely many legal challenges this year, with a writ in the Rajasthan high court filed by two candidates today, three days after the 13 May exam.

Jaipur bench judge Justice Inderjeet Singh will hear CLAT 2018 candidates Akshay Jain and Mansi Jain tomorrow, as petitioners-in-person, in CW 10818/2018 against CLAT 2018 convenor Nuals Kochi, CLAT 2018 technical partner Sify Technologies, test centre Dr Radhakrishnan Institute of Technology and NLU Jodhpur.

Jain and Jain were among the candidates allegedly affected by the conduct of the invigilators at Jaipur’s Radhakrishnan Institute of Technology test centre where, as we reported on Monday, the invigilators reportedly denied candidates extra time they were entitled to on the ground of technical flubs that had caused them to lose test time.

In their writ they have named two invigilators, who are faculty members of NLU Jodhpur, and have asked the high court to stay the results of the 13 May exam that are scheduled to be released on 31 May, and to re-conduct the exam.

We understand from our sources that at least four other writs are being planned by various candidates.

At the latest count, 2,029 candidates have so far complained of being unfairly harmed due to technical errors at various exam centres across India, according to responses to the Google form set up by Law School 101 we had reported on yesterday.

The publisher of the Google form, Nalsar Hyderabad alumnnus Vennela Krishna, with NUJS Kolkata alumnus Sumit Gupta, have now also published another form online urging at least 500 candidates to come forward and contribute around Rs 3,000 each to hire a senior advocate to challenge the CLAT 2018 in the Supreme Court.

Already in the Supreme Court is Prof Shamnad Basheer’s writ highlighting the annual misconduct of of the CLAT, with specific examples, and praying for a permanent body to conduct the CLAT instead of the currently followed rotational system between CLAT NLUs.

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Like +9 Object -0 Bhaiya 16 May 18, 21:10  interesting
@Kian: Sumit is a current student of NUJS, not an alumnus.
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Like +11 Object -5 Guest 16 May 18, 21:43  interesting  controversial
I agree that this particular petition is directly in relation to CLAT 2018 but I am at a fail to understand as to why is there a mention of Mr. Basheer's petition because I feel the prayer in both the petitions must be different. Whereas this petition seeks for a stay order and reconduct of the exam (which is relevant in this case), the petition filed by Mr. Basheer is directed towards a broader and a long term goal. Please feel free to correct if I am wrong. I am here to learn.
Ps- Its such a relief to hear that someone has filed a petition.
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Like +7 Object -2 Oralias 17 May 18, 10:48  interesting
Because it tells us that not only is CLAT 2018 a failure, the very concept of the CLAT is under challenge. Context and perspective.
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 17 May 18, 23:43
I gaved exam from Ahmedabad. My dreamed to study in GNLU or NLUJ which are the bested law colleges. I worried that due to bad conducted exam I able only to join Symbiosis or Jindal with my family gold. Please help I, Shamshad Bhai.
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Like +12 Object -55 Opponent 16 May 18, 22:25  troll?  controversial
This is very bad. We oppose it. it is being coordinated by students who gave a bad exam. Legally India and Lawctopus are instigating them. Today the answer key is out and toppers are known through coaching centres. What about the rights of those who gave a good exam and got a good score? It is very unfair to them. I cannot understand why people are raising a fuss if an extension was given to people in burning heat and without water. It is the complete discretion of the invigilator to give an extension.

Also, Supreme Court has given a date in July next. What can't you wait for Supreme Court?

This is complete travesty of justice by mediocre students . Be warned that a counter petition will be filed on the ground that Supreme Court is hearing the matter.

Please learn to accept that you gave a bad exam. You can always go to a non-NLU like Symbiosis, IP, UPES, JGLS, Christ, Amity, Bennett etc. These are good schools and you can make a successful career if you study hard there.
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Like +33 Object -3 Mediocre Student 17 May 18, 09:01  interesting  top rated
Hello, first off, congratulations on your amazing score, I'm sure you'll do great in terms of the college you get into so stop worrying about us mediocre students wanting to dethrone you. If you're as smart as you claim to be (I'm not doubting your intelligence, just reminding you of it) then what harm do you see in writing the exam once again? I'm sure a bright and non-mediocre student like yourself wouldn't have an issue in topping it once again, so why the sudden fear? Did you get lucky? (Again that isn't an accusation, just a simple question) I'm sure you didnt, I'm also sure that an intelligent and non mediocre individual like yourself prepared for this examination so why be afraid now unless you have something to hide? (I'm not insinuating anything there, just a silly question that a mediocre student thought up!) I'm sure the college's mentioned by you are incredible, thank you for your valuable advice! Mediocre students like myself need you to guide us, hopefully your luck wears off on us. However, I have one mediocre question for you. If I wanted to apply to these schools, then why did I write CLAT 2018? It's not like I have dreams, aspirations or personal goals right? Pfft mediocrity. I don't know, Probably just had 4k in excess and couldn't find a more traumatizing alternative to spend it on.Again, my mediocrity doesn't seem to agree upon a good reason for having written the biggest Law entrance in the country, while expecting a peaceful atmosphere with no tech glitches and helpful invigilators for the exorbitant amount of money I paid for it. A lottery ticket would have been far more of a smooth sailing I bet (pun intended). Lastly, I don't think it's too much to ask from non-mediocre students like yourself to frame a rational argument with some semblance of facts in them rather than a fearful and scathing remark at someone's intelligence when you haven't tested it for yourself. You, as a non mediocre student who will make it to the top NLUs, are the future of Law in our country, so try being a tad bit more responsible with your statements. I'm sure good lawyers don't contend on the mental prowess of an "opponent"
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Like +2 Object -9 Anon243 17 May 18, 17:57
Hi I'm another CLAT aspirant who took CLAT this year. I know that some of the test centres had problems and that some students faced a few hurdles but frankly the idea that the CLAT should be re-administered is appalling. Its a national level exam, you cant just go and ask for it to reconducted.

While I was writing the CLAT my computer froze two times and yeah I got a bit tense but the premise that you should be so shaken by something like this is absurd. I mean just deal with it unexpected things happen. I was the only student out of 300 odd students at my centre who had to change their given computer because the software kept freezing. I didn't get the debilitating panic attacks that some of the candidates suffered and I'm sure neither would any other reasonable normal student.

It's funny to see the hyperbole being spewed around here of this CLAT being the worst conducted ever. Like get a grip. Its over.
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Like +12 Object -1 Guest 17 May 18, 19:07  interesting
What is appalling is you lack of interest in the examination, too bad that some of us are serious about it please do come at us for caring. If it being a National Examination is such a big deal to you, then do you also see the BIG issue here? A NATIONAL LEVEL examination was mismanaged. To put that into perspective, it's not as trivial as you're trying to make it seem. If I was to expect the unexpected, I'd sit in a roller coaster or walk into a scary house. Are they the same as a National Level Exam as you so rightly pointed out? You're a person of grit if you remain unshaken, here- please take your brownie points for being an absolute genius rather than a reasonably normal student. It is more than normal and reasonable for students to panic when the unexpected occurs, by that I donot mean a tough paper, but gross negligence on the part of the management. You're always welcome to live in your little unshaken bubble where everybody else is crazy as long as things go your way but donot undermine the struggle of another for cheap thrills.
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Like +10 Object -0 Cringe 17 May 18, 23:59  interesting
If your computer freezing two times was all that happened to you, you're one of the lucky ones. The fuss isn't only about the freezing computers, etc. It is also about the ridiculous levels of cheating that took place at most centers. At places where the server crashed for a long time, kids gathered around and began discussing the paper/answers. This happened at my center and, as per videos and reports, at many others too. I'm sorry but fair, cheating-free competition is the bare minimum for a 'competitive exam', especially on the national level. The CBSE re-conducted the 12th Economics exam this year when cheating was reported (and the paper is given by a much larger no. of people compared to CLAT). Why can't NUALS do the same, esp. considering the reports of cheating are much more widespread? Your comment only shows your ignorance, go do some research.
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Like +9 Object -0 Guest 17 May 18, 10:02  interesting
you say-It is the complete discretion of the invigilator to give an extension. is there any clause in terms and conditions of any competitive exam like this. and what was the guideline sof NUALS for deciding how much time is to given to which candidate.
it is quite ridiculuous
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Like +23 Object -3 Proponent 17 May 18, 12:30  interesting  top rated
1. You say this is being coordinated by those who gave a bad exam. Did you think what the reason could be behind that bad exam? Isn’t massive commotion, shouting and disturbance while the exam was going on a good enough reason for their exam to go bad? Reasons which are not the candidates’ fault.

2. You ask what about the rights of those who had a good exam and got a good score? Well, what about the rights of those who didn’t even get the complete 2 hours and that’s why could not give a good exam? What about the right to equality? It is a known fact that people all over India were provided different amounts of time. Have you considered the possibility that those who gave a good exam could do so because they were given a ridiculously big amount of extra time, such as 25-30 minutes? I have friends who admit they were given 30 minutes extra and their timer had stopped for 3 minutes initially. That makes it 27 minutes over the 2 hours. Of course, these students don’t want a re exam because they were unfairly favoured. What about the rights of those who were unfairly disadvantaged? Also, since it is an all India exam with a standard procedure, it is NOT the discretion of the invigilator to give extra time to ANYONE. The timer shouldn’t have stopped in the first place, and that’s why there should be a re exam.

3. We cannot wait till July because by then results will be out and nothing will change, as our colleges would’ve been allotted to us. The time is now to make NUALS realise their screw up, and to make them realise that it is ONLY A RETEST that can fix it.

4. I would’ve accepted that I gave a bad exam had it been my fault. I cannot accept my bad performance due to the negligence of the invigilators and disturbance by other candidates, shouting and fighting in the examination hall, that too while I was attempting the paper. Imagine the hard work a student puts in for 2 years and then his/her exam goes bad due to such conditions which are not expected of a national level examination. It is heartbreaking, depressing, unfair and just simply WRONG. Why should we let our study of the law begin with something that is UNJUST?

5. You say can always go to a non NLU and that those are good schools. Exactly. They are good schools but not the best. If I deserved the best, why should I settle for something that is just good? Does merit have no value? Does hard work have no value? Do the hours I spent studying have no value? Why should those who got extra time go to NLUs and I, to a private, mediocre (or even good) college? It is wrong in the interest of those who sacrificed everything for 2 years to focus on CLAT.

6. We must stand up. We must fight. We must demand a re exam. Also, the original answer key has multiple errors. Unsolvable puzzle. What about those who wasted time on that? THERE MUST BE A RE EXAM.

Aggrieved Candidate.
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Like +11 Object -2 Guest 17 May 18, 15:43  interesting
This is the most accurate reply I have seen. I am putting a petition in SC will fight it out till the end
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Like +11 Object -1 Proponent 17 May 18, 18:47  interesting
Yes Sir/Ma'am please do that.
We aspirants will be grateful to you.
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Like +0 Object -2 Clat genius 17 May 18, 19:49
May i know your score in clat
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Like +0 Object -0 Proponent 19 May 18, 21:08
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Like +5 Object -1 Guest 17 May 18, 15:53
hey you could also have a successful career if you study hard there man . Why are you so persistent to go to Top NLU?
Why did you give CLAT in the first place man ?
You are just saying this because you have got your full 2hrs or maybe extra time also .
Your kind of People doesn't actually deserve to be in One of the top NLUs .
If you can cannot support the injustice meted out to us in the first place then what can anyone expect from you even if you pass out after 5 years from any of top NLUs with this mindset.
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Like +6 Object -1 Took Clat This Year 17 May 18, 16:11  interesting
"I cannot understand why people are raising a fuss if an extension was given to people in burning heat and without water."

The "fuss" isn't only about the heat, lack of water, delay, etc. Its is also about the ridiculous amount of cheating that took place because of the technical problems, which you completely ignored in your comment even though its the most serious issue of all. The server at my center crashed for 2 hours in the middle of the exam and within minutes, the place was noisy with kids discussing the GK and English sections. As per videos released online and reports by other students/friends, this has happened at other centers too. If cheating candidates get into the NLUs rather than the candidates who actually deserve it, whats the point of holding a 'competitive exam' anyway? At this point, the whole thing just looks seems like a Kafka-esque mockery of people like me who were dumb enough to waste an year/s of their lives just to be screwed over and told it was all in vain.
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Like +1 Object -9 Guest 17 May 18, 17:10
good said it was a fairly conducted exam if those getting less marks can file writ than those who performed well can also.
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Like +6 Object -2 Guest 17 May 18, 18:54
"Good said," I'm sure you DID get more marks.
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Like +13 Object -2 Guest 17 May 18, 00:57  interesting
Girl crying after losing 1 hour due to glitches.

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Like +1 Object -2 Guest 17 May 18, 09:11
I am also suffer technical problems clat 2018 exam. I am agree conduct re exam. My center name Oxford public school ranchi.
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Like +5 Object -3 CLAT 17 May 18, 12:23
Hi i also gaved clat 2018 at oxford school ranchi and suffered a lot.Here many are saying reconduction of exam is not fair for students who got good marks...but There were many good students too who couldnot perform well due to glitches...SO TO BE FAIR EXAM SHOULD BE RECONDUCTED..i too got 97
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Like +2 Object -5 Inside Info 17 May 18, 11:21
- Media has already begun to declare CLAT city toppers:

- All coaching centres have prepared their topper lists and scores. Info easily available on social media.

- Tomorrow Rajneesh Singh Sir is posting the CLAT cut off scores based on above info and social media posts, plus pasts trends.

- VCs of several NLUs have said they cannot postpone the starting semester.

So it seems unlikely there will be a retest. However, court may order a refund of the money to all candidates by NUALS Kochi and make critical remarks which may make the VC resign.
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Like +4 Object -1 cunt clat 17 May 18, 12:34
"VCs of several NLUs have said they cannot postpone the starting semester"
from where did you get to know that the VCs of several universities have refused to postpone the starting semester ?
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Like +4 Object -3 Gormint 17 May 18, 11:39
These NLU J people can’t even handle one test?! Such incompetency!
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Like +3 Object -2 Guest 17 May 18, 16:04
I am also suffer technical problems clat 2018 exam. I am agree conduct re exam. My center name Axis College kanpur
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Like +2 Object -9 Expert advice 17 May 18, 20:13
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Like +9 Object -0 Cringe 18 May 18, 02:24  interesting
Damn, thanks for sharing. After what happened, this legit seems like meme-worthy joke material. "CLAT has shown the way to many other exams (IIT JEE)"; "there will be no errors this time". LMAO.
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Like +3 Object -2 Expert? 18 May 18, 08:35
Really? That's clearly from the 5th of May and if you check his recent posts, you will see that he is sharing links to these cases and videos of the fraud. It's cute how you want to fool a bunch of potential lawyers and sad that you now have to resort to fake news rather than patiently wait.
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Like +1 Object -3 Guest 17 May 18, 20:19
Interview with one of the CLAT top 20 toppers this year. The full list of top 20 is out on Facebook.

This is the other face of CLAT: Brilliant students who cleared it. Please be fair to them as well.

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Like +7 Object -2 Internally 18 May 18, 10:49  interesting
They cleared it because the others didn't get a chance to. Don't be daft.
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Like +2 Object -14 Guest 18 May 18, 12:57
All jealous comments by students who did badly in CLAT. The CLAT merit list is now unofficially known and all the top students genuinely deserve it. Just give up your dumb idea of a retest and go to JGLS instead. It is very easy to get admission there if you have the money and if you are in the top 5 or top10 you will get a good placement.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest2 24 May 18, 14:27
The only solution that can provide justice for all who took CLAT this year, particularly in the context of allegations of cheating in many of the shady exam centres CLAT had, is to cancel the exam and reconduct the exams. The re-exam should be with OMR sheets and pen (something which AILET has been doing successfully and without complaints), as there are only around 60000 candidates for CLAT and there is hardly any need for online exam. This would ensure good quality exam centres. May be CLAT team can also take the support of AILET team for conducting the re-exam in view of the time-constraints. For all future tests, there should be a permanent body and hope the SC gives direction in this regard on Prof. Basheer's petition.
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Like +0 Object -0 Amitabh B 29 May 18, 14:45
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