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Newsletter: Rounding up: Voda, Nalsar, Fox, Ciccu, PXV, Balaji & more (Issue 118)

Our newsletter: Not from Russia
Our newsletter: Not from Russia
Welcome back to Legally India’s newsletter and apologies for the long delay. The good news is, however, that this issue is packed with more exciting news and analysis than ever before.


Andre Jerome
Andre Jerome
The Vodafone tax case is likely to remain one of the biggest corporate cases of the year. Legally India looked behind the scenes of the judgment and interviewed Vodafone’s GC about what have probably been the most stressful years of his life.

For the must-read insider account of a mammoth Indian litigation, read: The lawyer who lost then won $2bn: Vodafone GC Andre Jerome’s insider account of taxes, the value of Salve & dark days

Legally India’s collaboration with Mint then delved deeper and told the story of the other legal brains who won (and lost) Vodafone: Salve, R Nariman, Dutt Menon Dunmorrsett & many more

And for those who missed it, here’s the analysis: Tax lawyers mull law, jurisprudence & world post-Vodafone

What is #Nalsargate?

Report on Nalsar
Report on Nalsar
If Vodafone was the biggest corporate case of the year, l’affaire Nalsar Hyderabad could be one of legal education’s biggies. An apparently buried report by four judges and former judges, which Legally India obtained under RTI, revealed serious cracks in the administration of one of India’s most prestigious law schools. Students and faculty are mostly innocent, the cracks are not likely to be fatal and the diligence of the judicial report should be applauded. Perhaps it should also herald a new standard of law school transparency across India.

To find out more about it and what it means, read: The inside story of Nalsar’s secret report and the quest for excellence.

Top law firms stories

Going by the start of this year, the law firm world will go through major changes.

Late last year Legally India told the detailed story of how FoxMandal and Little & Co – one of the most hyped mergers in recent years – unravelled and fell apart like a stack of cards.

Also, an unusual occurrence for a law firm litigator: Amarchand senior equity litigator Ciccu Mukhopadhaya leaves with gown & blessings to counsel practice.

In more disheartening news, a young start-up firm that inspired many is breaking up: PXV partnership splits over ‘vision’, with Rohit Das restarting RDA Legal. But at least the separating partners seem to be acting sensibly, taking their time in order to minimise clients any pain.

More law firm headlines:

At the courts

Legally India reported major drama, news and analysis from the courts too of course.

PHP v Ramjet
PHP v Ramjet
The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) experienced a coup, then a counter-coup, reported near-live by Legally India with the help of the Twitterati. First, SCBA pres PH Parekh quits after heated ‘one bar one vote’ debate with RamJet. Then Parekh foils the revolt and maintains he is still president.

In other news, a High Court judge lost it at an airport and hurled unprintable obscenities, threats and a mobile phone at hapless IndiGo staff, who complained to the Patna chief justice.

Liberalisation & foreign firms

Foreign firm crossing: Stop and Go
Foreign firm crossing: Stop and Go

The entry of foreign law firms debate shows no sign of ending, although some are optimistic that at least the Chennai writ petition against 31 of them may finally come to rest: Madras HC may give verdict in writ v foreign firms in 4 weeks, as arguments close

Also read:


Easy law
Easy law
EasyLaw website offers Rs 500 / hr legal advice online, says BCI advertising ban doesn’t apply

Legal education

AIBE hurdled
AIBE hurdled
Bar exam

The All India Bar Exam just does not seem to be able to run smoothly: AIBE results due today but Cal HC bar exam injunction will delay till Feb/ March; BCI files SLP

And more:

Mooting Premier League 3

Careers Counsel

Top deals & cases

Leading with a deal that has literally been years in the making and negotiation: Luthra, Amarchand brew Starbucks’ Rs 400 cr India entry with Tatas

The full-year mergermarket league table was dominated in 2011 by AZB again, with a little help from Reliance. Just behind AZB are TTA, S&R, Amarchand, Khaitan and JSA.

The rest of the past month-and-a-bit’s deals and cases.


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