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NLSIU secures lower 3.06 GPA with NAAC • Will appeal over new metrics after Nalsar, NLU Delhi, RGNUL, NLUO scored higher before

The previous NAAC rankings, as at April 2018The previous NAAC rankings, as at April 2018

The National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) has completed its assessment of NLSIU Bangalore, awarding it an A grade but a lower composite score than Nalsar Hyderabad, NLU Delhi, RGNUL Patiala and NLUO Cuttack, while Jindal Global University scored a 3.26.

NAAC assigned a rating of 3.06 out of 4 to the oldest national law university (NLU), whereas RGNUL and NLUO obtained 3.32. NLU Delhi stood at 3.59 and Nalsar has previously obtained the highest score, with 3.6.

NLSIU vice chancellor (VC) Prof Venkata Rao told us that the lower score might be the result of the new NAAC scheme, under which NLSIU is the only law school to have applied so far, whereas the other law schools had still been assessed under the old scheme.

He said that NLSIU would file an appeal with NAAC challenging these scores.

NLSIU coordinator of accreditations Ashok Patil told us that under the old scheme of applying for accreditation, evaluation was based entirely on the observations of the NAAC team visiting campuses. Under the new scheme, under which NLSIU is the first law school to have applied under, only 30% of the score was accrued to the on campus visit, said Patil.

The remaining assessment was done on the basis of submissions made online.

The latest 26 September 2018 standing committee recommendationsThe latest 26 September 2018 standing committee recommendations

NLS had been recognised in April 2018 as the best among 71 law schools in India by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) , but just by a negligible margin above NLU Delhi.

As we had reported in August, one minor report in the NAAC paper submissions from NLSIU had been in-part plagiarised but later corrected.

NLS had missed out on the first wave of NAAC accreditations, having applied later than others, and lost out earlier this year on a possible grant of full autonomy by the NAAC - a status that had been granted to Nalsar and NLU Delhi in March.

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Like +15 Object -1 Statistician 05 Oct 18, 21:14  interesting  top rated
If the NAAC methodology is heavily weighted towards research in the form of publications in good journals (like the QS and Times world rankings), then NLSIU indeed deserves a very poor rank. Please see the faculty bios. Even the top professors have barely published anything. The faculty at other NLUs fare better. However, if the methodology is weighted towards placements and student achievements (moots, LLM scholarships etc), then NLSIU indeed deserves a much better score.

It will be good if a neutral third party can a ranking based on the following criteria, which can all be quantitatively measured:

Student criteria (40% weightage):
1. Which NLUs have the highest average salary?
2. Which NLUs have the highest percentage of students placed?
3. Which NLU grads are receiving the most LLM scholarships at the top 100 law schools of the world?
4. Which NLU grads are achieving the most UPSC ranks every year?
5. Which NLU had the best moot performance (maybe the Legally India MPL can be used).

Faculty criteria (40% weightage):
1. Which NLU profs are publishing the most in the leading Indian and international journals (only journals indexed in Hein Online, JSTOR and SCOPUS should be considered).
2. Which NLU has the most faculty with PhDs?
3. Which NLU has the most faculty with BALLB degrees from NLUs?
4. Which NLU has the most faculty with degrees from the top 100 law schools of the world?
5. Which NLU has the best student:faculty ratio?

Infrastructure criteria (20% weightage):
1. Which NLU has the biggest campus?
2. Which NLU has the best hostel room:student ratio?
3. Which NLU has the most money in their bank accounts and savings deposits?
4. Which NLU is closest to the city centre (which can be the kilometre distance from a landmark like the Raj Bhavan or the main commercial street of the city).
5. Which NLU is closest to a major hospital and police station?

We can have a combined ranking on these three factors, as well as separate rankings for each.
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Like +9 Object -5 Guest 05 Oct 18, 22:50  controversial
Nobody cares.
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Like +4 Object -15 Guest 05 Oct 18, 23:58
under these criteria the overall ranking should be:

1) nalsar
2) nlud
3) nlsiu
4) nujs
5) nluj/nliu/jindal
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Like +17 Object -2 Guest 06 Oct 18, 11:17  interesting  top rated
Very scientifically done. Keep it up.
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Like +1 Object -9 Guest 05 Oct 18, 22:31
Good job coming up with the parameters. You can get most answers on Google, for others a simple RTI should do. Why not start right away? Why wait for others to do these things?

Not having a shot at just you. Just pointing out that almost invariably someone or the other is discontented with the observations of one or the other study and have to give their armchair opinion on how things should be done with trying to do them yourself.
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Like +17 Object -2 Guest 05 Oct 18, 22:57  interesting  top rated
Which NLU has the best record in prevention and redressal of sexual harassment should be a definite parameter these days, among students and faculty.
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Like +8 Object -3 X 06 Oct 18, 10:13  interesting
Undoubtedly NLSIU, despite its flaws.
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Like +2 Object -2 Guest 06 Oct 18, 12:47
I have a doubt!
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Like +2 Object -2 Guest 06 Oct 18, 14:27
Considering it has never actually punished anybody despite several complaints, I doubt it. At least some of the other NLUs have suspended students and blacklisted alumni for such atrocities.
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Like +0 Object -3 NLUD Alumnus 14 Oct 18, 10:51
My university for sure after a few months. The campus culture has remarkably transformed, and for the better.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 14 Oct 18, 11:25
Get it done first and then boast of it. As an alumnus, you can have only a limited exposure to the present campus culture at best. From what I get to hear, your claims are far off the mark. Overnight every student who used to be so misogynistic (and there was a sizable number) changed their attitude all of a sudden? This is not a quick-fix, it takes time, effort and care. So far there has not been any news about NLUD having started investigations or taken actions against any of the ones named. So your claim appears to be too much of a damage control exercise for institutional repute (that took a huge hit after the #MeToo revelations) more than anything else!
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Like +0 Object -0 Giani 07 Oct 18, 19:58
Overhead the senior NLS guys once talking about some one being punished. Really the account is related to a batch of great grandfathers.
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Like +4 Object -0 OldieButtGoldie 08 Oct 18, 07:36
Umm, I know for a fact that one student was rusticated and another given a year-loss this year (August 2018) by the Executive Council (headed by Justice Lalit) - the sexual harassment redress process and the NLSIU Act mandates that certain penalties imposed by the ICC be approved by the EC. So, of the concluded proceedings (which did take 2 years), both students were found to have violated the sexual harassment guidelines, punished by the internal committee, and these punishments upheld by the highest statutory authorities of the college (and signed off on by no fewer than 3 Supreme Court judges).

Sorry, but not sorry.

For all of its flaws, Law School at least got this right. Not to say that 2 years for the process is ideal - of course, it should have been faster. But, within the snail's-pace that usually inflicts most scenarios like this, it's not too bad that this was achieved within a at a public institution.
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Like +1 Object -1 Guest 08 Oct 18, 12:12
A student was actually rusticated? And there was no media coverage of that fact? Kian, were you completely unaware of this? If not, it's actually surprising you never covered that!
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Like +3 Object -4 Reality check 08 Oct 18, 06:39
Without question, NALSAR deserves a higher NAAC and NIRF rank than NLSIU and other law schools. You can downvote this comment all you want, but please remember that a ranking is not simply based on how many times you won Jessup, or how many Rhodes scholars you produced, or how well placed your alumni are. It is based on an OVERALL ASSESSMENT OF THINGS AS THEY STAND RIGHT NOW.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 08 Oct 18, 12:10
NALSAR may or may not deserve that, but it's not conclusively proven yet. The two systems of evaluation are actually quite different from each other. We will get a clearer picture when the ratings have to be renewed under the new system.
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Like +0 Object -0 Giani 09 Oct 18, 13:44
It should be reflecting the Rhodes got and Jessups being won now. Agree. Where would NALSAR stand then?
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 14 Oct 18, 11:25
In the middle of nowhere, as always.
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