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GNLU director Bimal Patel's term renewed after rosy report says NaMo should give Rs 25 cr

Dholakia and Bimal PatelDholakia and Bimal Patel

GNLU Gandhinagar director Dr Bimal Patel will continue as the law school’s director for another five years, according to a press release which stated that GNLU’s general council had renewed his term that had expired in November.

The renewal of Patel’s term was dependent on GNLU’s final review commission report which was pending because the commission’s third member – Prof Bakul Dholakia – had not released his findings.

Patel held a press conference at Gandhinagar today, having invited and emailed media about the conference yesterday, to partially reveal Dholakia’s findings.

The press release, which was also translated into Gujarati, listed “a few prominent observations”, according to which GNLU had the following in addition to “diligent” faculty:

- a robust and effective system to ensure high quality of academic input and output

- a solid foundation to emerge as a credible centre of training and capacity-building for institutions and individuals

- accountability, empowerment, the separation of power between decision-making and implementing offices, fairness and work load in formation and functioning of internal committees

- a result-based budget system which is an outcome of well-established annual practice of collective inputs obtained from faculty members, centre directors and head of administrative departments on the annual goals and corresponding requirements of resources

The release added that the committee had recommended reconstitution of GNLU’s statutory bodies so as to include “participation from various stakeholders such as law firms, advocates, corporate sector, eminent academicians, foreign experts, professional experts from public sector undertakings”.

It has recommended giving “significant autonomy” to the director while making him financially and administratively accountable to the GC, “strengthening the internal academic governance structure” with a focus on “faculty governance based on a democratic & participative structure” and recruiting full-time professors.

The commission report also said, according to the press release, that the college would design new diploma and certificate courses that integrate law and other disciplines, run collaborative programmes with Indian business schools and international law schools, offer “a diversified portfolio of training programmes”, and for GNLU to create a corpus fund of around Rs 50 crore within the next three years to achieve “overall excellence”.

Another Rs 5 crore per year should be granted by the Gujarat government for the next five years, which would be monitored by the GC, recommended the report.

[Download press release]

Patel did not return repeated calls for comment since yesterday and a college spokesperson and Patel did not respond to an emailed request seeking a full copy of the report.

The original draft report, which was prepared by NLSIU Bangalore founding vice chancellor NR Madhava Menon and former Law Commission of India member HC Dholakia, was highly critical of the administration at the college, covering areas such as a lack of professors, too-strict disciplinary rules and the background to Patel's appointment.

However, that report was not signed by former IIM director Bakul Dholakia who had asked for more time to submit his findings.

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Like +4 Object -23 legal scholar 20 Feb 14, 23:47
Satyameva Jayate: Truth Always Triumph. Prof Bimal Patel is jewel of Gujarat who do the great service for GNLU. It has now been recognized by famous living legend Prof Dholakia. All faculty and students of GNLU is 100% supporting Sir except few rowdy senior students who is zero in studies and hero in acting smart and doing mischeif.

Sir GNLU community is thrilled that you will continue to be associated with GNLU. You will surely make GNLU #1 law college. Shri Narendra Modi next PM of India will also give his support. Three cheers for GNLU and Prof Patel!
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Like +4 Object -7 Mooter 21 Feb 14, 06:19
Well there are still some universities in India that follow due process. Good news!
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Like +2 Object -9 Alumniiiiiiii 21 Feb 14, 09:56
Finally the truth prevailed.....We are sure that GNLU will achieve new heights in next 5 years. Before any comment, My suggestion to see performance and progress of GNLU in last 5 years (during prof Patel's tenure) and compare with other law schools............. GNLU has grown tremendously and will continue ....|| Aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah || cheers best wishes for OUR NLU
Reply Report to LI
Like +17 Object -2 SCAM 21 Feb 14, 11:07  interesting  top rated
What due process and what rule of law? If two members of a 3 member committee were highly critical of the scene at GNLU, how can the VC be reappointed? Very unfortunate.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 SHAM 21 Feb 14, 11:13
Such terrible news, really. I vote for Taklu to be Registrar.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 BimPa 21 Feb 14, 14:07
Open The Bottle of "BP"
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 GNLUite 21 Feb 14, 17:56
Its good in a few sense but not all.
New faculty appointment is bad. Hostel - Removing the attached washroom for Boys room is bad part. Parking - Worst, like a roller coaster ride to GNLU. Wastes some times money very badly.. A high fee also..
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 abc 22 Feb 14, 07:55
Just shows you what a shitty country we are. Caste, religious and linguistic loyalties are more important than the well being of the country.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 Show me the report 23 Feb 14, 10:15

Why dont you file a RTI request and get the copies of the report?
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -1 GNLUite 23 Feb 14, 15:14
GNLU is perpetually screwed now. Apart from the irreparable damage that has already been done, the very little that was left in the college will also be screwed by the noble legal scholar called Dr. Patel. In his next tenure, I think there will be rules such as, "Mandatory attending 3 conferences/seminars/trai ning/certificate course/diploma/whatever the hell you want to call it", " 6 month prior appointment for meeting him", "Fines of Rs. 25000 for smoking" and what not !

Shubham Bhavatu ! Nothing can save you now GNLU ! You're finished !!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -7 RK 24 Feb 14, 19:22
Legally India should black out comments criticizing Prof Patel. These comments are made by bad students. Majority of students and faculty support Prof Patel.
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -1 GNLUite 24 Feb 14, 21:36
Why should it ? Scared of the truth coming out ? Scared of criticism. That's what "Prof. Patel" has always done. East or West ! He is the best ! He can never be wrong !!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Dave 25 Feb 14, 14:48
Hahhah....Fcuk D What man..
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -4 reader 25 Feb 14, 19:24
how a website can allow such derogatory post with some relevant information was not posted till.what does it meant.editors want or voluntary invite only and only very soon will lost credibility, what ever it has, if any. Website is not publishing information about other NLUs...GNLU k PICHHE HE KYU the growth of GNLU is not digestable ?????
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 25 Feb 14, 19:26
One comment was accidentally not published, is this yours?

Its good in a few sense but not all. New faculty appointment is bad. Hostel - Removing the attached washroom for Boys room is bad part. Parking - Worst, like a roller coaster ride to GNLU. Wastes some times money very badly.. A high fee also..
It's now been put up. We haven't received any other comments that haven't been published on this article. Maybe it got eaten by the internet? What did you want to say?
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Like +0 Object -0 GNLU Alumni 15 May 14, 21:09
The Madhav Menon report has been completely overlooked. Mr. Bakul Dholakia's should answer as to why did he take so much time for submitting the report? Were some kind of deliberations or talks going on with interested parties?

Why has he not dealt with the grievances of the students and a 400 page document submitted and prepared by the students which was signed by more than half the students in GNLU. Such is the level of dissaatisfaction with Bimal. Look at whaat he has done. Out of 180 seats in GNLU only 68 are available for the general cateogory!!!
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