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KSP continues breaking up, with Tanuj Sud setting up Delhi firm Gravitas

KSP lives on as Gravitas, Khaitan & Khaitan and CapexKSP lives on as Gravitas, Khaitan & Khaitan and CapexKhaitan Sud & Partners (KSP) equity partner Tanuj Sud has started up South Delhi based law firm Gravitas Legal, following the break-up of KSP as first reported by Legally India in March.

Gravitas’ Lajpat Nagar Delhi office, according to its website, is the same office as KSP’s second Delhi office. KSP partner Sujeet Das has moved with Sud to be a partner in Gravitas, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Sud declined to comment at the time of going to press but according to its website Gravitas practises banking and finance, projects, general corporate, M&A and real estate laws.

The KSP partnership was on the verge of a break up, with managing partner Umesh Khaitan and his son and equity partner Ashutosh Khaitan having rebranded to operate as Khaitan & Khaitan and equity partner Malini Sud having started up her own firm.

Tanuj Sud however told Legally India in March that none of KSP’s four equity partners had left its partnership, and that no formal break up had been agreed to at the time.

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Like +1 Object -0 Fellow Dunkey 16 May 16, 13:35
Well done mate! Keep it up.
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Like +0 Object -0 Questionista 16 May 16, 14:17
What will happen to the premises that they leased out? How will they pay the huge rent?
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Like +3 Object -2 Chiller 16 May 16, 15:04
so many khaitan's in the market:

No Khaitan
Lo Khaitan
Khalo Khaitan
pee Lo Khaitan
So Lo Khaitan

are they not eating up each others business as a competitor belonging from same family, but greed has no ends.
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Like +2 Object -0 Fellow 16 May 16, 16:23
This is not just about Khaitans but Suds also. Who is eating whose businesses we will never know.
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Like +0 Object -0 Kudos 17 May 16, 09:20
Congratulations Tanuj! It must really have taken a lot of guts to leave a cushy high paying job as a partner of UK's, to take this gigantic career leap! Best of luck!
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Like +3 Object -0 Fullterms 17 May 16, 15:56
"Sujeet Das has moved with Sud to be a partner in Gravitas, according to his LinkedIn profile."

Sujeet is like Tanuj's son. Whatever he is today is because of Tanuj.
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Like +1 Object -3 I dont agree 17 May 16, 16:38
Sudeep is where he is also because he works crazy hard. Let's not take away from that.
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Like +0 Object -3 Me neither 17 May 16, 21:52
They are good together but have their individual strengths. they have ability to take new firm to great heights
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Like +1 Object -0 Fullterms 18 May 16, 09:35
Well, Tanuj definitely is the one behind the firm's success.
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Like +1 Object -0 Wake up 17 May 16, 16:08
Kian, I wish that you and your team were more thourogh with your coverage on this breakup - I say this because none of your updates talk about Anjali Vohra (a named partner and the V at this firm when it was Khaitan Jaikar Sud & Vohra) and Rohina Nath. Malani Sud's sister was also managing something for them. Also, a bunch of guys were designated as partners at this firm a few years ago - bar and bench covered this for that Bithika Anand (of Legal League Consulting). Could you tell us where they are today? Some of them are actually good litigators. Also, please could tell us more about Malani Sud's firm?
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Like +1 Object -2 Absolutly 17 May 16, 16:39
I also would like to know what of the other partners from KJSV. All very capable and good lawyers.
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Like +2 Object -0 Ex-HSA 17 May 16, 17:35
One of my other comments on the Juris article was also not published by Kian. So I say again - do you know what KSP, Juris, HSA etcetera have in common with each other in terms of all the negative comments around them? They had the person mentioned in this comment as their HR. Read her quote in IBLJ also - it was a shout-out to people to leave their firms and hire her to place them in other places. Recruiter-consultant:wher e is the line?
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Like +3 Object -0 Early Riser 18 May 16, 09:39
I believe Umesh Khaitan and Tanuj Sud are the only two prominent faces of KSP who are well known in the fraternity. it is not possible for Legally India cto keep a track of every employee of the firm. Malini's sister was not a lawyer. She handled administrative work for housing loan team headed by Mr. Anjali Vohra who is a real estate expert
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Like +1 Object -0 Equitas 18 May 16, 19:52
Gravitas...such an impressive name, has a lot of heft and well, gravitas. I understand the name precedes the reputation in this instance.

BTW there are lot of cheesy names in the legal landscape in India - mostly start-ups. Overseas clients/law firms might try hard to hide their chuckle.
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Like +1 Object -0 Judicas 18 May 16, 20:33
What's in a name. What is important is how the law firm shapes up. With so many startup legal firms out there, foundation for longevity is necessary. Question is do they have it? Not sure about reputation but I do know they can pull their beans along. Maybe it will compare well with other startups of similar caliber and stature....who is to know. Can a firm be pulled along by individuals?
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Like +1 Object -0 Studious 18 May 16, 22:14
Is this a safe career option which will give growth chance and bright future and not make me a bonded labourer? Where can we know more about this
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Like +0 Object -0 Laborious 19 May 16, 15:52
Beta don't come out of collage and remain perpetually studious, no body will make you bonded labor ever, let the people who can have ability to do kick ass hard work take the opportunity..!! my lolla
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