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India Unleashed: Private Equity

01 June 2019
Private Equity

Most investors, whether private equity players or otherwise, prefer to have the protection of a liquidity preference clause in investment agreements to protect their investment in case of the happening of certain events.

27 March 2018
Private Equity

The economic, commercial and industrial scenario today is that which is dependent upon investment or what we may also categorize as fund raising. Investment, which is a driver for growth for a number of industries, may flow into an organization in a number of ways such as private equity funding, angel investments, seed money investments, etc. These investments may vary in nature and in amounts and are regulated as per the applicable laws and regulations.

25 July 2017
Private Equity

Traditionally, Indian companies have been a family run affair, with the promoter (founder) shareholders hesitant to lose control over the family business. As a corollary, private equity investments were also conventionally minority investments. But the growth of the Indian economy has given birth to a new generation of entrepreneurs - the executive-turned-entrepreneur as well as those joining the start-up band wagon.