Mumbai University fails GLC and other Mumbai law school gradsMumbai University fails GLC and other Mumbai law school grads

Several GLC Mumbai students are stuck with allegedly wrong results to their end semester examinations, after the Mumbai University's severely disorganised attempt at going digital with its examination process for all Mumbai University-affiliated law and other colleges this year.

GLC yesterday finally declared the full results for its LLB course and, according to PTI, this amounts to a month's delay from the first officially announced date for result declaration.

It is understood that the delay will cause at least two students holding Harvard University LLM offers to defer their entry to the elite US college by a year.

According to sources in the law school, several students have been wrongly marked absent in the result sheet, even though they were present and appeared for the exam on the designated date. Several students have also been failed in what they suspect to be erroneous assessment of their papers, and have therefore applied for re-evaluation.

The college authorities have allegedly admitted to scanning errors in the evaluation process, such as missing out on marking supplementary answer sheets, GLC students told us.

Out of 49 final year students whose results for the semester 9 LLB papers were declared on GLC's website, 10 were marked absent and 10 were marked as failing when we accessed the results at the time of going to press.

“So many people have been marked as absent in their results when they clearly appeared for the paper. It is not clear whether the person's paper hasn't been assessed, or the paper itself has been misplaced by the University,” commented one student who had appeared along with the students who were allegedly wrongly marked absent.

GLC acting principal Ajay Nathani was not reachable for comment by phone at the time of going to press.

Mumbai University's examiners had learned to digitally assess answer sheets in a day-long training session this year, as reported by Hindustan Times.

That HT report explained the process as follows:

According to a circular released by the university, answer papers will be scanned from May 4. Since it will take some time to scan more than 20 lakh answer sheets, MU officials hope to start the process by next week. As of now 142 assessment centres have been recognised by the MU for digital assessment and it has also invited other colleges with a capacity of more than 50 computers in their labs to register as micro-centres. Under the new system, papers will be scanned and put up on a software on the computer screen. Teachers will mark them on the screen and upload the marks on a common system.

If sheets are assessed manually, the assessment should begin within three days after the exam is conducted, and results have to be announced within 45 days. This year, assessments which should have start in the last week of March have not yet begun. Keeping in mind the four-week delay, students fear that results are likely to get affected

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Like +11 Object -10 NLU Stud 01 Sep 17, 19:32  controversial
Wrong. All the top jurists of this country have studied here. It is therefore a good college.
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Like +3 Object -0 Darkseid 01 Sep 17, 20:23
There are 49-odd grads from GLC Mumbai every year? I was under the impression that their batch strength is far higher!
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Like +14 Object -12 Guest 01 Sep 17, 23:04  controversial
I am sorry for the affected students, but please don't expect much sympathy as all law schools hate GLC students for bunking classes and interning over 5 years (in violation of BCI rules) and taking away jobs from other law schools.
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Like +4 Object -5 Arbitration_Bhaiya 02 Sep 17, 09:21
Jealousy !!
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Like +8 Object -9 blue whale 01 Sep 17, 23:12  controversial
Just wait for 5 years. MNLU will take over from GLC, and the college will sink completely.
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Like +4 Object -7 Not a whale 02 Sep 17, 09:22
In your dreams, may be?
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Like +6 Object -6 Dark Evil 02 Sep 17, 14:34  controversial
These people claim that they are better than NLUs.. This college is do bad... No way to match nlus
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Like +1 Object -4 Tyrion 02 Sep 17, 14:10
You need to tell us which are you smoking...Manali and Shimla dont give that high..Do tell us bro..!!
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Like +1 Object -0 Bro 04 Sep 17, 11:55
Kuch naya try kar Tyrion. Maybe, english writing classes.
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Like +7 Object -2 virage 01 Sep 17, 23:34  interesting
I'm informed by someone i know that one entire class of GLC has failed!!

This whole MU is a money making system.
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Like +15 Object -5 GLC fan 02 Sep 17, 19:09  interesting  controversial
GLC is inferior to NLUs in terms of student quality, faculty and infrastructure. But it is still a great choice for a student and should be ranked among India's top 3 law schools, because it has the following advantages:

1) Rich history

2) Good location

3) Low fees

4) Jugaad arrangement where students do not attend class and intern for 5 years, ultimately securing a job. Even if the worst student at GLC works for 5 years at 7 hours a day he will pick up a lot of practically useful knowledge that even the topper of NLSIU Bangalore may not get exposure to.

5) GLC has many students who are sons of daughters of rich families in Bombay, who would rather chill in their hometown than go abroad or to Jindal. The presence of these students makes GLC an excellent hunting ground for someone looking to get married to a wealthy guy/girl and have a stress-free life. Even if you simply date someone like that for a year you will get 100 free lunch/dinner treats at the Taj. Much better than going to an NLU and eating stale mess food.
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Like +1 Object -6 Dark Evil 03 Sep 17, 03:51
The very fact you had so much faltu time to type this shows how much of work you people have... People in top law firms are slogging even on weekends
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Like +0 Object -0 Richie Rich 07 Sep 17, 15:18
Rich history ka kya achar dalunga !
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Like +3 Object -3 . 02 Sep 17, 21:37
So the idiots commenting here don't understand that GLC has no control over how MU works or does not work? MU is the culprit here.
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Like +8 Object -12 You deserve it 03 Sep 17, 02:39  controversial
ZERO SYMPATHY for GLC students. First start obeying BCI rules and stop working illegally when you should be attending classes. Compete with other law students for internships and jobs without cheating. Then start making accusations at MU or whatever.
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Like +0 Object -0 alias 04 Sep 17, 15:51
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Like +1 Object -0 RB 04 Oct 17, 11:37
The entire point of going to GLC (or any MU affiliated college for that matter) is precisely because no one cares a fig about attendance. Nothing compares with real life experience. To call hard working students "cheats" who perform in spite of pathetic infrastructure, poor student support and a ridiculous university (MU), smacks of either pompous self-righteousness or jealousy. Take your pick.

As far as BCI's rules are concerned, their rules are "more honoured in the breach than in the observance".
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