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Hi everyone. Given that a lot of firms have revised pay scales recently, let us make this a mega thread where everyone comments updated salaries in 2024 for all firms.

Format- Firm Name/Position/Salary (fixed+bonus)

For example- Pearson Spector/A0/12LPA(10+2)

Let’s have transparency in pay scales for these big firms and also please only comment if you know the revised pay scale with certainty.
Guys please take this bare minimum effort and add this data.

A3 - 25.5 FR + [4.97 (BE) / 5.85 (ME) / 7 (EE)].

Anyone kind enough to share SA/Counsel pay?
Is the band system applicable on FR as well or just on the bonus? Like possible for people at same PQE being offered different FR.
Yeah but not much of a difference, ive seen an A1 get 1.75 a month and another get 1.66
Bump, there’s been a lot of discussion on this. It’ll be good to consolidate it at one place.
It’s 15.8 on paper while the fact is an Ao joins from July with the first salary coming around August and even the bonus is paid on a prorata basis so yeah pennies. People at the top better learn how to share their pie.
is this nlu specific? if you dont mind are you from an nlu? there seems to be a lot of talk on how nlu students are preferred for both internships and jobs, also which office is this
Guys, wait till election results. Bigger the margin bigger your bonuses. 4️⃣0️⃣0οΈβƒ£πŸ‘Œ
CAM increments up to A1 to A3 level get notified in July or August, so Cammies won't have any idea till then.

A1 - 17.4 + 3

A2- 21 + upto 5/6

A3 - 22.5 + upto 6-7

A4 - 26.5 + upto 7/8

A5 - 29.6 + upto 10/12

The highest bonus at a PQE level could be more depending on the no of billable hours (differs from team to team occupancy levels). Bonuses being announced on April 1 and paid the next day (massive change in the policy).
Very grateful. Just curious, this is all taxed at 30% tho, correct? Why does NDA do this? How does it benefit them to treat you as an employee as opposed to a retained professional?
A logic that no one would ever understand why. Apart from the non solicitation clause coming into the picture nothing else really
Mods can you make this thread featured, so it always come on top. We can get a lot of information by doing that.
Either this is incorrect, or you've gotten the sharp end of the stick. Is it the case that you got your offer earlier on last year? And how are you arriving at the 1L number - i know that is incorrect, should be higher.would defer to your inputs.
I can verifiably say that at the top 3 NLUs, LKS has offered almost the double of the aforementioned fixed component. I know, even the recruitment committee was shocked.
Are you talking in 16-17lacs range? That sounds ridiculously high! Crazy if true!
Thanks, what did you make last year? And any idea what you might make next year?
This is based on the structure for last year

SAM/A2/23.20LPA (18.5+4.7)
Dentons Link Legal has hiked their salary. Now, A0s will receive a packet of choti gold along with 6 LPA. Also, don't forget also salted peanuts.
What is up with Spice Route Legal? How are they giving jump of 6lakhs from A0 to A1?
No, it is not true. As you can see the numbers have discrepancies and appear to be random. 42 + 16 is not 56
Can someone clear the KCO confusion. Some people are claiming a0s got bonus this year, some are still saying is 15.6 fixed for 2024 A0s.
KCO SA1 (29.75 fixed + 14 bonus). The payout depends on the location, team and billings to be fair.
There is a Google sheet in one of the other threads, it would be better if everyone just updated that
Can someone tell me about the SA2 salaries at T-2 firms like Phoenix Legal, Samvad Partners, Dentons Link Legal etc. This is for the Bangalore office.
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