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“Law Firm Partners’ Dogs Overweight, Underworked”, Says Study

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New Delhi

In a recent study conducted by KuttaLaw Group, the researches have found that 98% of dogs owned by law firm partners are overweight and underworked. 

“For example Mr. Ahuja who is a partner at Ahuja & Sons law firm owns Mutt, an English Mastiff, a breed which normally weighs at 80-120 kilograms. But Mutt weighs at an astonishing 150 kilograms”, said Billi Gupta, lead researcher at the KuttaLaw Group.

“I believe since 98% of law firm partners are themselves overweight and underworked and they treat their dogs in a similar manner leading to the dogs being overweight”, Billi added.

Mr. X, the law firm partner himself weighs 135 kilograms, as per our last measurement.

Prem Chand Premi a dog lover said, “I think dogs have feelings of empathy and are trying to remain in the overweight and unhealthy state that their owners possess. They are loyal animals”.

We contacted Kutta Kennel’s trainer Mr. Sher Khan, “I have had many law firm partners as client for pedigree, exotic breeds. Interacting with them I have found that they hardly work themselves and dump all their work to the associates”.
“I feel a similar treatment is being meted to the dogs who get less exercise and are thus bulky”, he adds.

Our animal conversation specialist spoke to Gruffy, a 75 kg Alsation owned by Mr. Y, a partner at Y and family law firm, “Wuf. Wuf. It is LegallyIndia’s recent associate survey to be blamed. We saw the pics and that how fat the law firm partners were; how greatly they earned and how successful they looked”.

“The dog community too wanted to show off and thus decided to look and eat like them and grow fat”, added Gruffy wagging its tail.

Gruffy refused to be weighed and growled threatingly at our reporters when goaded to do so. Gruffy is a huge animal and our reporter a slight man, so he decided not to take measurement.
Mr. Y, Gruffy’s owner refused to step on the weighing machine which according to his maid broke the last time he stood upon it.

PETO- animals ko mat peeto, an animal rights activist organisation informed us that they are actively pursuing this matter.

“The partners can destroy their lives by being overweight; we are more concerned about the dogs. Dogs can’t be allowed to go to the dogs”, said a PETO volunteer.

Bike Rider, a serial legal entrepreneur informed us that he is soon planning to launch a range of services including dog food, books and exercising mats for dogs in the legal community. This is his 137th entrepreneurial venture.

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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 21 Aug 10, 10:45
just to say, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, if this was sarcasm, however, i agree with the overfed part
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 21 Aug 10, 21:53
Kuttalaw Group!!! LFMAO
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 21 Aug 10, 22:41
Seriously you are such a retard....Join some shady bgrade newspapaer!!!! Cnt believe I wasted two mins reading this shit.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 23 Aug 10, 04:28
Dude... keep it up, let your competitors BARK through anonymous comments...

Some bloggers are getting insecure :P
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Like +1 Object -0 False News With Balls 24 Aug 10, 03:39
I'll keep moving guys to see more 'hansi' on 'hasmukh' faces.

And well, this is the sort of stuff you will find here. So if you find something BIG and RED which says 'NEWS'; you may skip it based on what things you like to read and what note.

@2...stay on the floor mate! keeping it up and running. No probs.
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 24 Aug 10, 20:42
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Like +1 Object -0 Anonymous guest 25 Aug 10, 04:48
Till date I have seen only 3 partners (male) to have perfect weight (more or less). Rest all are fat. lol
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 28 Aug 10, 10:50
not bad at all!
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Like +0 Object -0 ektaa M 29 Aug 10, 20:37
hahaha naice :)
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Like +0 Object -0 Anonymous guest 02 Sep 10, 00:03
you are simply OUTSTANDING!dogs bark and run behind cars, but for that the cars don't stop. the anonymous dogs will keep on barking, but let it not stop the vehicle of your wit.
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