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Black Berries, Eye Pads & Bunk Beds For A ‘Happy & Gay’ Law Firm

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Following LegallyIndia’s hard hitting analysis of how associates were depressed, suppressed and sex starved, BigKick, a law firm based in Bangalore has promised staff Black Berries, Eye Pads and an Acu-Pressure Assisting Loo as a part of its ‘Happy HR’ measures.

“Our black berries come from a forest in Kenya. These berries are rich in anti-C vitamins and have great quantity of oxidants too. These will help in quick ageing of skin and will make are young hires look old. After all, clients want to see old and mature faces”, explained Budha Sami, partner at the BigKick law firm.

According to one of the senior associates, eye pads are the best HR measure BigKick has taken. “My eyes used to turn purple from the work done on computers. This used to scare my kids away from me. Sometimes they used to laugh at me, wondering how I could change my eye colour like Disney’s cartoons".
"Now with the eye pad I can hopefully pray for normal coloured eye and a happy family life”, he adds.

“I have nearly lost my sight”, says a senior associate, who has been a senior associate since he was appointed as a senior associate, “But with these eye pads, I can breathe easy”.

Finally Indian Law Firm has got Acu-Pressure Loos, coming straight from China “Our research shows that in tensed workplaces, washroom moments are the times when you can introspect and hear your body and soul talk", says Karan Ben, HR head at BigKick.

"I proposed the firm that they attach acupressure mats on the floors of the toilet seats to help the members of law firms use this ancient technique to remain fit and happy”, says Acu Chang, the maker of the device.

Interestingly Acu Chang could not sell any of his devices in China, from where he originally belongs.

It is learnt that the firm has also procured Gary Kirsten’s report on how sex can improve performance at work.

“We are also planning to have in-house bunk beds which can be converted into a double beds or triple beds with little modification. People can use the beds in whatever manner they want. This was in our mind right after section 377 was repealed”, says Budha Sami who proudly admits that his firm is now ‘happy and gay’.

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