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HNLU Raipur loses Pro Bono Enviro moot to ULC Bangalore but sweeps rest, overtakes NUJS to 2nd

MPL 4: The home of Indian mootingMPL 4: The home of Indian mooting

ULC Bangalore defeated HNLU Raipur at the sixth Pro Bono Enviro moot at Soel Chennai on Saturday, but Raipur swept away every other prize at the competition and displaced NUJS Kolkata in second place in the Herbert Smith Freehills-sponsored Mooting Premiere League (MPL) 4 standings.

ULC Bangalore’s tier 5 MPL win earned it a 10-rank boost to 12th place.

The loser HNLU Raipur, on the other hand, has been steadily inching upwards in the fourth MPL with its Nani Palkhivala and Rizvi moot earnings. This time the college won acclaim for great research gaining a grand total of 20 MPL points from this moot alone.

The HNLU team comprised of best speaker Prakhar Pandey, best researcher S Sreesh, and Harsha Nagaraj. Pandey said: “The [organising] college has a good mooting history, you look forward to their moot. So the preparation has to be good. And the law involved is not something which dates back to long ago, the law is not that developed.”

The winners from ULC Bangalore were Radha Raghavan, Rohan Jagadeesh and researcher Nayantara Raja.

Jagadeesh said: “It was my first national moot ever and it is an elating experience that people notice you everywhere [after]. It is such an amazing network.

“I think I was not very well-versed with court mannerisms, was very aggressive, and a very good mugger, because I’ve been doing a lot of parliamentary debates. But it [the team] was an amazing trio. We were three collective heads with different reasoning and different analogy but our thoughts never wavered.”

24 teams participated in the moot, and Sastra University’s School of Law Thanjavur and Nirma Institute of Law Ahmedabad both made it to the semi-finals.

ULC Bangalore has previously made a mark at this moot in 2009 and 2010 when the law school won the best memorial prize.

HNLU Raipur also conquered the north east rounds of the Surana & Surana trial advocacy moot, winning MPL points for best team, best student advocate and best speaker from the September 30 victory at NLUJAA Guwahati. NUJS Kolkata amassed runner-up points from the moot.

MPL Notes: Legally India has been gathering feedback from a number of top MPL law schools on the Amity International moot, which was also held this month. Owing to mixed feedback so far from teams, we are still considering its inclusion. Please do not spam supportive messages in the comments.
We are also confirming results for Raisoni.
Team MPL is considering dropping the regional Surana Trial rounds out of the MPL for the next season, as the increased fragmentation into two Northern rounds and a Southern round means total participation has decreased.

Upcoming moots: This weekend NLIU Juriscorp will be blogged live by the awesome NLIU media team.

International law firm Herbert Smith is sponsoring the Mooting Premier League (MPL) and will contribute a prize pool of Rs 60,000 for the top three winning colleges.

Mooting Premier League 4 season standings

Pos Law school T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Org W R/u S/F B S B M/R HM Pts Details
1 NLSIU Bangalore 100       13   2     1 2   113 [Rizvi Moot] (Semis); [Surana Trial Adv - South] (gold); [Manfred Lachs Space Moot World Rounds] (gold, best memo, best orator)
2 HNLU Raipur       8 47 1 1 2   3 3   55 Nani Palkhivala (Best Researcher); [Pro Bono] (Best team, Best speaker, Best researcher, Best memorial)
3 NUJS Kolkata       8 40   2 2   3     48 [HMMCC (Best team)(Best speaker)] [Nani Palkhivala (runners up)][BR Sawhney (Best peaker)][SLCU Moot (Gold, Best speaker)]
4 Jindal Global Law School     15 8 10   1   1   2   33 [Nani Palkhivala] (Best Memorial)][Henry Dunant] (best researcher, semis); [Surana Trial Adv - North] (gold);
5 Faculty of Law, Jamia Milia Islamia University     10 8 10     1   1 1   28 [Nani Palkhivala (Best speaker)][Henry Dunant (Best memo)Surana Trial adv-North (Silver, bet speaker)]
6 [[NLU Delhi     20   3 1 1   1       23 [HMMCC (Semis)][Henry Dunant] (gold); [NLU Delhi Corp Moot] (organiser);
7 GNLU Gandhinagar       15 5   1     1     20 [Nani Palkhivala] (best team); [NLU Delhi Corp Moot] (Best team)
8 RMLNLU Lucknow         20   1       2   20 [NLU Delhi Corp Moot] (gold, best researcher); [Surana Trial Adv - North] (best memo);
9 GLC Mumbai     10 8   1       1     18 Henry Dunant (Best speaker)
10 NLU Jodhpur     10   6     1 2       16 [Henry Dunant] (silver); [Surana Trial Adv - North] (semis); [B.R Sawhney Moot] (semis) ;
11 Nalsar Hyderabad         15 1 1 1         15 [HMMCC (Runners up)] [Rizvi Moot] (Best team); [B.R Sawhney Moot] (organisers)
12 ULC Bangalore         15   1       1   15 [Pro bono enviro moot] (winners); [NLU Delhi Corp Moot] (best memo);
13 RGNUL Patiala       4 8     1 1       14 [Nani Palkhivala] (Semis); [NLU Delhi Corp Moot] (semis); B. R Sawhney Moot (runners up)
14 Amity Law School Noida         13       1 1 1   13 [Rizvi Moot] {Semis}[Best speaker}{Best memorial};
15 NLIU Bhopal       4 8       2   1   12 [HMMCC (Semis)(Best memorial)][Nani Palkhivala (semis)]
16 Department of Law, North-Eastern Hill University     10             1     10 [Henry Dunant] (best speaker);
17 ILS Pune         10     1     1   10 [HMMCC] (Best researcher); [SLCU Moot] (silver);
18 KIIT School of Law         10   1           10 [B.R Sawhney Moot] (Winners) ;
19 School of Legal Studies, CUSAT Kochi         8       1   1   8 [Surana Trial Adv - South] (best memo, semis);
20 SVKM’s Pravin Gandhi College of Law         8       1   1   8 [SLCU Moot] (best memo, semis);
21 Nirma University     5   3       2       8 [Henry Dunant] (semis);[Pro Bono] {semis}
22 School of Law, Sastra University, Thanjavur         6       2       6 [Surana Trial Adv - South] (semis); [Pro Bono] {Semis}
23 NUALS Kochi         5     1         5 [NLU Delhi Corp Moot] (silver); 
24 New Law College, Bharti Vidayapeeth University, Pune         5         1     5 [Surana Trial Adv - South] (best speaker);
25 NLU Orissa         5           1   5 [B.R Sawhney Moot] (Best Memorial) ;
26 Faculty of Law, Lucknow University         5           1   5  
27 Army Institute of Law, Mohali         3       1       3 [Surana Trial Adv - North] (semis);
28 Faculty of Law, IFHE Hyderabad         3       1       3 [SLCU Moot] (semis);
29 Campus Law Centre. Delhi         3       1       3 [B.R Sawhnhey Moot] (semis);
30 School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore           1             1 [SLCU Moot] (organiser);
31 Rizvi Law College         1 1             1 Rizvi Moot (organisers)
32 SOEL Chenna         1 1             1 Pro Bono (organisers)

For more information please refer to the MPL 3 rulebook.

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Like +1 Object -1 LUCKY 26 Oct 12, 14:29
Gr8 going HNLU...this will surely keep a lot people brags about HNLU under their hat
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 MCC HNLU 26 Oct 12, 14:45
We knew it Pandey & team, that was cming.....brilliant season so far. way to go..HNLU.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 Anshutheman 26 Oct 12, 14:49
Prakhar Pandey ki jai!
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 AnshuthemanSCJI 26 Oct 12, 14:50
Prakhar Pandey ki jai!
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Pranjal 26 Oct 12, 18:52
Is that you Rahil ? :D

On a serious note, I always knew we'd kill MPL once our batch started mooting. This is where we start. Much better things to follow. :)
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 HNLU Alum. 28 Oct 12, 13:35
Super stuff HNLU guys...keep it up...
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Not a Loser 29 Oct 12, 23:40
Kian/Prachi, can you please be little polite and amend your language "the loser HNLU Raipur". You could have, instead, simply written "HNLU Raipur". Thanks.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 PK 30 Oct 12, 17:20
Quoting Not a Loser:
Kian/Prachi, can you please be little polite and amend your language "the loser HNLU Raipur". You could have, instead, simply written "HNLU Raipur". Thanks.

Agree strongly!Did not want to raise a controversy, so abstained from commenting earlier. The whole flavour of the article is to brand hnlu as the losing team. Please change that.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 HNLU Alumnus 31 Oct 12, 10:25
Totally agree... In fact not just this but there have been other occasions when a sort of disparaging language has been used. I would too request the LI team to please be considerate in how they report. Thanks.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anti Ranking Criteria 01 Nov 12, 18:55
Its not fair to give 100 marks for an International Moot while a National Moot is given just 10marks as the least.

For example - Manfred moot and Pro Bono Moot

10 and 100......................

Its toooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo unfair!!!!!!!!!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Anti Ranking Criteria 01 Nov 12, 19:05
Quoting Not a Loser and PK:
Kian/Prachi, can you please be little polite and amend your language "the loser HNLU Raipur". You could have, instead, simply written "HNLU Raipur". Thanks.

Agree strongly!Did not want to raise a controversy, so abstained from commenting earlier. The whole flavour of the article is to brand hnlu as the losing team. Please change that.


But in the rest of the article don't highlight the loser's failure in such a manner. See they are the RUNNERS UP any way. That too after tough rounds of prelims, quaters and semis.

Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Daksh 03 Nov 12, 19:52
LI team is biased and this can be seen the moots they do not include in MPL, even after a strong support; neither they include NALSAR-GTS Tulsi moot, nor Amity International moot which was held last month. They think only older moots are good ones. When it comes to moots like AICLM, which are orgnzd. by NLUD (reputed institute); they include it in MPL since its first year. Where then there criteria to have an older moot goes.

I know you are not going to publish my comment, but you can never suppress my voice.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Shobhit 05 Nov 12, 16:46
Completely agree with Daksh. I went for CCI-LKS Anti trust moot last year which was its first edition and was a part of MPL. NLS and NALSAR were not there that time. If presence of NLS and NALSAR is the only criteria for a moot to be there in MPL, then what about regional rounds (North India) that occur of many moots. Also, NALSAR was the winner of 1st Amity International moot.

So, if Daksh says LI team is biased, he has a very good reason to say so.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Ashutosh 06 Nov 12, 22:27
MPL team really needs to include these good moots. Going with what moots were there in MPL3 does not seem to be a good idea MPL team. Get bigger n larger. Why are your eyes still closed, there are many more good moots getting organized, which should be there in MPL4.
Reply Report to LI

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