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Why we should not wish to warm chairs with our unwilling corporate butts

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Money mouth"Corporate law! Money mouth"
"Wow! Sounds super cool!"
"Litigation lawyer! Laughing"
"Urmm! Are you like...sure?"
"Entrepreneur I am! Cool"
"Oh my God! What about the money! Frown"
The list can go on and on. Let me put it on hold right here.
I am in the 3rd year of studying law. And I have been saturated to the heck of it, with the glamour, importance, ritz, glitz and hullabaloo attached with this one part of law - The Corporate Law. Why, I am ashamed to disclose here that, I too had fallen prey to the mass hysteria. But like everyone, I have had my dose of enlightenment and I couldn't be happier about it! Smile
Corporate law = moneyMoney mouth, more moneyMoney mouth, loads of money Money mouthMoney mouth
Who doesn't want money?! (even though there may be no "need" of it?!)Undecided
Well, I am tired, frankly! With the way we force ourselves to love corporate law. With the way we exert immense pressure on ourselves to let go of living life boundaryless and free. With the way we start having airs about ourselves if we pose ourselves to be the future corporate honchos!
Why is there this nasty colonial hangover in us, that we still want to slave for colonists (national or international)?!
Why do we still want others to lead us by our hands, and why don't we mind even a bit, if we become the slaves of greed, hunger and the dirty Mammon?!
Why do we opt to tread the corporate road, when our passion lies somewhere radically else?
Well, here, a point of caution! I do not wish to convey here that corporate law is a useless vestige of law. No! Corporate law has its own hallowed place in the world economy today, and whatever benefits we may be reaping economically, credit should go to the corporates!
But hold on! There is limit even to madness. We need not sacrifice ourselves, willy-nilly, to a career which offers no personal satisfaction. We should not hold ourselves as prisoners in ourselves! It would be the basest and the gravest violation of all the fundamental human rights, dare we do so! We should learn to let ourselves go free. Be free of the mental shackles. And the mental blocks. And learn to follow our dreams.
Avarice has done no good to anyone. It's better not to force our butts to warm the corporate chairs in air conditioned rooms, when what we really need is the comfort of the natural breeze, out in fields.
So! Let's let go of ourselves! Let's be us! Let's follow our own cherished dreams, instead of slogging it out to realise others' dreams!
Who knows, we could be path blazers in our self created niches, instead of being just one among the hundred toiling assembly line workers in the corporate factories!
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