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WHY AIBE- Dichotomy of BCI !!

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It was the sunny morning on 25th august 2013 which was awaited by thousands to bid for there fate. The day of ALL INDIA BAR EXAMINATION- V, the easiest to see but rudest to be. No material, No course structure, No guidelines, only a rule - Carry the books for ready reference, everything Seems EASY then. but every sitting soul in the examination hall had a common thought WHY???.  Summing up in short the purpose of the exam was dicey- half the questions only required the labor to open the bare Act the rest only the examiner could check. Its a big question in my Mind . WHY AIBE??

The pioneer of AIBE Mr. Subramaniam claimed that there are lot of incompetent lawyers there in practice so to rule them out we need a check and balance technique. (All praises for that). Soo accordingly the BCI prescribe syllabus of every college, they prescribe minimum attendance, they prescribe minimum infrastructure needs etcetra etcetra, So the deed must be done and the non compliant colleges be shut down, easy and simple. BUT no, they need reassurance that we studied something in the approved state of the art colleges , so the ignited minds have to show there talent of studying 60 subjects by just answering 100 questions in AIBE for which the BCI has awarded the contract for Rs. 600 per person and charged Rs.1950. Such noble deed by Bar council, God praise them.

BCI on hand hand says to clean the professional outcome by filtering the colleges and examination but on the face of it the reality looks different. Wouldn't this be easier if the Bar Council would have asked for straight forward money as the state bar did ??




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