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The Private School Brat

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(The Private Law School Brat is an exaggerated version of life in Private Law School. All characters and locations are fictional. Really.)
Legally India is the best forum for private law school bashing. And why not?
Popular perception tells me, if you're not in a National Law School- you're a nobody in the law school community.
Well, through these posts, the Private Law School Brat (that's me!), will bring you the inside scoop of life in a law school full of- (in your words) 'rich spoilt brats' who pay through their nose for their legal education. Yes, we blow away our money. Yes, we cannot sbell or 6ount.
Our story begins in a very picturesque, yet forlorn location- amidst the agricultural fields of North India, off the National Highway. The formidable law school building does not cower the several products of a new real estate bubble. The first-time visitor however always lets out a small 'ooh' or a nod of appreciation. Else, will always have an incredulous, 'Oh-my-I-have-never-seen-a-bigger-flag-pole-in-my-life' look on his face. Can't imagine it was just a pile of rubble when first I saw it!
Let's just call it 'You Know What', eh? I don't want to get into trouble for eliciting brickbats (and I trust you enough to know you will) from the haters. You're free to do so, but I have nothing to do with it okay?
-- The Private Law School kid didn't know about CLAT till she finished partying after the Boards when it was too late to give the SAT's. So she gave CLAT instead, without prep. She ranked anything from an abysmal 400 to a 'never-heard-of-CLAT' rank.
--The Private Law School kid's day revolves around regular rounds of Counter Strike and doses of her favourite TV show. She squeezes in some time everyday to attend classes and weekly public lectures when forced out of her room to do so. The odd PLS Kid even manages to moot (wait for the next post- The Private Law School Mooter), and whines about the Compendium (photocopying is for clerks remember). No, she does not appreciate her brilliant faculty - though uses them as a comeback for every jab at the credentials of her beloved institution.
--The Private Law School student whines about mess food day in and day out (Why do I have to eat kathal? Why do they have to make ratatouille, when they don't know how much salt to put in the dal?)
-- The Private Law School kid waits in line for that international internship or semester abroad opportunity and scoffs at the random communist peer (ironical huh?) who secured a Human Rights internship with the aid of the communist professor (takes the cake!)
-- The college and her wallets are overflowing with money, still the Private Law School kid struggles to get that 30k sponsorship for her college magazine and cannot get her moot memorandum cover plated with Gold.
-- The Private Law School kid works hard to complete her numerous assignments, readings and research papers that her accomplished professors set, especially when betting season is on during the IPL.
-- The Private Law School kid cannot understand what Jurisprudence is, yet enrolls into the Robert Cover and Legal Pluralism electives. She vows to finally get published this year, even if it is a paper for the Student Coalition against Sedition
-- The Private Law School student community consists of Communists, anarchists, capitalists, and fashion enthusiasts. She has a pet rabbit in her dorm room, along with several other things outlawed by the Student Code of Conduct.
-- The Private Law School kid relies on her dad's contacts (unless her dad owns one of the top 10 law firms) to get an internship/job. Litigation? Academia? Legal Aid? Are you kidding me? Yet, we try them all.
-- Yet, the Law School kid struggles through exams, moots and classes just like any other law school kid, save for the fact that her loos are cleaner, and her clothes are cleaned in the laundry.
Waiting to be hexed.
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