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The Preposterous Failure named Law

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Law. The very word evokes fear, awe, and respect in our minds. If not for the sake of the man-made law, we certainly bow before the natural law, as ordained by the Almighty. As I narrate this story, I see Law lying in front of me, bare, dry, whining away its life. It has been devastated by the vicissitudes of life. It has been dilapidated by the very forces which have created it. Innumerable number of times has it tried to bring itself back to life, and innumerable number of times has its spirit been quashed to meet a miserable death. Its highest manifestation through the Constitution of India has been left with no meaning at all. I would like to highlight a simple incident which transpired with my friend, to highlight the gravity of the situation.
She, along with some of her classmates, and seniors, who are incidentally boys and Muslims by birth, but no less than good, humble human beings, were captured in a picture (which is 'indecent' by no known measures in the world). This photo was uploaded on a leading social networking site. One of the people on her friends' list saw this apparently 'disgusting' behavior of hers, and promptly, 'in her interest and benefit', reported this 'immoral' behavior of hers to her father. And all hell broke loose, she was blasted left and right by her father, who tagged her as a girl who completely destroyed the great amount of trust and faith he had reposed in her! She tried to convince him; but in vain. She at last conceded; in that she had to forcibly take off the picture from the site.
Now, what is the use of flamboyantly declaring in our 'Paramount Parchment', our 'Founding Deed', that the 'Right to Equality' forms an invaluable part of the conscience of our Constitution!? What is the use of the existence of such a non-existent law?! What is the truth, if any, behind the pronouncement that India is a free country?! Are we really free? When a well educated parent forces his well educated daughter to behave like an uneducated, primordial aborigine (in fact, to behave like a lesser aborigine), can it be said that we live in a free country? Law, time and again, has seen such pathetic failure of its, only to be further pushed far deeper into the abyss. It shows on the face of all of us, that we, the so called 'independent', 'sovereign' people of the world's largest democracy, have been a miserable failure, inasmuch as, we have failed the very law which governs us. When the very rudder which sails the ship to its destiny is broken, and torn, it is very foolish of us to expect the ship to reach its destined port. Even after more than half a century of our independence, we find ourselves in such a stinking ditch, wherein there is a full fledged functioning anarchy, oblivious of the essence of what is 'Law', though having a fleeting glimpse of its existence in the English language(Touch Wood!). In this sea of multitudinous educated goofys, the treasure of Law has been lost. Hopes of finding it are very bleak. It can be found, if only, all of us work out a navigation, in a determined and revolutionary way! The preposterous failure of Law has to be elevated to an unparalleled and unmatched wonder of the civilized society!
We, the People of India, do hereby enact, adopt, and give to ourselves, this solemn responsibility, of revamping the messy situation our Dear Law is in, and declare ourselves to be a progressive society, working to create a modern history!
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