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The Doors to success might open on any side: Please mind the G.A.P

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Disclaimer: This blog is based on my individual experience and may be not so legal. One might hold views contrary to or even contrastingly different from it. Certain ideas of this blog might seem incomplete leaving out suspense” Next what?”, but I had to conceal information at times to protect identity and for privacy and confidentiality. I will therefore expect the readers not to put me questions as to where, how, who and when. I sincerely apologize to all those whose expectations I could not fulfill through this post.   This experience might resemble to that of someone else but the same is purely coincidental. This post does not aim at hurting the sentiments of any person, group, or association, whatsoever. Any hurt to someone’s sentiments is completely unintentional and is deeply regretted.

“Most arguably, internships are the most important part of a student’s CV.” I quote this line and attribute to one of the regular bloggers named “Napster” on Legally India. With apologies to Mr. Napster for being unable to quote his name and fulfill the footnoting requirement, I can say that at the most I am aware that Mr. Napster is a student at one of national law schools in India. Right, Mr.  Napster?  Cheers, Got the National sentiment Linkage Ushered in somewhere.

What is so special about internships? Is it because, they are the doors to employment of the law student? Well Mr. Napster has finely argued the niceties of internships, I must admit and I am not here to review them.

Reach out to the office, put down your bag, and with your most trusted friend of an intern -the notepad, set out to the associate to take down “work”, and the day begins. The whole day goes messing up with “Find out a case law that is contrary to the laid down principle, make a case note on a writ petition, and make a list of dates” and blah…. Blah…. Blah….. It’s the time for the firm office to close down; home beckons, and set out for home or the PG.  “S”, u r right, I am talking about an internship experience at a lawfirm.

And then voila! Attribute it to the Bong lady for her repertoire of Center fresh, Happydent and melody chocolates in the newspaper packet which seemed more like an Akshaya patra which she got till the last day of her internship. My salute to the Bong lady. What do you think, for the ingredients, no, but for preserving almost crumbled newspaper packet cum wrapper bin in her purse for so long. The “take work” regime showcasing its prime importance; the “work and work” regime being interestingly disturbed by bursts of instantly cracked jokes and loud laughter and then futile efforts to lessen it down. A tiffin ought to be finished during lunch hour, polished off clean during “work” hours in the recreation room; the sip of water from the “Acquafina” water bottle acting like a magic potion making even the least speaking person mumble a few words ultimately ending in a roaring conversation and Shhhh…….Shhhh……Silence…….Guys…..Aaplogon ke khilaf ek complaint aaya hai. Indiakanoon hardly offers you such adventure. (Please see disclaimer for the entire para)

An intern trying out his luck in his career as a tourist guide by the tour of some old historical monument and getting rated 9.5 out of ten for his connoisseur “indigenous tourist” guidance . A day digging into the Parathas and lots of giggling with interestingly humour inducing leg pullings; putting aside work and taking a lunch break of more than three hours to bid farewell on the last day of someone’s internship tenure; people bidding adieu to each other at the Metro station and the sweet memories refusing to fade down.  Supreme Court cases online would hardly offer such a buffet. (Please see disclaimer for the entire para)

Kaamchori neither works out well, nor it rules and this is what I believe in. Amidst all the above, the assigned work would be completed and internship hours would exceed the allotted ones, and that would include me. I am not boasting, but Guys, it takes guts to work alone in silence, when the only people waiting outside the office are the security personnel. (Another disclaimer here, the working hours so quoted here may be nothing for some hardworking interns. The comparison is situation based and hence, one must read this disclaimer together with the disclaimer as already put at the inception)

I talk of an internship tenure here with opportunities for socializing and understanding of human values and friendships. I see here a healthy work relationship brewing. I may be wrong, but what is wrong with imagining something right? Apart from professional successes what also matter are all those indispensable human values of mutual trust and co-operation. An internship experience teaching you how to liven up one’s work atmosphere along with loads of work is also of cardinal importance.

I term the internship workload plus these intrinsic values  of mutual trust and co operation as Gross Advancement Possibilities (G.A.P)

Each of the interns would land up with jobs and with some great jobs, indeed. Success is bound to come. ( they say, success ke peeche mat bhaago, excellence ke peechhe bhaago, kamyabi jhakh maarke chali aayegi) This is just a beginning.

And therefore I say, The doors to success might open on any side, Please mind the G.A.P.

(Dedicated to the bong lady in the internship team and to my other co interns)

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