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The Day my Lappy Spoke to Me...!

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I was blogging on Legally India...I was engrossed in artistically decorating the words and letters of the English alphabet with the beads of life and liveliness...Sparks of bright ideas were incessantly emanating from my mind; no sooner did they take birth then, they were getting transmitted into the electronic system of binary code of the computer system, and then to the resplendent fabric of legal fiction...I had drowned myself into the fantastical ocean of words...Then, something happened which shook me off!Surprised It was as if my fingers on the keyboard were electrified, and my eyes, which were glued to the monitor, widened with astonishment!
For the first time in the history of mankind (perhaps!), it was so transpiring that a laptop had gotten transformed into a speaking-acting being! UndecidedMy dear Lappy - my all time companion - had made a screeching and squealing noise, no sooner had I typed the last word of the penultimate sentence of the blog post. It had apparently grown sick of my constant 'kut kut kut krut krut krut' over its delicate bodice. He had grown feeble, all due to my incessant blows and thrashes, for more than two long years!
I jumped out of my chair in astonishment. "Will you please take the pleasure of sitting down, so that you let me express, whatever it is that I want to?" cried he. I obliged, tad too shaken to do so, though.
"Do you have even the slightest idea as to how devastatingly you have been harassing me day in and day out?" impleaded he. I shook my head, at a loss to comprehend as to what was transpiring, at that fateful strike of the midnight hour!
Nonetheless, he went on: "As soon as you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is, log in to Facebook. Let me acknowledge the fact that it gives me immense pleasure when you derive immense pleasure by social networking. I grow full with the happiness resultant of yours. And later, you log in to Legally India. Ah! Legally India! Once you log into this website, you never leave me at peace. You either burn we to such an extent that I wither away my life and start crying to recharge my energy pool, or you bestow me with your kind blessings, by blasting me left, right and centre, nonstop! Doesn't all of this tire you?!Frown
Let me, at this point confess something to you. As you keep on with your 'kut kut krut krut' on me, and as I surreptitiously watch you do that, I very much discern that, more often than not, even if it saturates the very brains out of you, you stay fixed to your chair! And as if to grease my palms with a show of love and concern, you take me on your lap and 'cuddle' me, with a more vigorous species of your thrashings.
As my Lappy spoke so unabashedly with me, I sat there with mouth wide open - wherein I sensed a mosquito or two having entered the cavern of my mouth; I only chewed them to corpses and spit them away, unable to digest the heat of the situation!
"Do not ever think that I am despising your keenness of learning. I am here, in this avatar, only to tell you how much I love you! And how at times I get pissed off at your nonchalant attitude towards this poor me! Cry I need care, I am growing old. You very well know how violently I had crashed down, and had lain broken for days, only to be resuscitated by a savior of a mechanic! Innocent You very well know I sensitive I am to viruses and Trojans."
I went utterly serene at these words of my Lappy.
"As you carve in to my face, innumerable articles, essays, memorials, and blog posts, how briskly my brain works to process them, and present the result to the awaiting you! How happy it feels, when you get your internships confirmed, and articles published through me! I am humbled by the role I am being able to play in your life, however small it may be. But whenever you play loud music, my eardrums tear themselves apart! Go slow on me! I share a Divine bond with you. No you, no I! You might not know this, but I grow sad too, when you cry watching movies which I show. You have the key to my heart, my password! I invoke in you, my rightful existence!"
It was time for me to speak! I plainly acknowledged my Lappy of whatever it had confessed. I promised that thenceforth justice would be done to its life. I patted it slowly, got rid of the blows, and after all was done, put it to sleep!
Phew! All is well that ends well! I remain humbled by its soul!
So, dear Lawyers, and wannabe Lawyers! Be Prepared to face all your Lappies speaking to you, squeaking and screeching at the way you handle them! Handle them with care, and they shall do the same to you!
May all the best wishes be with you!Smile
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