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Pages from the Diary of a Law School Student...

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If this is what an ordinary Law School has taught an ordinary Law student in the course of an ordinary year, there is nothing more ordinary about it!
(As I was flipping through my first year diary, I ran into this peculiar entry, and I feel it serves good if it is posted here. Read on!)
The Paradoxical Irony Called Life!
Life...is not the same four lettered word to every breathing body on the face of this planet...To some, it is a punishment...and for some, it is a luxury...but one thing is common among everyone...it is an impossible paradox of a golden thread of experience, with closely woven beads of lessons taught the hard way, by the Almighty. The beads are varied in their dimensions and their make up. They are divisively united; irreconcilably harmonious. Some of them are crooked where as some of them are glistening pearls...This string of pearls suffocates some to death, whereas it adores the pride of someone with great panache...But the fact whether the pearls are glistening or crooked lies nowhere but in the eyes of the beholder of these gems of life...whether they suffocate the neck of their owner or enrich them with riches, depends on the disposition of the owner toward each of these pearls...These pearls can be held together and formed into a concord only when the golden thread of mature contemplation passes through the core of each of these gems of life...Even if the thread doesn't pass through on of these gems..the very life breath which enlivens the necklace ceases to exist...the thread needs to be strong enough to endure the roughness and wryness of the gems...and gentle enough to tend to the glistening pearls and contemplate on them by permeating to their core But the heightened paradox lies in the point that the smoother and more glistening the pearls are, the more trivial and common-place is the moral behind it; whereas more the roughness of the pearl, more is its proximity to the insurmountable Truth and sagacity of life...that is, Mother Nature is a hard teacher...she teaches through breaches of human faith and hope...and later through their unbreakable mighty rebuild...hence a strong thread of contemplation alone can forbear and sustain the heavy weight of these feather-light pearls of life...
The added irony to this paradox is that the gold silken thread is never a match to strong poly wool thread of contemplation...the latter endures everything...the former...is delicate and non-enduring...but the choice of choosing the right thread is left to be chosen by the owner of the string alone...
These pearls...along with the thread, form the string called life, which adorns the neck of every breathing body...Without this string, a breathing body ceases to live...!
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