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Meeting a legend and devotee: Remembering TRA

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It was in the month of October last year that I met Shri Andhyarujina sir at his residence at Hauz Khas, New Delhi. My law school senior Shri Siddharth Sijoria who was working in Sir’s chambers invited me for a chat one evening. I met Siddharth at the office. He told me that Sir was on the ground floor with his son Shri Zal. The first thing that caught my attention on entering the office was a portrait of Maharishi Ramana that adorned one of the walls. I uttered Ramana’s name instinctively and a conversation broke out with Siddharth.  We dwelled in Ramana’s ‘Who am I?’ philosophy and I was told that Sir was a devotee of Ramana.

Soon after this, Shri Zal entered the office to bid goodbye as he was leaving to Mumbai. I was introduced to him and he wished me well. We then went into Andhyarujina Sir’s office at the ground floor.

‘Sir, this is Gokul, my law school colleague. He hails from the same state as Maharishi Ramana,’ said Siddharth introducing me. I was taken by surprise. I did not think that it had any merit during this first meeting. But to my greater surprise, Andhyarujina welcomed me and immediately began narrating a story from Maharishi Ramana’s life with such warmth as if he had known me for many years. I sat there listening to sir and at the same time coming to terms with the fact that here was a national figure of the legal fraternity talking to someone sixty years his junior in the humblest of manners.

All of a sudden, he paused to look at me with through those eyes that radiated experience and wisdom. Siddharth brought out the fact that I was inclined toward spirituality. Sir’s reply still rings in my mind as I write this. He said one must be spiritual; it gives stability to one’s life. He blessed me and bid me goodbye. It was time to take leave.

It was a peaceful few minutes that I spent with a legendary figure who did not have any airs about himself. People such as sir are here to remind us that there is more to life that material wellbeing. He had a strong impression on me. I thanked Siddharth for this opportunity to meet with Andhyarujina Sir. I listened to one of Ramana’s audiobooks as I travelled back in the metro to my hostel at Amity University. Sir stirred the longing in me to look beyond, look within, just like his guru Maharishi Ramana. He will now rest in eternal peace.

Gokul B

LL.B, Amity Law School, Noida

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