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LAW SCHOOL! The two words that become the mantra of every CLAT aspirant. You just have to get into one. All that hard work, those sleepless nights, the endless chase…it will all pay off when you get into ‘that law school!’, or so you think. You read up on every article about student life, take every word written in those pages to be the gospel, start envisioning yourself  walking the corridors, high-fiving your buddies, laughing your lungs out….life couldn’t get any better!  WRONG! Trust me, I’ve been there...done all of that. At the end of my first year at one of the country’s top universities, I think I am capable of saying that law school is everything and so much more than that reverie you cherish.

There is no clear cut guide to get through law school (if there was I would be the first one to grab it) and this article does not intend to provide one. All that I can do is share my experiences and clear out some of the myths or maybe just end up adding to your fond hope.

At the end of my first day, I began to question if I had made the right career choice. Was I cut out for law? Was this what I wanted to do for the rest of my life? I began fretting out and to add to all of that, the ‘home-sickness’. You may pride yourself on the fact that you are the strongest person out there and stupid emotions like these do not affect you, but be ready to be disappointed. There will be times when you will miss your home and will just want run back to your safe haven. I know of seniors who being in the fifth year still get pangs of this ‘stupid emotion’.

In times like these, you learn to let time work its magic. I did, and at the end of that first week I was more than convinced that law was made for me. I enjoyed every subject (well, almost!) and there were few classes that I especially looked forward to in the entire week (philosophy!). Not all your professors will be enthralling and not all will be the worst you have ever seen. It’s impossible and rather illogical to think in such extremes. But you can be sure about this; there will be those few for whom you will willingly, I repeat, willingly, put off that snooze and drag yourself for an eight o’clock lecture (sounds unreal!).

Law school is like a pitching machine. It hits opportunities at you every seven seconds! You either hit for the home run or you miss it. Every hit will not be a home run but it’s important that you hit the ball; you grab that opportunity and make a go at it. What matters is the attempt because if you don’t there are 200 others all set to take it. This may sound intimidating but it is true nonetheless. It is the outside-the-classroom lessons that will last the longest and be of most help in the long run. Do not restrict yourself to your comfort zone because that is the worst mistake you can make. Expose yourself to everything, have all the fun and make all the silly blunders that reassure your seniors that you are just a first year (they have all done it before!).

So what do I take away from my first year…a bagful of memories, each of which has taught me something important. The only way that I think it is possible to ‘survive’ is by keeping an open mind. Being judgmental will only make you sulk and crib and no one likes a lamenter. Open up to people from all over the country and get to know each one of them because cliques don’t work here. If you think sticking with people from your city and giving the cold shoulder to the rest is cool…think again! Each one has something to offer which is why you all are at the same place.

My experience so far has been of a wonderful journey. I’ve met some of the most intelligent minds, people I aspire to be like; people who inspire you and you know will go on to do great things. I’ve had the most fun I’ve ever had, I’ve been under the most stress that it’s made me want to collapse (and I used to think that I work best under pressure!), I’ve been embarrassed, yelled at and the next moment applauded for my work and now I can’t wait to get back for more. Lastly, when you get here do not have any expectations from this institute of justice because either way you will be taken by surprise.

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