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Being a Lawyer has been considered as an important and prestigious profession. Important because the society everyday has claims to gain justice and lawyers are the ones who help to accomplish the same. Prestigious, according to me, is because the amount of learning and gaining of knowledge a lawyer is required to have is exceptional. 

At this point I come to a fact, which when became known to me changed my conception about Indian legal system. In some countries like South Africa, the law cases do not only cite the precedents, but rather include educational papers. As is known in countries like India, teachers in all fields are not given much recognition in the profession. While we are educationally embedded in colleges, professors are looked up to, although as one steps into the profession educational papers having much more substance are not taken into consideration within cases. Here is something the new generation lawyers must learn. We must not commit the same mistakes that were in the past. 

When one joins an institution, the main of the college is to guarantee a degree, but no one really sets goals for what to do after completion or how should one go about the issues in society. After graduation, one is set on the life path all alone. This perception shall change with time. Academic Institutions must take over the responsibility of each student and make sure that they work for the betterment of the society as only then the environment can positively be affected.

People have  mindset that law demands one to study thick books, remember the constitution' article, etc. but none ask what is the activity for. It is for the fulfilment of the need as mentioned in the first paragraph itself. Although, all the rumours are not true. I have realised this with time. It is simply that it is essential for the ones who have taken the responsibility of people and society as a whole, must be aware about the happenings in society. 

There are about thousand law institutions set up in India, yet only few law colleges are known to work efficiently in producing well legally educated graduates. This can be one of the reasons why law is not taken seriously as a profession in this country. 

Hence, a lot of issues need to be looked into in this profession so that its importance and prestige is not dropped.

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