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In solidarity with the students of NLIU and for saving the "National Law Universities".

On behalf of the Student Bar Association - HNLU, the Student Bar Council - NLUJAA & the Student Welfare Committee - RMINLU

Institutional Arbitrary Actions and student movement s at the ‘prestigious' National Law Universities of this country have become a regular scene onto the floor, with each year witnessing, silent protests and strikes being launched in the campus and on social media in one or the other National Law University. The common ground for these protest are similar in nature as well as principle, the misadministration of the University, blatant misuse or corruption with regards to the funds that have been provided for the welfare of the students, the funds being used for anything but the welfare of the students, and the reason for all of these problems appears to be connected as well: the syndicate that forms amongst the state bureaucracy and the university administration.

The only feasible solution to the same, is the centralization of these ‘Autonomous’ institutions under the aegis of the Parliament itself. If the same can be done for engineering, management and science, then why not do it for Law as well, it's as important a profession for the development of this Country as any other profession and field of study, which has been accorded with the status of ‘National Importance'. Only then can the misadministration that these Isolated Islands of Excellence have endured over the past three decades, be put to a rest.

Nationalizing the Law school isn't just a demand but a right that has been denied to us for long enough and the results are apparent in front of the entire world to witness. A lobby of Bureaucrats and Academicians' turning these potential islands of excellence into "kingdoms of nepotism” without any kind of mechanism for checks and balances. We support and stand by the demand of the status of Institutes of National Importance for all NLUs made by counterparts at NLSIU, NAI SAR & WBNUJS. We also demand that every National Law University should have a Student's Association, constituted through free and fair elections, so that an efficient channel of communication and negotiation is established between the students and the administration.

With this we extend our support to the Students of NLIU and their cause and the cause of National Law Universities as a whole, we salute the students of NLIU and their decision to speak up. We really hope that you win this battle because a portion of us will also be victorious. With the support of our student fraternity, we the students of H N.L.U., Raipur, N.L.U.J.A., Assam R.M.L.N.L.U., Lucknow acknowledge the undaunted efforts of the students at NLIU and stand by them and with a stronger hope for a better future, expect that the grievances shall be addressed in a progressive and transparent manner.

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Like +6 Object -18 NLU Stud 13 Nov 17, 16:25  controversial
HNLU, RMLNLU and NLUJAA are not "prestigious" by any measure. Only the top 6 NLU'S are.
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Like +0 Object -0 Alumni 01 Dec 17, 15:33
Precisely why we need a centralized set of rules for all NLUs so that the lower ranked ones get a chance to be 'prestigious'.
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Like +10 Object -1 HNLU Alumnus 13 Nov 17, 17:40  interesting
At a point of time where the efforts of the students of NLIU are being lauded and supported, you decide to indulge in unwarranted bickering.

Of the top six universities you speak of, two have decided to remain silent, however, three universities which may not be considered “prestigious” (in your view) have decided to speak out not only in support of the students at NLIU but also subtly against their own respective administrations. This act of solidarity on part of the student bodies of these universities is courageous, considering the vindictive nature of their administrations.

Accordingly, at this point of time we as law students or alumni of ALL NLU’s must put away menial debates and show solidarity to each other.
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Like +0 Object -0 Editor007 15 Nov 17, 19:40
Please proof read before you publish.
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