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Jimmy got a Taj Mahal for a PG accomodation! Don't say Wow! Ask, How?

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Jimmy began with numbers a while ago. [Click here to read].


PG for girls. PG for girls. PG for girs. PG for boys. PG for girls. PG for girls. PG for girls. PG for boys.

The male lot is a distrusted lot; Jimmy and his friends got to know that day. Also, people love 'keeping' girls! 'Keep' got a judge in trouble; so I won't play too long with fire. 

Moin dialed a number which said 'PG for boys'.

"Is this PG"?, asked Moin, a little hesitantly.
"Yes, this is Mr. Parthiv Gokhale speaking" They went to the PG of Mr. PG (sad joke). Their noses hated it. Their eyes hated it.

Moin dialed a number again. The sun was beating down. They went to a place. Tired, they had the 1 rupee cold water on the way. They came back, disappointed.

Moin dialed a number. The sun was merciless, still. Still, they went to the place. They came back. Tired, they had the 7 rupee cold water with lemon and a bit of rock salt for taste.


A bit on rock-salt and the above drink: The rock-salt, not really refined, was rocky, chunky and heavy, and settled itself comfortably at the bottom of the drink. It was the rock salt's way of asserting superiority over--well, plain water--and the trick was simple: specially settled as a prominent remnant, the rock salt did all its saltiness could permit to make sure that it made the 7 rupee drink stand out from the 1 rupee one.

The maker of the drink allowed his ingredient to do that. This is how they 'differentiate' the 1 rupee product from the 7 rupee one. The street entrepreneurs know all this lingo. Why, they even get mentioned in Business Standard!


Oops! Lets come back to the PG hunting. The usual is happening here. Well, they go to a place again. Now, they have the 10 rupee cold water with lemon, a bit of rock salt and sugar. They return, dehydrated. (I am sure you don't want to hear my ramblings on sugar).

And yet again, mustering courage, they go to a place.

"Will you have coke? I don't have any lemons left", said the same vendor to whom the proud rock salt and the left out sugar belonged to.

The 20 rupee bottle was charged at 25. (No, they are not from NLSIU or NUJS or who knows, I might have had to write about a consumer dispute trial).

So, well, they had the overpriced coke.


Sensational entry of the broker: A broker came approaching. Brokers know it all. Who is what and who wants what. Small, scrawny, black teeth, raspy voice, I-am-the-don demeanour and a way with words; Oh boy! The broker was cool, almost filmy!


"PG searching? I have a PG. Its the Taj Mahal of this place. If you have a Mumtaaz, get her here; she won't mind and neither will I", he said winking to Farved who stood head and shoulders above the broker.

They went to see the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal was good. Newly built with nothing in it. Unfurnished. The description said "3 Bed rooms, newly built, AC". AC meant 'air circulation', which meant 2 exhaust fans; one dilapidated, the other suffering from inferiority complex.


The PG: The PG didn't have a bed. So Jimmy and his four friends bought three mattresses to sleep on (Argh! Numbers again? Don't ask how, say wow!). One, a hardy fellow, named Akshay decided that he'll heed to his grandma's advice of sleeping on the floor.

The PG didn't have a clock. The PG had nothing except rooms and windows and doors. Freshly painted and smelling of paint.

"Har ghar kuchch kehta hai" (Every house speaks of something) goes the Asian Paints advertisement. This house, for now seemed aloof, painfully introverted, unkempt and smelly. Basically, it said nothing but that. Who knows, it might even have been murmuring a swear word all this while. And it was definetely not Asian Paints painted.

The PG had marble, hard marble. It seems the PG walah had predicted a hardy fellow sleeping on the floor. So he made it hard, real hard; paying guests are, after all, not meant not to be treated well.


On being treated badly: the young occupants are thieves and are not to be given all the locks. The young occupants are rapists and have to undergo a police verification. The young occupants are dacoits and must deposit good amount of cash as security.


They are not paying guests. They pay and they go.


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