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Doing the Right Internship!

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Internships form one of the most crucial parts of the Law School Journey. They are considered to be the practical knowledge which a student gets in his law school life. Usually, a student applies for an internship long before the forthcoming vacations.

There is a very obvious question which is asked by one student to his other batch-mates i.e. “Where are you interning this time?”

There have been various situations when a student tries to intern at a reputed law firm like Amarchand, AZB Partners, Luthra and Luthra etc right from the first year. But, one question which keeps my mind haunted as to what are the criteria which are to be kept in the mind while choosing an internship. Is it a right decision to intern at a law firm right from the first year? Is it beneficial to intern in a trial court right from the first year? These are some questions which have been searched by me after thinking over this a lot.

So, here are certain things which should be kept in the mind while you apply for an internship –


What are you interested in?

There are some basic internships which you should do, and are considered to be the fundamental internships. These internships develop your researching skill and the basic understanding of the legal system e.g. NGO/Similar Organisation, trial court etc.

Why to intern at a law firm when you are interested in litigation. Don’t follow what others do. Do what you want to do.

Do basic internships, but provide more importance to law firm internships if you are interested in a law firm job.

You may be interested in some online start-up similar to that of LegallyIndia, Bar and Bench, or you may be interested in opening an online legal journal. In this case, what would you do by interning again and again under a lawyer, or in a law firm etc., instead intern at Manupatra, Indlaw, LegallyIndia etc.

Make the correct choice at the right point of time.

Where are you interning?

Interning in cities like Delhi, Mumbai help you in increasing your contacts in the legal field.

If you want to settle in a particular, then try to get internships in that particular city which would be beneficial for you in future.

Sometimes, it becomes hard to find an internship at the place which you want. Don’t get disappointed and try to learn those things from some other place which you may not be able to learn at the place which you are thinking to intern at.


Right internship at the Right Time.

This is the most important aspect which should be kept in the mind while applying for an internship. There have been several situations when a student from 1st year onwards works under a very reputed Supreme Court lawyer but doesn’t get any work, works under a very reputed law firm but doesn’t get work, works in a trial court but doesn’t understand anything.

What would you be able to understand in a trial court without studying procedural laws? First study CrPC and CPC, then intern in a trial court

What work would a corporate firm provide you when you are interning under it after 1st year? You are not even aware of the basic concepts of corporate law or similar laws which are needed for their work. Usually, do it from 3rd year onwards.

Do not waste any of your internships; try to utilise each of the internships substantially.


Ask your seniors!

Seniors are the best people who can guide you in this aspect for various reasons.

They have already interned at the places where you are willing to intern.

They can help you in getting the contacts of the suitable persons to be contacted for the internship.

They can also solve the problem related to the filed which you are interested in. It is because they have gone through the period which you are currently facing.

They can also provide the list of NGOs, law firms, Govt Organisations, Companies, LPOs etc, so that it becomes easier for you to find the right place

They can also inform you what is required in your CV for getting the internship at a particular place.


What If you don’t intern?

You may not be interested in interning at all. You may want to enjoy your vacations by roaming around your home town, watching movies etc.

You can do so, but in this case it would become very difficult for you get yourself placed in a law firm, company as the case may be.

Internships make you perfect in the field which you are working in. It provides you the practical knowledge of the subjects which you study in your academics.



PS: Enjoy internships. Don’t consider it a burden on yourself.

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