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Doctrine of Fear and Conflict.

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Justice is expensive and rightly for the rich. The modern Indian system with the high price of vegetables and poverty stretching, naxal clouds are spreading in the poorer parts of the nation.

The Red corridor, ie the term given to the so called roughly Red naxal territory now stretches in  patches from Tirupati to Pashupati. The fine line between a terrorist and freedom fighter is blurring even with enough media pressure and gag orders. A few thinking folk realize that when talking of terrorriom that it is a war of ideas.

The reason Neta ji or Bhagat Singh have not made it on our bank notes and only few years ago they decided that Bhagat Singh deserved a statue in the parliament is mainly because our nation’s reins were handed down into the hands of the then Moderates.

Leaving the past looking into the future we realize that corporate terrorism could be there next new weapon of choice. Nations live off Stock markets which feed the interests of millions of shareholder in large corporations.

Where advertisement industries play folly with the human mind and create need and want where there is none, war propaganda follows the same route to sell an Ideology over the other.

A nation being nothing more than the collective will of a few institutions which exist on the bases of mutual fear and personal interests. This makes patriotism a tool for propaganda while justice is served hot for only those who follow the ideology of the nation.

Looking from a distance these micro behavioral patterns point towards a clearly evolved animal and nothing more.Devil's Dictionary defines man as : An animal so lost in rapturous contemplation of what he thinks he is, as to overlook what he indubitably ought to be. Where in the instance of things our need is always the call of the hour and our wants are our driving force.

Now looking at the evolution of governing systems which are forever changing,  the  evolutionary form of governments where we have moved from tribal chiefs to kings to emperors being the highest point and then the circle comes around again; this time it moves the power in the hands of the people and slowly but steadily the circle starts moving again and so does the flow of this power change hands.

We are fulfilling our role in the circle of events with our views, state or anti-state, both need to be  voiced to balance the yin and yang of modern governance and provide for longer periods of stability.


  • When talking about the importance of anti-state element Benjamin Disraeli, 1st earl of Beaconsfield in Coningsby  stated "No government can long be secure without a formidable opposition"
 The houses of parliament also needs two sides in it to create some sort of controlled conflict to come up with a balanced system of laws.Suppress any one of the so called anti-state who may be in the slightest of opposition for long and what one gets are the outbursts of the other forms like Terrorism, or the Flower Children. From Shiv Sena and Rss to underground fundamentalist groups we need to hear them all so that the just man can weigh the right and wrong to make his choice.Their existence is a threat to our social fabric but their interests and ideologies need to be constantly  substituted by constant open dialogue and democratic conflict.
  • Thomas Jefferson in Vol.XIV of Writings says; "Where the press is free and every man able to read , all is safe."


The very origin of the universe lies in conflicts; explosions and combustions surround us today to make our world what it is, from the fuels for fires to rushing water against hydel generators, there must be a conflict. A silent class is a dead class; there must be discussion.

But at the same time this has to be carefully channelized through the mechanism of state and individual elements; more like a fixed dose of conflict is important for the betterment of our society.


  • Thomas Paine also tries to  suggest a balance of elements, both state and anti- state when he said in his pamphlet Common Sense published in 1776  that ;"society in every state is a blessing, but government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state , an intolerable one."


 But knowing these things can make one heavy burdened with unnecessary thought; to be a fair student of conflict is heavy on ones mind; to referee  any kind of match is tiresome more on the mind than it can ever take from the body, specially when both side are yelling.

 Those who have been students of the study of conflicts and its creation from the big bang to human conflicts from the violent French and American wars for independence to the more subservient Indian form of revolt, Or a match or long stretched arguments, we know it takes a toll. A toll on us as we try and search for the truth amidst all the ruckus.

There must always be something at war with the other to keep man going on, monotony is the death of us.

Conflict creates and fear preserves.

It is a understood thing that Shiva has more temple than Brahma, because the fear of the destroyer is far greater than that of the one who has created. 

Fear comes in with Vishnu too, the punisher of evil but Lord Shiva wins on the temple count.

Fear or mutual fear keeps peace and not love or any other kind of emotional candy.


  • Equals rarely go into war. George Washington  said " There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet an enemy." Highlighting the importance of the need to maintain mutual fear among enemies for peace.


Poor judgment as to assessing the opponent is a totally different issue, even then the damage tends to be so great that enough lessons for the future are learnt . New things are learnt or in other words come into existence in our thoughts and way of life.

This author thinks the doctrine of fear and conflicts can virtually be applied to all aspects of our being, our relationships, law, religion etc.


Conflict creates and divides.

Fear maintains and combines.



 Fear and conflicts with our thoughts, with others and with Mother Nature has brought us to the evolved state we are in today and shall continue to evolve us.The kind of conflicts we indulge in defines us, let these conflicts be intellectual , armed, territorial, political, commercial or within us introspective. We become children of that kind of constant war that we indulge  in.

Fear on the other had is often the sole reason why laws are obeyed , fear of punishment, finical loss or loss in any form is a cause enough for fear thus this makes a man more cautious as he treads on conditions laid down with their effective grounds of exercise of power being  the power of  fear.

  • Ambrose Bierce in The Devil’s Dictionary gave this meaning to Justice “ justice : a commodity which in a more or less adulterated condition the state sells to the citizen as a reward for his allegiance , taxes and personal service." Thus simply putting it justice too comes with the carrot stick game being played upon us. If you don’t follow you get the stick and if you do, there could be a carrot for you.
  • Adding to the doctrine of conflict Samuel Gompers said in one of his speeches “Show me the country that has no strikes and I’ll show the country in which there is no liberty.” He could  be suggesting that certain conflicts with the elements of the system are important to create elbow space for liberal men.


The above content is an initial post on the said matter of the doctrine of conflict and fear, I will try putting in some more inputs and enlarging the umbrella of these thoughts.

PS: Mine is a  sad state of affairs when it comes to grammar and spellings , please forgive , excuse and politely correct where the need may arise.

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