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Dear servants of the public, truth alone shall set you free, and not a censored cyber space!

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Our dear Honorable Minister of Communications and Information Technology says the cyber space needs regulation. Well, well said, I say!

It is probably believed by the lot of learned people like him, that the cyber space has succumbed to be a poor victim of "deeply offensive material about religions and communities that could incite riots". Well, this is the overt reasoning of their belief.

But, can we afford to buy this oh-so-considerate reasoning, on its face value? Let's plunge into it, to discover how dark its waters are, how skewed the reasoning is, and how foolish of us it would be, to nod our heads in affirmation to the statements.

Firstly, Internet has been in existence (and not to mention, in a blissful harmony with all the anti-social elements nesting under it) since ages now. It has aged with grace and sagacity. It has proven to be a perfect epitome of the fruitful realization of the right to speech and expression for millions of people around the world. The advent of Web 2.0 era has reformed the definition of what it means to be exercising one's freedom of speech and expression.

When this is so, why did this concern towards "mitigating hatred among Indian communities" creep in their great minds at this point in time? Why didn't the Indian government apprehend such a gross danger to national integrity and fraternity well in advance of time?

Do you see any covert intention, or shall I say, the 'true reasoning' behind this move? Well, don't you?Embarassed

Lemme show you the light, if there's any!

Friends, this is 2011. Sigh! What an eventful year 2011 has been!

Kingdoms shaken,

States broken,

Revolutions on revolutions piled up,

People won, Politicians lost!

Isn't it rosy? It surely is! Only for you and me. Period.

Which sane politician would NOT take a measure to censor the cyber space, after many, many of his counterparts came rolling down their hallowed thrones! Why then, do I have to underscore the tremendously powerful role played by the Indian cyber space in fuelling the anti-corruption movement?

Now! Do you get that?! Do you NOW understand, why we are being so vehemently pressed with being regulated?

Conclusion Number 1 - They are afraid. Terribly afraid. Of being dragged right in the middle of all of us, and being stripped naked, of all their 'glorious deeds'. Cry

Secondly, consider this. Let us for a moment assume (remember, assume) that our dear Minister has had an enlightenment of sorts, and he has had a genuine upsurge of deep, undying sense of duty and commitment towards his liabilities as a public servant. He has been truly humbled, and to earn some karma points, wants to save India from disintegrating. The Divine revelation has shaken him out of complacency.

Dear Minister, we immensely respect your concerns towards us, thank you. But, we have a question. Why have you let your colleagues to move ahead with the caste-based census? Wouldn't this affect our nation's integrity? Nay?!

Hasn't it been established by the Honorable Supreme Court of India (and by every sane legal and social intellectual) that caste-based census, or for that matter caste-based reservation, tears down and burns to ash, the societal fabric of unity and integrity? Nay?!

Conclusion number 2 - The reasoning being given to us is colourable. In fact, it's colourful. Like a flower in the tropical forests. It attracts, but swallows us into its deep stinking underbelly. Eww!Yell

Thirdly, dear Mr. Minister, don't we all know that caste politics of the sorts you are speaking of [C'mon! Who wouldn't know it better than you Money mouth], is more rampant in the real world (and not the reel world), funded politically? Nay?! What measures are being taken to stop them, Sir?

Conclusion Number 3 - Voltaire once said, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it". Applauds!Cool I say: "Yes, I disapprove of what you say. Yes, I will whole heartedly defend to the death your right to say it. But YES, I will by no sane means (I have a belief that I'm not insane yetFoot in mouth) stop myself from rebutting your propositions. YES! I would never ever let myself be a victim to your belief systems, when I have my own! And YES! I write this blog, even before you spread your angry, venomous, sadistic tentacles around me!

You may kill me, but my words will live forever! So I believe. (God forbid, if there were to be any regulation of the cyber space, it can practically NOT be with a retrospective effect!)

Live long Freedom!

Long live Internet!

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