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Are Law Schools Creating Lawyers or Robots

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The word robot  as defined by the Webster dictionary means a replica of  human beings the only difference being that they are more intellectual objects. Comparing this fact with a human being it is very similar it exercises all physical movements and is supervised by a higher authority because it lacks self reasoning. Now on the other hand human beings are believed to be gifted with the reasoning power but in the present times this fact seems to have lost its ground. I think when the idea of five year law schools evolved in India for the first time, it was suppose to revive the culture of legal education and not undermine it further but a question may arise in one's minds as to whether these law schools are making lawyers or a new brand of legal robots who are unable to reason on their own but work under the ville social system as is prevalent instead of standing in favor of what is right. According to my own personal belief the students are only being educated (their knowledge being slightly above a layman's situation) but not being taught the very basis on which the entire legal system is based i.e the system of justice which had its genesis from the common law system in England.