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The Moot Court Association (MCA) of National Law Institute University, Bhopal (NLIU) is delighted to present to you the 2nd NLIU Link - Legal National Client Counselling Competition, 2019 in collaboration with Link Legal India Law Services. Further, for this edition, we have Manupatra as our Official Research Partner. The event will commence on 6th September with the Registrations and Inaugural Ceremony and will conclude on 8th September with the Valedictory Ceremony. The fundamental aim of this competition is to focus on the functions of a lawyer in a holistic manner, especially by providing a unique opportunity to have a deep insight into the behavioral aspects of counseling while dealing with the clients. A total of twenty teams from various prestigious law schools are going to participate in the Competition. 

The total prize money to be awarded is INR 57,000 and an internship opportunity with Link Legal India Law Services for the winning team and best client. The winning team will take home a cash prize of INR 31,000, while the Runners-up will be awarded a cash prize of INR 21,000 and the Best Counsel with INR 5,000.

The Client Counselling Competition was started because we believe that dealing with the clients is an integral skill that a lawyer should possess. Client Counselling requires that lawyer assist the client in the way he/she needs rather than the lawyer taking any decisions on behalf of the client. Counseling is all about giving such information which a client would like to know regarding his legal problem/case. In order to satiate the client, a lawyer is expected to have excellent listening and advisory skills.

The List of Participating Colleges are:

  1. CNLU, Patna
  2. GLC Mumbai
  3. CNLU
  4. ILNU (Nirma University)
  5. ILS Pune
  6. MNLU, Aurangabad
  7. MNLU, Nagpur
  8. NALSAR (2 teams)
  9. NLUD
  10. NLUJ
  11. RGNUL
  12. RMLNLU (2 teams)
  13. SLCU (Christ)
  14. SLS, Pune
  15. TNNLS
  16. UILS, Punjab
  17. UPES
  18. WBNUJS

There shall be 4 rounds in total: Prelims, Quarter-Finals on 7th September and Semi-Finals, Finals on 8th September. For prelims the teams are divided into 4 pools, each pool consists of 5 teams. The top two scoring teams from each pool will get a place in Quarter- Finals. In Quarter-Finals, the qualifying team will be divided into two pools. The top two teams from each pool will be qualifying for the Semi-Finals. In Semi-Finals, the qualifying team will be divided into two pools. The highest-scoring team from each pool will be qualifying for the finals. 

From a rich pool of great experience and expertise, judges are invited from the legal fraternity to judge the various rounds, with the experience of the bench enriching as each round goes by. 

We will go live with the Registration and Inaugural Ceremony on 6th September at 4 PM.

Excited? So are we! So stay tuned to this post for more details on 2nd NLIU - Link Legal National Client Counselling Competition.


4:00 PM: Commencement of the ceremony 

The first day of the 2nd NLIU-Link Legal Client Counseling Competition began with the registrations of twenty (20) teams, following which the inaugural ceremony took place in the Cyber Law Centre at National Law Institute University, Bhopal.

4:05 PM: Lighting of the Lamp

The inaugural ceremony commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the esteemed dignitaries on the dais, which included Prof. Mukesh Shrivastava, Senior Professor, National Law Institute University, Bhopal; Dr. Sanjay Yadav, Professor, National Law Institute University, Bhopal; Mr. Siddharth Srivastava, Partner, Link-Legal and Justice Alok Verma, Former Judge, Madhya Pradesh High Court.

4:10 PM: Floral Welcome 

Following this, all the dignitaries on stage were warmly welcomed with a bouquet.

4:15 PM: Opening Address by Prof. Mukesh Shrivastava

Prof. Mukesh Shrivastava addressed the gathering and welcomed them to the University. He advised the participants to develop counseling skills. He also specified that there are linguistic barriers that might come up during the Client Counseling Session, and advised the participants to slip into the shoes of a psychologist to reach a coherent solution for the problem. In addition to this, he stressed on the need for a counsel to understand the specific needs of a client. All in all, he aimed to bring to light the qualities of an effective counsel during a client counseling session.

4:20 PM: Opening Address by Dr. Sanjay Yadav

Dr. Sanjay Yadav, Professor, National Law Institute University, Bhopal, now took over the podium to address the gathering. He took the opportunity to extend a warm welcome to the participants of the competition. Throwing light on the role of a counsel, Dr. Yadav put forward the need for a counsel to be effective during a counseling session, after which he eloquently put forward the need for competitors to understand that winning or losing does not matter; it is the learning experience that one acquires that matters at the end of the day.

4:30 PM: Address by Mr. Siddharth Srivastava

Mr. Siddharth Srivastava, Partner, Link Legal India Law Services, addressed the gathering present at the inaugural ceremony. His words allowed the gathering to envision the process that Link Legal took to make this competition a reality. He threw light on the changes that have been made since the last year's edition of the competition, the notable ones being prize money and cash awards for the best counsel. He also mentioned that this competition is the perfect opportunity for collaboration with the student body and will allow for a mutual exchange of experiences.

4:40 PM: Address by Hon’ble Justice Alok Verma

Justice Alok Verma, the Chief Guest for the inaugural ceremony, Former Judge, Madhya Pradesh High Court, graced us with his presence in the ceremony. In his address, he told the importance of client counseling and also shared his experience by explaining the role of a lawyer. He stated that a lawyer should not take any decision without the knowledge of a client. In the end, he wished all the participants good luck and with this, he concluded his speech.

5:00 PM: Vote of Thanks

The dignitaries were presented with mementos, following which there was a vote of thanks. 


DAY 2: 

9:45 AM: 

The 2nd Day of the Competition began with the briefing session of the Judges. The Judges for the Preliminary Rounds are Associates from the different law firms and practicing advocates. Clients were given Confidential information about the problems before the Preliminary Rounds began.

Courtroom 1:

Teams from NALSAR, UILS Chandigarh, ILS Pune, RMLNLU and MNLU Aurangabad conducted the client counseling session in Court Room 1. The problem of this courtroom was based on Family law related to Succession.

10:44 AM: After the greetings by the counsels of MNLU Aurangabad, the client started by stating about himself and his issues. He told that he has 100 acres of land in Bilaspur and that his brother took over all his property. The counsels gave the options that he can either sit together with his family and resolve the issues or file a civil suit, but judges stated that mediation won't work because the client doesn't talk to his brother anymore.

11:25 AM: The team from RML commenced the session straightaway and asked the issues faced by the client. The client seemed hesitant about the proceedings as it was her first time with the solicitors. The mental state of the client was quite disturbed as she was deprived of her parental property and thus, she was not able to communicate effectively. The counsels, however, made her comfortable. The counsels after analyzing the whole situation suggested legal proceedings to be initiated. Another remedy suggested was mediation which was more favored by the client.

12.05 PM: The team from UILS Chandigarh made the client comfortable by starting off with some informal talks and explanation of the confidentiality clause.
The counsel suggested challenging the will. The jury was dissatisfied by the type of questions put forward by the counsel as it led to no material information gathering like the existence of multiple wills or the need for monetary compensation. In the end, the counsels had to agree to the fact pointed out by the jury that "the client was willing to give more information than you asked for".

12.40 PM: The next round started with a brief about the client and the counsel and the process that would follow.
The judges seemed impressed with the way the counsel dealt with the client.
After extracting some relevant information, the counsel informed the client about the Hindu Succession Act 2005 and how females have an equal share in the parental property and they suggested court proceedings or out of court settlements.
The jury, however, felt that the counsel deviated from the facts at some points. In the post-consultation session, the jury inquired about the possibility of filing a suit simultaneously with meditation sessions.

Courtroom 2:

The enthusiastic teams from UPES Dehradhun, RGNUL,  RMLNLU, NUJS, and GLC Mumbai conducted the client counseling session in Court Room 2. The problem of this courtroom was related to the termination of employment without providing the notice to the employee.

10:40 AM: The team from UPES started the session and asked the client about his issues. The problem that was put to the forefront was that the client used to work as an IAS officer and was terminated from the office without any prior notice. The counsel asked further questions from the client to understand the facts in a more lucid manner. Some of the questions that the counsel asked were related to whether there was an arbitration clause within the agreement that the client signed or whether any event related to facts had happened before.

11:45 AM: Team RGNUL after the greetings, the client started with stating the facts and requested the counsel to not disclose any information. The counsel assured the client and then tried to ascertain whether the allegations by the client are correct or not. After a thorough extraction of facts, the counsels advised the client to first file a plea in HC. 

12:30 PM: Team RML began the session with the signing of the confidentiality agreement.  The client was very precise about the facts. The client was informed by the Counsels that her right to work has been violated and that she is supposed to be heard; a writ petition in HC can be filed or else arbitration clause can also work.

Court Room 3:

Teams from CNLU, NALSAR, CHRIST, NLUJ, and SLS PUNE conducted the client counseling session in Court Room 3. The problem of this courtroom was based on the basics of a contract whereby the laundry guy lost the cloths of costumers.

10:42 AM: The students of CNLU started the counseling session on a formal note. They told their client about the costs they'll charge if they meet further.

The client told that he had handed over his clothes to the dry cleaners, and then, later on, he was returned damaged clothes and was also refused compensation. He had an emotional connect with a Kashmiri Shawl that he had given. The client's main concern was that his trust was breached. The services he wanted were not up to the mark. The counsel assured the client that he would get a price higher than the MRP as emotional sentiments were attached to it. The client looked satisfied.

12:35 PM: The next round started with the Client explaining his issues. The client was a fashion designer, owner of GOT CO. and used materials of exquisite quality. He had no insurance in his clothes. All the clothes were personally made and had a lot of emotional value. He has suffered huge amount of loss as a lot of people were employed in making these clothes.

The counsel offered help in two ways. The quickest way was that they could approach the District Forum as there was a deficiency in services. The counsel mentioned about Section 35 of the consumer protection Act 2019 under which they could file a complaint and the court would direct towards mediation. The judges gave the counsel a hypothetical situation to compare with the present situation and had an interesting argument.

12:40 PM: Another round started off and immediately understanding the requirements of the client, the counsel suggested mediation. The judges also asked about the essentials of the Consumer Protection Act from the counsels.

The counsel acquainted the client with the formal proceedings. The receipt used by the laundry would not be used to waive off their liability as the consumer is not expected to read the terms and conditions. The counsel

1:25 PM: Threw light on standard forms of contract. The first method they would adopt would be to send a legal notice to the laundry on behalf of the client under which he should reply within 15 days. If he doesn't then they would file a civil suit under which the court would issue the summons. Also, they talked about the arbitration clause which could be invoked. The judges questioned the counsel If they were to go in civil court in India how will they file the case. The counsel referred to civil procedure code section 9. They questioned about how confidentiality takes place, the difference between normal contract and standard contract, one counter to standard form of contract that the company uses.

 Court Room 4:

The zealous teams from NLUD, GNLU, NIRMA, MNLU Nagpur and TNNLS conducted the client counseling session in Court Room 4. The problem of this courtroom was related to an interesting case of kidnapping by father and custody related matter.

10:40 AM: The session began with the counsels trying to make the client comfortable. The counsels advised that she should first try conciliation with the husband and if that fails, then the client could proceed with the FIR.
The counsels mainly focused on mediation so as to prevent the client from getting into legal intricacies, as the client seemed to be in no mood to break ties with her husband or for her daughter to face any inconvenience.

11:37 PM: The counsels in this round were very particular about the details of the incident, and seemed scrupulous about the dates. The counsels advised her to file a writ of habeas corpus in the high court. The client agreed with the counsels to file a writ instead of an FIR due to the paucity of the time and for getting quick action.

1:30 PM: The session began with the counsels trying to mollify the client as she seemed distressed because of the act of her husband. The never-ending quarrels between them had impacted her and her child in an extremely negative manner. The clients were very accurate about the specifics.




Teams from NALSAR, UILS Chandigarh, ILS Pune, RMLNLU and MNLU Aurangabad conducted the client counseling session in Court Room 1. The problem was based on privileged information which was not supposed to be revealed.

2.45 PM: The session began with a short introduction followed by the explanation of the confidentiality clause. Because of the circumstances that the client had gone through, the counsel had a tough time trying to extract the exact information. After analyzing the background, the counsel advised legal proceedings under the Evidence Act and other suitable provisions.

3.55 PM:The next round began with exchange of pleasantries and signing of the confidentiality clause. The counsel beautifully extracted all relevant information from the client which was well appreciated by the jury. The counsel suggested a remedy asking for anticipatory bail from the court and a civil suit for breach of trust. The jury then went on to inquire about the advice that the counsels would give to the client keeping in mind the disclosed facts.

4.30 PM:In the next session, the counsel was at ease in extracting crucial information from the client which definitely impressed the jury. The remedy to the client was provided under the Evidence Act and Advocates Act. The jury asked technical questions to the counsel, which he defended in a good way.

5.05 PM:In the next round, the client seemed hesitant in revealing information initially but counsel made successful efforts in getting information from him. The client had a tough time concealing the ulterior purpose of setting his NGO and ultimately had to give in to their questions. The client seemed very worried about the harm such an allegation would cause to his reputation.The counsels seemed unwilling to help in tax evasion case, nevertheless they advised the client to go for legal proceedings for breach of trust.

Courtroom 2:

The enthusiastic teams from UPES Dehradhun, RGNUL, RMLNLU, NUJS, and GLC Mumbai conducted the client counseling session in Court Room 2. The problem of this courtroom was related to Medical Negligence.

2.43 PM:The round began with the Client informing the Counsels that the doctor performed the surgery in a state of intoxication, as a result of which the child lost his eyesight. They inquired further for the extrication of relevant facts. The Counsels suggested measures such as criminal prosecution or filing a complaint in the medical counsel. Considering the monetary aspects, a case in the consumer forum could also be filed to compensate for the medical expenses. The judges found that there was contradiction in the way the client dictated her problems.

3.49 PM:After an understanding of the problem, the counsels in this round inquired about the remedies that the client sought which included monetary relief and debarment of the medical practice of the respective doctor, to which the counsel responded that criminal proceeding could be filed against him. Aspect of mediation was also referred to get monetary compensation considering the client's position. The judges then questioned the Counsels about the relevant provisions and the charges for which the doctor should be held liable.

4.23 PM:The client of this session sounded extremely confused in accordance with the remedies that should be followed. According to the client, no harm as such was done to the child. The Counsel suggested that a claim in Medical forum could be filed to terminate the license of the medical practitioner for some months or even for lifetime. The judges however felt that the counsels were not able to provide proper remedy to the stated facts.

4.28 PM: The session commenced with general introduction and signing of the confidentiality clause. Seeking remedies for the damage done, the client prioritized compensation over the license of the practitioner to be cancelled. The counsels suggested filing a case under the Consumer Protection Act. Mediation as a settlement could also be considered as the best possible remedy.

Courtroom 3:

Teams from CNLU, NALSAR, CHRIST, NLUJ, and SLS PUNE conducted the client counseling session in Court Room 3. The problem of this courtroom was based on the breach of contract signed by parties after having several drinks on the restaurant bill.

2.40 PM:The counsel's remedy to the client's situation was to file a temporary injunction. They made the client believe that he has a probable chance of getting his land back and the sale approval would be cancelled. The agreement entered by the client was not out of free consent. The client's main concern was to get his land back and not monetary compensation, which the counsel noted.

3.22 PM:The client here was frustrated by the questions asked by the counsels repeatedly. The client mentioned that the greed of the owner was insatiable. The hatred between the client and the owner was mutual. The counsels arrived at the conclusion that the client was made to sign the bill fraudulently. Mediation, arbitration and litigation were the remedies suggested by the counsels.

4.11 PM:The Counsels in this round made the client aware of her rights and the fact that the sale was never valid as no document was duly stamped and registered. Mere signing of a bill does not constitute sale. The client has the power to revoke the contract as she was not aware of the hidden clause and was of unsound mind at that time. The client showed interest in going for mediation.

4:46 PM: In the next session, the client elucidated about her problem and the counsel took note of it properly. The counsel said that it was a classic case of fraud. The counsel sympathized with the client and understood her situation correctly. Consensus ad idem was surely not in the current situation. The contract becomes voidable on part of the client.

Courtroom 4:

The zealous teams from NLUD, GNLU, NIRMA, MNLU Nagpur and TNNLS conducted the client counseling session in Court Room 4. The problem of this courtroom was related to the damaged property bought by the consumer while ordering the product online. The property was destroyed and caused irreparable loss to the consumer.

2.38 PM: The counsel started by asking the issues that the client is facing, to which he replied that he is facing some problems with a damaged product. The client specified that he had not gone through the instructions or the user manual on the package before using it. The package was completely fine when he had received it. The client was confident that he had taken the required measures after the damage was incurred. The counsels asked him about the number of monetary damages to which he gave a rough estimate.

Counsels then enquired about the remedies that the Client was expecting. Being a business person, he wanted his market image to be well maintained as any adverse effect on his reputation can prove to be harmful. At the same time, he wanted full compensation with respect to the physical damage to his property and other things.

The counsel asked the client if he wants to go for criminal action against the shipping company as they might have miscommunicated facts about the product to which he replied in negative. The counsels agreed on the proposition that it is a very strong case against the defendants and that there is no need for mediation. In reply to questions posed by the Judges, the counsels said that the Consumer Protection Act and the Sale of Goods Act will be used in this case.

3:20 PM: The session commenced with a general introduction.

The client told the counsel about the physical damage and the damage caused to the property. The counsel further asked if the client approached customer care, to which the client replied that due to injuries, she was unable to do so.

The counsel advised the client to approach the State ConsumerRedressed Forum or else, the matter could also be resolved outside court through mediation, but the client rejected it. The counsels eventually discussed the apt legal action that should be taken in this case.

4.46 PM: The session started with a general introduction about the accident and the product. The client also said that he had read the T&Cs after receiving the package and that there was no warranty attached to the product. He also expressed his inefficiency regarding contacting the manufacturers.

He was advised to go for mediation to which the client replied in negative. Towards the end, after discussing different actions, the Client agreed upon filing a complaint online on the consumer forum. The client was advised to file a case against the seller as it would have the best potential to provide damages.

5:18 PM: The session began with the client describing the accident. She expressed her exasperation over the defected product as being an entrepreneur made the situation a lot more difficult for her. The counsels found that there were no obvious defects that could have been noticed by naked eyes.  Towards the end, the counsels suggested mediation, as it would suit her needs and other methods, could be time and resource consuming. Even the amount of compensation provided as an outcome of mediation can be higher. If mediation fails, counsels suggested resorting to negotiation. The suit would lie against both the manufacturer and the seller. Strict liability was also part of the discussion.



 After successful completion of the Preliminary rounds, everyone proceeded for the High Tea. Meanwhile, the judges and the clients were introduced to the problem and the confidential information respectively.



The results of the Quarter-finals of the 2nd NLIU-Link Legal National Client Counselling Competition are out!

After the brilliant performances, the judges narrowed down the competition to eight teams that will contest the Quarter-finals of the 2nd NLIU - Link Legal Client Counselling Competition.

The team who qualified for the quarter-finals are:

3) SLS Pune
6) ILS Pune
8) GLC Mumbai



Teams from RGNUL, ILS Pune, GNLU and GLC Mumbai conducted the client counseling session in Court Room 1. The problem was based on contract law and the Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, where the husband and wife got separated. They had a daughter who was a child actor. The mother wanted to enter into an agreement with the advertisement company. She wanted legal advice whether she is legally allowed to enter into an agreement on her daughter's behalf.

(TEAM 1)

The counsels asked the client how she would manage to handle plausible affairs like shifting her base, her job, finances, education, etc. In reply to which the client repeatedly said that she is willing to encourage her daughter to continue with her interests irrespective of any problem. The counsels explained the related provisions to the client and advised the client to go for mediation to mitigate the loss.

(TEAM 2)

The client wanted her ex-husband should not interfere in the matter. The counsels suggested that mediation is an amicable form of the legal resort.


Teams from NALSAR, NLUD, SLS Pune and NLUJ conducted the client counseling session in Court Room 1. The Problem was based on Economic Fugitive Offender, where the Company took a loan. They agreed to pay the amount by cheque, in three installments.The cheque bounced when the third installment was to be paid. Meanwhile, the borrower flew from the country and the creditor came to seek legal advice.

 (TEAM 1)

The counsel advised the Client to not use these 20 crores. The first step the council suggested was to serve a notice. They would try to declare the owner a fugitive economic offender. The moment he is declared a fugitive economic offender, all his personal property would be confiscated by the State. The client also expected an additional 10 crores for distress.


The session commenced with the counsel requesting the client to provide detailed information in order to have a broad overview of the case so that they could provide the best possible service to the client. The client felt cheated by the offender and wanted to prosecute him to which the counsel stated that section 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act is applicable in this scenario and they would try to criminally prosecute the offender.


The results of semi-final rounds of the 2nd NLIU-Link Legal National Client Counselling Competition are out!

The teams who qualified for the semi-final rounds are:
2) GLC Mumbai


9:00 AM: Day three begins with the briefing of the judges, whereby the judges were introduced to the problem and the confidential information. The selected teams were divided into two courtrooms and conducted the counseling session in the respective courtroom.

Team GNLU and GLC Mumbai were in the courtroom 1 and NLUD and NALSAR was in courtroom 2.

Courtroom 1

Team 1

The session began with the exchange of pleasantries and brief about confidentiality. After this, the counsel put forth relevant questions to find out what kind of software was stolen, what could be the use of software, etc. The counsel also inquired whether the client tried to solve the problem on a personal level against whom he wanted to file a suit or not. The counsels advised filing a suit for infringement of copyright and claiming compensation for tarnishing the reputation of the client by adding obscene content to the software.

Courtroom 2

Team 1

The session started with the client explaining the background of the issue, whereby he stated that he has given his laptop for repair and the person repairing it stole his idea of software. His main intention was to sue that person. The counsel told him to register the software first and then sue the person for the offense of criminal breach of trust as he went beyond the purpose of repair. The jury improvised the remedies suggested by the counsel. They were of the opinion that an injunction should be the first step taken in the process.

Team 2

The session started with the basic introduction of the facts. The client wanted a public apology and also wanted to file a criminal complaint. After hearing the client, counsels advised him to take an action and start the criminal proceeding under criminal breach of trust for misappropriating data.


The team scoring highest marks from courtroom 1 and courtroom 2 make their way to the final rounds. The teams selected for the Final Round are:

1) GLC Mumbai 

2) NLU Delhi

12.30: FINALS

 The final rounds were conducted in Cyber law Center of the University. The judges for the final round were Judges and Partner of Link Legal Competition. 

Team 1:

12.45 PM: The session started with the client explaining that he was terminated from his job without any prior notice. The client was devastated as his job was the only source of income for his family.
The client wanted compensation for the loss of work and also put forth a few other demands to which the counsels advised a possible course of action. The counsels suggested sending a legal notice, stating the demands of the client and in case of no response, they would approach the Labor Court.
In the end, the judges said that the counsels could have extracted more facts from the client and might have formulated a better course of action for the client. 


1.30 PM: With the brief introduction of the confidentiality agreement, the session got started. Upon interrogation, the client narrated the fact that he was kicked out of the factory where he worked as casual labor. Further, the counsel inquired about the termination letter to make sure of the condition under which he was terminated. The counsel inquired about the demands of the client to which he replied that he wanted compensation for his job loss and also wanted his job back. The counsels advised sending a letter to the HR dept for reinstatement of the job or notice to the conciliation officer. Furthermore, the counsel gauged that the case was fit for a pro bono situation.

2.00 PM: Valedictory Ceremony 

With the successful completion of the final rounds, the valedictory ceremony was organized to felicitate the guest and award the winners of the competition. The valedictory ceremony was graced with the presence of Hon'ble Justice R. Raghuram, Chief Guest; Hon'ble Justice Ved Prakash Sharma, Guest of Honour; Mr. Abhishek Sharma, Partner, Link legal India law Services, Guest of Honour; Mr. Siddharth Srivastava, Partner, Link legal India law Services; Prof. (Dr.) V. Vijaykumar, VC, NLIU Bhopal; Dr. Sanjay Yadav, Faculty-In-Charge, MCA.

2.15 PM: Address by Prof. (Dr.) V. Vijaykumar: He started his speech by welcoming all the dignitaries on the dais, participants and the audience. He then emphasized the importance of client counseling in the modern legal world. He also congratulated all the participants and blessed them with all luck in the future. He ended his address by encouraging the audience present to stay intact with the legal system as it is the best way to serve the common people.

2.20 PM: Address by Hon'ble Justice R. Raghuram: Hon'ble Justice G. Raghuram, Director, National Judicial Academy, graced us with his presence in the Closing Ceremony of the competition. In his address, he said that in our nation we are still not able to provide efficient legal services to all the people and we all, especially the young legal minds, need to take the efficient steps on this issue. He also appreciated the efforts of the National Law Schools in forming good young lawyers. In the end, he congratulated all the participants and the National Law University, Bhopal on the success of the event.

2.30 PM: Address by Hon'ble Justice Ved Prakash Sharma: At the outset, he congratulated the faculty members, MCA NLIU and the students for making the event a success.
He congratulated the participants for showing their commitment to legal studies. He was amazed by the performance of the finalists.
He mentioned that those who are pursuing the legal career are the social engineers, and help in sustaining democracy.
Minds of the youngest generation are coming to the field of law. He has been coming to NLIU for past many years and has seen how the college has progressed.
He concluded with wishing everyone luck.

2.35 PM: Address by Mr. Abhishek Sharma: Mr. Abhishek Sharma's speech came from an invaluable experience of 11 years. There has been a major change in the way laws are interpreted along with a change in the economy and constitutional framework. This throws up new challenges for the newer generations of law students regarding dealing with the changes in an efficient way. He ended on an optimistic note that law students must be well-read, a good speaker and must collect a multitude of experiences in law school.

2.40 PM: 


We are proud to announce the conclusion of the 2nd NLIU- Link Legal National Client Counselling Competition, 2019 organized by the National Law Institute University, Bhopal from 6th-8th of September, 2019!

Firstly, we would like to congratulate and thank all our participants for making this competition a huge success.

We now extend our hearty congratulations to Government Law College, Mumbai for becoming the winners of the 2nd NLIU-Link Legal National Client Counselling Competition, 2019. The winners will be awarded prize money of INR 31,000 and an internship opportunity with Link Legal-India Law Services!

We also congratulate the team of NLU, Delhi for being the runners-up who will be awarded the prize money of INR 21,000!

The title of the Best Counsel has been awarded to Kavita Mohanty from GLC, Mumbai.

Last but not least Hrishikesh Jaiswal from NLIU has won the Best Client award and an internship opportunity with Link Legal!

Lastly, we wish that we continue to receive this invaluable support from the entire legal fraternity for our future endeavors!

2.45 PM: Mr. Dhruv Khurana, Convenor, Moot Court Association, NLIU Bhopal, gave the vote of thanks.

Thank you guys for following the blog. Hope it was fun!! 

This is Miss Diksha Bhatt, Mr. Harshit Shrivastava and Social Media team (Shruti Gupta, Mili Rawat, Khushboo Sharma, Akshay Ashok, Vinay Patil, Janhavi Singh, Roshita Shrivastava, Navadhya Bhateja) on behalf of MCA, NLIU Signing off!! Hope to see you at #3rd NLIU - Link Legal Client Counselling Competition 2020 in an year's time.

Till then keep checking our facebook page for more photos. 

Thank You!



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