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I have my 4th semester examinations hurtling towards me at a supersonic speed. I find them hatching a bloody conspiracy against me, reminding me with every mile they traverse, the exorbitant power they possess, by which they can reduce the whole of my talent baggage to rubble, and can portray me as an 'average student'! I dread this!
As I lay on my bed, with almost every book I own strewn all around me, some with book markers in them, and some others with a pen or a pencil, the pages playing to the tunes of the wind, I find myself staring at the ceiling fan going 'whir whir whir'...I try to contemplate the reason behind this game of words...I try to analyse the use of all the theoretical analyses which I had just then read...I had read in detail, a prolix article written by a Law Student in an International Journal, in which he had commendably conducted an in-depth post-mortem of the expression 'within reasonable time'...The article, by all the yardsticks of measuring excellence, was (and is) indeed excellent! As I read the article, my mind feasted on the fantastic phantasmagoria of the simulation of Indian Legislators, all in pure white dhoti, jubba and the trademark Gandhi topi, sweating it out on the slurry of legislations. I imagined the great Fathers of the Indian Constitution, their panache, their elegance, their penchant for giving to all of us, an Incredibly worded Constitution!
As this motion picture reels through the camera of my mind, I realize the futility of words! Words! Words are words and they will be words! How incompetent of us to discern the futility of them, however impeccably they may be 'worded'! Our very own Constitution, which has the notoriety of being the largest of its kind, doesn't (or shall I say, hasn't), to even the least possible extent, let alone having been stayed as a 'vibrant' democracy, treaded a path of the Ideal State, as was envisaged by some of the ancient philosophers.
As I thought these thoughts, I discovered that a mere article on International Contracts had led me to conclude that all the arguments, counter-arguments, rebuttals, and sur-rebuttals, are but a foul play of words! As I 'moot', in the 'Moot Court Competitions', every round I participate in, makes me realize, how effective I am being in convincing the adjudicating Judge that black is white, whereas, in the previous round, I had just proved the otherwise! I start contemplating about the whole of the objective behind these Moot Court Competitions! What do they intend to teach us? That Law is an ass?! I am left clueless. Then, my mind traverses through my future (Eureka! Yes! It does!). I see myself in the shoes of one of those serious, spectacled, busy women, jumbling through the words, and making money through the astute power of these 'words'! I begin to wonder at the sheer life in these words, which virtually feeds millions and millions on the face of this planet!
'Whir whir whir'...The ceiling fan has now flewn all these imageries in the air...
I am now grasped with the colossal amount of opportunities being thrown at me! All like in a heap full of clutter, which needs to be carefully sorted out. A Call for Papers here, a Blogging Competition there; a Moot Court Competition here, a Paper Presentation there; Essay here, Debate there! Phew! Irrespective of whether or not there is a 'need' to do so, I find myself 'wanting' to be a part of all these add-ons! Or else, I sense a handicap in me!
And lo! As if to top this all, I remember that my applications for internships have not been answered yet!
'Whir whir whir'...goes the fan again...I sit up on the bed, bringing myself back to terms with what's actually happening!
I come online, post a blog, check my inbox, accept friend requests, reply to messages, and head on, to dive deep and delve in the jurisdiction of yet another fantabulous world, Law will take me to!
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