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16th Amity National Moot Court Competition, 2017 (Live Blog)

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Greetings to all, your blogger for today are Cheshta, Vedica and Teerth.

Amity Law School, Delhi, affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, was established in 1999, has the distinction of being the first law school in Delhi/NCR to start a 5-year integrated LL.B. (Hons.) programme. The college has consistently been ranked as one of the Top 10 Best Law Schools in the country since 2006.

One of the important features of Amity Law School, Delhi has been the Amity National Moot Court Competition, which we have been organising for the past 15 years and it has seen participation in large numbers, from students of reputed law schools/colleges/universities.

This year, we are pleased to announce the 16th edition of Amity National Moot Court Competition, scheduled to take place from March 03, 2017 to March 05, 2017.

The teams battling out in this competition are:

The teams battling it out in this Competition are :-

1. National Law School of India University

2. Symbiosis Law School, Pune

3. Gujarat National Law University

4. Symbiosis Law School, Noida

5. National Law University Odisha

6. Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala

7. Univeristy School of Law and Legal Studies, GGSIPU

8. Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies

9. NBT Law College, Nashik

10. Lincoln College of Law and Education, Sirhind (Punjab)

11. Madhusudhan Law College, Cuttack

12. IMS Unison University

13. University College of Law, Osmania Univeristy

14. Delhi Institute of Rural Development

15. Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University

16. Institute of Law, Nirma University

17. United World School of Law

18. Tamil Nadu National Law School

19. School of Excellence in Law, Tamil Nadu

20. VIT School of Law, VIT University

21. Baroda School of Legal Studies

22. Banasthali Vidyhyapith

23. Lloyd Law College

24. Bishop Cotton Women's Christian Law College

25. Pravin Gandhi College of Law

26. School of Law, Christ Univeristy

27. School of Law, Sharda University

28. School of Law, Sastra University

The Competition shall be judged by eminent academicians, practicing lawyers, judicial

officers and1 sitting judges of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court.

Making this grand event a combined effort of 400, including the Judges, Faculty,

Administration staff, participants and students volunteers.

This year’s problem addresses concepts of Constitutional Law and Criminal


And oh, how can one forget our sponsors? We would like to thank:

1.SKM Rajsons
3.Fella Homes
6.Click lawyer
7.Amber Pvt. India Ltd.
8.S.L Constructions
9.Virmani & Co.
10.Raindrop Foundation

Without whom, the event would not have been possible.



(4:01 PM)

The teams have arrived and the registration process has begun.


4:30 pm

The teams have arrived and they have assembled in the auditorium for the inaugural ceremony, which begun with the National Anthem.

4:35 pm

The event begins with the lighting of the Lamp, by the Chief Guest, Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sunil Gaur, Judge, Delhi High Court.

4:50 pm

Chairman, Amity Law Schools, welcomed the guests, and the participants to the 16th Amity National Moot Court Competition.


5:00 pm,

Guest of Honour, Sh Lalit Bhasin, Honorary President Amity Law School, Delhi, who addressed the gathering, and appreciated the efforts that Amity Law School, Delhi puts in promoting legal education amogst students, of not only their own college, but also, institutuions across the country, through its annual event.

He ended his address, by reminding all the students, that lawyer must know beyond the law & enlarge their vision.


5:15 pm

Guest of Honour, Sh K.T.S Tulsi, Senior Advocate and Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha is delivering his speech, and says that 'a fair hearing is difficult because certain people will plant a fake weapon or plant a fake witness so it is the responsibility of the lawyers to find the truth and do justice to the society.'

Further, he talks about the excitement of a criminal trial and hopes students will get to experience it one day. According to him, 'it's a fantastic journey, where the scales change everyday.' Overall, he emphasises on the path of candour and righteousness that a lawyer should walk on.

He concluded by unraveling the amount of charisma involved in the participation of the law students in the moot courts and that once they fall in love with the moot court they ultimately fall in love with advocacy as well.


5:24 pm

Guest of Honour, Sh A.S Chandhiok, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, was requested to address the gathering next.

Chandiok sir addressed all students as his future colleagues in the bar.

While talking on the importance of mooting, he stated that "moot court is just your beginning"

According to sir, as law students, we should spend our first few years in the real world in a courtroom since that will be the foundation, we will base our career on.He emphasises on the importance of interpretation; a skill every lawyer must utilise in his everyday life.


5:43 pm

The Chief Guest, Hon'ble Mr Justice Sunil Gaur, Judge, Delhi High Court, was presented with the momento, therafter, He wished all the participants luck for the competition.



5:45 pm

Dr. Sanjana Sharma, Convener, ANMCC, 2017, presented the vote of thanks and presents a bouquet to the director.

5:48 pm

All dignitaries and the audience were requested to proceed for the high tea.

6:45 pm

Post the high tea, the researchers, are now to take the researchers test, which will last for one hour.

Simultaneously, the speakers have now proceeded for the memorial exchange.



9:30 AM

Good Morning! We are back with the second day of ANMCC.

The preparations are underway with the participants buses have arrived in the campus.

Our esteemed judges, are also here. b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_5029.JPG b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_5034.JPG



10:00 am

The judges are being briefed by Mr. Sambit Nanda about the moot problem.

10:30 am

Teams are now moving into the court rooms, to begin the first rounds of mooting.

Wishing them luck!



The rounds have begun in all our 14 court rooms, with the participants thick with arguments.

Court Room 1:

The speakers have begun with their arguments, with full confidence and putting their best foot forward, with no sign of nervousness.

Speaker 1 is able to sum up his argument well, satisfying the queries of the judges pretty well!

Court room 2:

Speaker one begins by summarising the facts of the case for the judges.

Court Room 3:

Speaker 1: It was a pleasure arguing before the bench.

Bench: It was pleasure being argued before.

Court room 4:

Respondent seems well versed with the case and is answering questions like a boss.

12:00 pm

First round of matchups is over in most of the courtrooms. Teams are waiting for their feedbacks.


Round 2:

The second rounds of prelims have begun in all the court rooms.

Courtroom 6:

Applicants are being asked about the facts of the cases they are reffering to and the proceedings are smooth.

Courtroom 7:

Respondent's speaker is trying really hard to put her point across. Judges too are listening to her patiently.

Courtroom 8:

Respondents have two suitcases and a bag of documents, looks like they have prepared very well for the competition. Everybody stares in awe.

Courtroom 9:

The speaker of the applicants' is confidently making his submissions and the Judge asks hims to be clear in his references.

Courtroom 10:

Both the teams seem well prepared and it seems like they are well aware about their participation in such a prestigious competition.

Courtroom 11:

The speaker of the respondents presents his arguments with flare.

Second Round of Preliminary Match ups are now over.

The teams and judges now proceed for lunch.

We would like to thank all our judges for all their time and postivie feedback.



3:00 pm

The teams have now proceeded for the declaration of the results of the first round.

We would be right back with them!

Stay tuned!

3:45 pm

The results of the quaters are here! the following teams have qualified for the quarter finals, in no particular order:

  1. University School of Law & Legal Studies
  2. School of Excellence in Law, Chennai
  3. Damodaram Sanjivayya, National Law University, Visakhapatnam
  4. Symbiosis Law College, Noida.
  5. Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala
  6. Symbiosis Law College, Pune.
  7. Institute of Law, Nirma University.
  8. Lloyd Law College

Congratulations to the teams.

4:00 pm

The Judges for the quarters are now here and are headed to the judges lounge for briefing.

4:35 pm

Quarter Finals have started

Court Room 1:

Three judge bench are firing question at the appellant speaker 2, who is being spontaneous and thinking of the correct answers., by using logic and basic knowledge of law.

Her ability to stay calm and not get jittery are commendable!

Court Room 3:

The speaker for the appellant has approached the dias and has begun summarising the facts for the judges.

Court room 4:

Match up begins: Counsel on behalf of appellants approaches the dais and begins his arguments by laying out the issues at hand.


5:13 pm

Court room 3:

Speaker 2 on behalf of appellants supports his contentions with proper Supreme Court cases and is able to answer the questions asked.

Court room 2:

The speakers are handling all questions directed at him very well.

5:23 pm

Court Room 4:

Counsels on behalf of the respondents, with the permission of the judges, approach the dias, who are asking the counsels interesting stimulating questions.

6:00 pm

All the rounds are now over and the judges are giving the participants their feedback.


7:30 pm

The results of the Semi Finals are, (in no particular order)

  1. Institute of Law, Nirma University
  2. Symbiosis Law College, Pune.
  3. School of Excellence in Law, Chennai
  4. Lloyd Law College.


The Media Committee, wraps up for today.

We shall now see you tomorrow!




8:30 am

Good Morning folks, we are back with the third and final day of the 16th ANMCC. Our semi finalists are all set to battle it out today and the rounds shall begin soon. Will keep you posted with all the updates, so stay tuned.

9:00 am

Our judges have arrived. we are honoured to have with us, Justice Sangita Dhingra Sehgal, Justice (Retd.) M.L Mehta, Justice (Retd) C.S. Rajan, Justice (Retd.) M.C Garg, they are later escorted to the lounge for the briefing.


10:19 am

The semi finals in our two court rooms have begun.

Court room 1:

Speaker 1 has come up to the dias, and has a phlegmatic attitude. She is thorough with the facts and has not glanced even once at her researched work or other books kept on the dias.

Appellant speaker 2 is unruffled and has an upper hand over others due to her powerful voice.

Court room 2 :

The defendant makes constant effort to grab and keep the attention of the lordships.

The respondent stands strong on his feet and his arguments.

11:18 a.m.

Court room 2:

The respondent nullifies the defendants argument through his updated research. Unrest seen on the defendants desk.

11:35 am

Court room 2:

The respondent stands strong at his feet against the questions put before them.

11:38 am

Court room 1:

Respondent 2, takes over the dias with optimism

11:45 am

Court room 1:

The rebuttles begin as the appellant approaches the dias, attacking in full force.

11:48 am

Court room 1

The rebuttles end, with the judges appreciate the efforts of both the teams.

11:57 am

The arguments have ended here as well.

12:00 am

Stay tuned, we will be back with the results soon!


The teams entering the finals are:

1. Symbiosis Law School, Pune

2. Institute of Law, Nirma University


1:30 pm

The judges for the finals, have now arrived. We have the pleasure of having with us,

1. Justice A.K Pathak (Presiding)
2. Justice Mukta Gupta
3. Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva



2:00 pm

Speaker 1 has approached the dias




Appellant speaker 1 has a phlegmatic attitude and is so thorough with the facts that she has not glanced even once at her researched work or other books on the dais.


2:15 pm

The appellant speaker 2 is strained with the continuous questioning by the judges. The counsel but has been stern in her arguments and has been successful to please the judges


2:25 pm

Appellant speaker 2 argues that the passing of the second provisional attachment order harasses her client and says it's something not justified at all. The second provisional attachment order defeats the purpose of the first provisional attachment order and hence goes against the ethics of justice.


2:45 pm

Respondents speaker 1 is certain that his arguments and knowledge about the case can earn him brownie points. His unshakable attitude has already earned him smiles from the judges.


2:55 pm

Respondent speaker 2 asked to justify the failure to issue show cause notice timely, which the authority is statutorily required to do, and the failure of which amounts to violation of principles of natural justice


3:15 pm

Respondent speaker 2 asked to justify how the mere fact of having many bank accounts is indicative of guilt. The speaker skillfully argues by corroborating with relevant legal and factual submissions

3:30 pm

the rebuttles have begun and the speakers have approached the dias.

4:00 pm

We have now concluded with the arguments for this years ANMCC.

4:15 pm

The judges have now moved to the lounge.

Due to prior commitments, Justice A.K Pathak (Presiding), Justice Mukta Gupta had to leave, but not before wishing the participants and the Amity Law School, Delhi family the best.

The results shall be announced at the valedictory ceremony.


4:30 pm

Students are beginning to assemble for the declaration of the results.

4:45 pm

The judges have arrived and everyone rises for the national anthem.

4:47 pm

Chairman, Amity Law Schools, Prof DK Bandyopadhyay, adresses the gathering.

He congratulates the participants for the quality of arguments they presented before the judges and the efforts they put in.


5:11 pm

Our honorable Guest of Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva, Judge, Delhi High Court. now comes up to adress the students and faculty.

Sir began his speech  y reminding us the nobility of the profession of law & also, that Law school is the easiest part of the practice of law. He suggest the students, to connect the their peers in law school, because they are the family that always stays.

"With the change in times, Law is no more a second option, it's a conscious decision and you have taken that" added sir, which is now,as per him we must all take our studies seriously, which is the only investment that law students make.

Great man do not do different things, but he does great things differently.

5:17 pm

"A lawyer must always be prepared to think one step ahead of everyone else. " thus, a lawyer must not only know the law, but also, everything else related to it; not restricting ones knowledge only to his own field of study, but also, everything under the sun.

Oratory skills makes up for half the job, as a lawyer, which is where the mooting aspect comes into picture.

He hopes that each one of the budding lawyer pays great attention to the ethics of the profession of law and never worry about the work .

"Please enjoy yourself and make the most of the college life, browse, talk, enjoy and make the most of your law school life", were sirs' concluding remarks.


5:37 pm

The certificates of participation are being handed over to all the teams.

5:51 pm

The winners were finally announced.

Faculty, Students, and Aminstration Staff Would like to congratulate the following:

1. Winner : Symbiosis Law School, Pune
2. Runners-Up :  Nirma University, Gujrat
3. Best Speaker :Akansha Ravi, VIT School of Law, VIT University
4. Best Researcher :Hari Om Kamal Singh, NLU Odisha
5.  Best Memorial Institute of Law, Nirma Universitty
5:53 pm
Prof Arvind P Bhanu presents the student of the year award to the following students as the student of the year.
1. Curricular performance: Present and Previous years
2. Extra Curricular: Moot courts/ ADR/ Cultural/ Sports/ 
3. Class Behaviour

Second Year: Suraj Deewan

Third Year: Himanshi Hans

Fourth Year:  Mr. Sannat Chandna & Ms. Ashita Alag

Fifth Year: Mr. Dhruv Chawla

Prof DK Bandyopadhyay, Congratulates all the students, winning this award.

Prof Arvind P Bhanu, reminds the rest of us how we are all an assest to the institution and wishes them for their bright future.

6:15 pm

Dr. Sanjana Sharma, Convener, Amity National Moot Court Competition, 2017, extends her vote of thanks to  Mr Justice Sachdeva for his time and wonder words of enlightenment to the students. 

Thereafter, Mr SA. Khan, co-convener, ANMCC, 2017, wished the participating teams all the best, and hoped to see the teams come back next year, for the 17th edition of ANMCC. 

Before signing off, Sir thanked all the faculty, administrative staff and the 300 student volunteers for making this even the success. 

This is the media committee signing off for the 16th Amity National Moot Court Competition, 2017.


We hope to see you next year.

Thank you! 









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