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An estimated 26-minute read
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Hello and welcome to the live blog of the 13th Amity National Moot Court Competition 2014 .

Amity Law School, Delhi, brings forth, in its 13th Edition of the Moot Competition, its Compromis focusing on a hypothetical case involving two States viz. the Kingdom of Valyria and the Confederation of Dothrakiwith respect to the differences between the states concerning the VS Cercatrova and other matters.

This year’s moot proposition requires participants to have an in depth knowledge of the Law of the Seas and of certain pressing issues related to Public International Law.


The thirteenth edition is going to be grander and outstanding than ever before with 23 teams engaging it out for the top honours.

The list of participating colleges is as follows :



The mooting extravaganza kick started with the registration of teams at 3:00 p.m. followed by  the inaugural ceremony. The dais was marked by the presence of esteemed guests Prof. Dr. B.P Singh Sehgal, Mr. Neeraj Krishan Kaul (Senior Advocate) and Justice R. S. Sodhi (Former Judge Delhi High Court).

After encouraging speech from the Director of Amity Law School Prof. Dr. B.P Singh Sehgal. The student convenor for the ANMCC made a roaring speech discussing the moot problem in brief which dealt primarily with Public International Law, Sea Laws, Salvage rights and criminal jurisdiction.




This was followed with the address by the Guest of Honour – Mr. Neeraj Krishan Kaul (Senior Advocate) who while discussing the qualities stated that a lawyer must believe that there is a need of being fearless and to provide justice to those who cannot fight for themselves. Law is a profession and not a business.  As a tip to the participants he said only one thing “ never ignore a point , you don’t know what triggers the fool sitting on the other side of the bar” thus on a lighter note emphasizing the importance of a each argument.

 And  our Chief Guest for the evening, Justice R. S. Sodhi. (Former Judge Delhi High Court) in his address made a very interesting point where he mentioned that he believes a good lawyer is one who knows how to present his arguments no matter how weak it is.

The speech was well received with rapt attention of all students and faculty members. Which was then followed by encouraging words from Prof. M. K. Balachandran, Chair professor for law, Amity Law School, who discussed the importance of mooting and in doing so called it an integral part of Amity law school and specifically pointing out the necessity of public speaking.

After the presentation of mementos .The ceremony was concluded with a vote of thanks by Prof. (Dr.) Isheeta Rutabhasini , the faculty co-ordinator  for the ANMCC.

Here we would like to thank our  lead sponsors for the event  - Woodland, our knowledge partners Eastern Book Company & SCC Online , our hospitality partners – Hotel formulae-1 Greater Noida for their constant support in making this event a success.




The prelim rounds are scheduled to start at 9:00 a.m on 1st March 2014. Wishing all the participants good luck. Keep checking this space for blow-by-blow updates on the 13th ANMCC. Additionally you can also follow us on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/asldpixels ) where our enthusiastic photographers maintain a constant influx of photos of the event. See you tomorrow .



1st March 2014

(Reporting by : Divya Patpatia , Samali Verma) (Photo credits: ALSD Pixels)


9:30 am: The first session of the preliminary rounds have kick -started as per schedule. ANMCC being one of the prestigious domestic moots, the excitement and fervour in courtrooms is fairly evident. The 23 teams are face-off in 6 parallel courtrooms with a panel of 12 judges primarily consisting of eminent alumni and members of the legal fraternity who have been a dynamic part of the ANMCC and the moot court society through the years being closely linked to the college activities.


10:00 am: The arguments are heating up as the judges start off with their gruelling derailing of the teams, the most interesting courts emerging are court rooms where GNLU, Gujarat and  NLIU, Bhopal are battling out for top positions. The judges are gearing up on the compromis for the second session of the first preliminary round.



11:30: The first sessions of the prelim rounds has come to an end. The ambience in all  the court rooms is all charged up with the judges constantly questioning the participants and basic questions of law for starters. The constant analogies relating to smoking, pot smuggling in one of the court rooms has made the amtosphere rather hilariou at the same time keeping the teams on their toes.


For more photos follow : https://www.facebook.com/asldpixels?ref=ts&fref=ts

We will be back with more on the second sesiion of the first prelim rounds.


Post the much needed lunch break begins the second rounds of the preliminary trail as per schedule.

2:00 pm: Now starts the second preliminary round for the ANMCC in 12 court rooms and a fresh set of 24 judges all briefed on the compromis and over all previous round performances of the participants. Post the warning up of the contestants in the preceding round, the second preliminary round is all equipped to come down heavily on them. 

2:06 pm: Ms. Blessie Ahino who is the second speaker from School Of Excellence On Law, Chennai looks spindly legged and nervous with her seemingly inadequate knowledge on the compromis as the judges remarked. The competition is going upbeat with the judges going into the nuances of the law of the seas and the ships in all court room seem to be sinking.

2: 15: Court Room 12 sees an adamant agent who refuses to the apathy of the judges to proceed without stating facts. In court 5, the atmosphere is one of cognition, where the judges are within a few minutes of discarding all arguments stating them being non-viable to rationale. However, the strong fight being put up by the applicants is impressive. 


The judges panel for the second preliminary round :



5:00p.m.- Results declared.Teams qualifying to quarter finals listed .

After the long and tedious wait through the exhausting preliminary rounds the results are finally out.  The teams who have made it to the quarter finals are (please note that these names are not in order of any rankings and are a random list):

  1.        GLC, Mumbai
  2.        NLSIU, Bangalore
  3.        GLC, Chennai
  4.        Symbiosis Law School, Pune
  5.        Nirma University, Gujarat
  6.        NLIU, Bhopal
  7.        Amity Law School, Noida
  8.        NLU Jodhpur

The quarter finals are to begin by 5:10 pm. Here is awaiting a excellent discourse of advocacy skills by the qualifying teams. Wishing them all  luck. Given the foray of judges for the quarterfinals they really need it. 



8:00 pm: Quarter Finals Results. Last spoils of the day. 

Reporters:(Divya patpatia and Samali verma) 

Here comes the last live update of the day that has been both enormously tiring and exciting. The Quarter final Rounds have come to an end and the results stating the teams breaking into the semi-finals are: ( in no order of rankings)

1. Symbiosis Law School, Pune. 

2. NSLIU, Bangalore

3. Goverment  Law College, Chennai. 

4. Goverment  law College, Mumbai.

All these teams have show great fervour answering and battling our judges some of them having a great history throughout the years of ANMCC for being the greatest source of horror for all participants with their constant bombardment of questions. Our judges panorama this time in the Quarter Finals saw  Mr. Apar Gupta and Mr. Animesh Sinha, popularly know as the brightest of  Amity Law School Delhi in the legal fraternity today and have been mooters with an edge throughout their academic tenure. We also had with us Senior Advocates of great repute and standing at the Bar namely  Mr. Suhail Dutt, Mr.Meet Malhotra, Mr. Dhruv Mehta. 

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitute to all the judges.Judges for the Quartfinals :


We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitute to all the judges.


2nd March 2014 Day 3


Good Morning there people. 

The Semi Final rounds are well on their way. And our reporters for the day Hardeep Singh and Abhinav goyal are armed with their laptops and an unrelenting spirit to keep blogging! Niharika is the photographer of the day. Making our morose words come alive and ofcourse with a lil help from several cups of coffee we hope to bring to you all juicy updates as the action unfolds .

And we have our first update coming from Court Room no. 2

Symbiosis Law School, Pune v.  NLSIU, Bangalore

Hon'ble Mr.Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva & Hon'ble Mr.Justice V K Rao are presiding over the rounds.
10:05 - First speaker from SLS, Pune (Applicants) has started with a brief statement of the issues. He is citing a case which lays down the law governing issues regarding disputes of Exclusive Economic Zones. The judges let him move on with his submissions without a question!  He is on a roll! Justice Sachdeva questions whether abondonment of the VS cercatrova would amount to vitiation of the claims to which the Agent replies that the facts are silent! 
He moves on to his last submission.
 10:20 - Justice V K Rao questions him on the jurisdiction of the ICJ to try the instant matter in reply to which he cites an Article. (Sorry, cant disclose!)
He is asked to point out the specific portion of the article which is relevant and questions him on the technicalities of the Article.
He is futher questioned by Justice Sachdeva on the analogy drawn by him to the instant case from an ICJ award. They are convinced with his answer and allow the second speaker to take over.
Second speaker! She again briefly states the issues to be dealt by her. 
"who will decide disputes arising in territorial waters", Justice V K Rao .  With an answer, she easily leads them back to her submissions.
Another question! "Who  will account for the acts of the occupants of the small boat", Justice Rao.
She lists instances when a state may act against nationals/non-nationals to preserve national security.
Very quickly there we have updates coming in from Court room no. 1

GLC Mumbai, Applicant  and
GLC Chennai- Respondent
are fighting it out with their sweat and blood for top honours at ANMCC.
We have with us  our esteemed judges
Hon’ble Justice Waziri and Hon'ble Justice Deepa  Sharma
Applicants starts with a bang. Nailing it on the facts and has started rebutting the respondent on the memorial with UN Reports. Clearly not slept the day before. God bless Coffee!
Agent 1 of the Applicants is going all through persuading the court that they use their method and not respondents The judges seem content. She is proceedings on the second contention. 
Hon'ble Justice Waziri seeks clarification from Agent 1 of the Applicants on the method they contend.  
Agent is shown the 5 minutes placard and the judges remind her that she should finish her arguments on time. 
(Ah! An art yours truly also want to learn.) 
Agent 1 is not able to complete her arguments however pulls up a good poker face and finishes her argument with grace. 
Agent 2 has started speaking and has elucidated briefly what all she will be speaking on. Both of them seem very thorough with their arguments.
Agent 2 of the applicants seem very persuasive and and has the ability to say 'LOL' without any guffaws. 
Her free ride is abrupted by the Hon'ble Justice Deepa while she asks her fundamentals of Public International Law. 
 (Someone wasn't paying attention in her PIL class!)
Updates from court room no. 2
10:30 -  "What is functional immunity?" asks Justice Rao following up with a question with an alternate situation and the law applicable thus.
She answers and then asks permission to move on to the next issue and is allowed to do so.

"Why did Lady Lannister file an undertaking?" Justice Rao.
She is asked to read out relevant provisions of the Vienna Convention from her written submissions.
"Would not her actions amount to waiver of her immunity?," Justice Sachdeva.
Justice Rao asks the Agent about the facts of the Italian Marines case and whether it is relevant to the instant case. She answers with a brief recapitulation of the facts of that case.And with that, she's onto her last issue! Liability of Valyria for the damage to the marine life due to oil discharge.

Judges grant her a few extra minutes to complete submissions on the issue! and she sums it up with the prayer. Oh, more questions coming. 
"Was there any mens rea on the part of the sailors?," (answers) "so they were well within their rights to shoot them down?"

And the Applicants wrap up.
10.50 - Judges are going through the Respondent's written submission before the Agent starts. And she's off to a good start!
"what are your preliminary objections?," Justice Rao. She replies with greetings and summary of the facts to be argued by her.
She is submitting law regarding the delimitation of maritime boundaries citing conventions and jurists.
"how far was the ship from their boundary and your boundary" Justice Rao.
"would not there be an implied acquiescence on your part to their oil exploration" asks Justice Sachdeva.
"Distinguishing other cases from this case is important  due to the dissimilarities in the coastlines under scrutiny" submits the Agent.
Quick updates from Court 2 pouring in!
11:05 - 
*lights out* and back on again. She's a little flustered but manages to continue."Would not the length of shorelines make a difference?" asks Justice Sachdeva and she rattles off an in-depth explanation of the relevancy of continental shelves.
"A  Very important question indeed,Your excellency" quips the Agents.
The judges are seemingly convinced with the smooth flow of the Agent who asks for permissions and continues without looking up for it being granted. *raises eyebrows*
Justice Sachdeva questions her on the contributory negligence of the Dothraki Coast Guard to which she replies that they are in the business of life saving!
She's granted a few extra minutes after the Court master hits the buzzer. 

Agent is high on hand gesture which she seems to be using to press in her points. (almost reminds me of Zubin Mehta)
"Was it a naval vessel?" Justice Rao. "Not a warship!" "But was commandeered by a Rear Admiral, Agent, was it not?"*Time- up* placard goes up."It was  a pleasure arguing before this court!" finishes the Agent No.1.
11:18 - Agent 2 comes up to the podium and gets on with the remaining two issues.

Both the NLS,Bangalore agent seem to be following the pattern of briefing on the facts. She's recapitulating the submissions of the Applicants and points out the pertinent flaws.
She has that convincing - ness in her voice and manages to keep the judges listening. Seems to be pretty thorough with her authorities and makes good use of that to invalidate the Applicant's submissions. *still Zubin Mehta*"Who were these people in the boat? From your nation? Did you even take any steps to check on them?" Justice Rao. "How do you exercise criminal jurisdiction on these men without establishing nationality" asks Justice Sachdeva.
Bank robbery! is the reply from the agent but asks for a rewording of the question from Hon'ble Justice Sachdeva.
Evades the question with a few points while the judges allow her to move on.
*5 minutes to go*
"how much oil was there?" Justice Rao. "Around 2000" replied the Agent! "2000, around 2000 or less?" 
Moving on, the Agent passes on 'meticulous calculations' to the judges in the compendium and offers an explanation. "No need"
10:34  - " As Your Excellencies have agreed..." 

"Why do you say we agree? We can only allowed you to move on to the next submission Agent" smiles Justice Rao. Agent apologizes. 

Justice Rao questions her on the Salvage convention.

"So you are claiming only the expenses you have incurred?" Justice Rao. Cites articles.

"So you are giving up the issue of contempt by Lady Lannister"Justice Sachdeva. Confusion ensues. 
One minute is granted for the same. Agent delves in the domestic laws of Dothraki.

"Agent seeks permission to recite the prayer" which is denied and she sums up with thanking the Hon'ble bench,

10:40 - Applicant are back for the rebuttal!

Firstly, respondents have misunderstood the EEZ delimitation issue. (Sorry again, cant disclose the details)
"What would be the distance according to the principle cited by you" questions Justice Rao.
She takes a moment but is asked to move on by the Bench. They set down to calculating it themselves.

Secondly, Dothraki is still rural and does not require as many resources. 
"have you explored in the area in the past?" Justice Rao enquires. 
She's shooting points! *slow down,eh?*
Explains how it was a non-commercial activity for the 'world-at-large'.
Justice Rao cuts off a few points as having been discussed before. "Anything else? how long more" asks Rao,J. 
"very right,very right" replies Justice Rao. *last 30 seconds* says Justice Rao with a smile.She isnt sent off with a verbal pat on the back!
11:53 - Judges have allowed a Sur-rebuttal of 7 minutes! (wheeeeew!)
The Respondent Agents are taking their time in going over the rebuttal points raised by the Applicants. *and she's at the podium*

 "we'll be confined to the issues taken up by Agent of Applicants in the rebuttals" clarifies Justice Rao as is the norm.

*Zubin Mehta* is finishing on a high note. 
She's bashing the Applicant on the failure to do the math. 

A very crisp reply to the rebuttals is on here.

*Oh,there it is* - the allegation of twisting and turning of facts.

 *2 minutes left placard* goes up!
*denial of justice* *ruthless killings* 
Request for another minute is granted! (8 minutes or SUR rebuttal!)
*excellent performance* says Justice Sachdeva.*clarity on facts was a pleasure* says Justice Rao.With that, the Semi finals between SLS, Pune and NLSIU, Bangalore come to an end.We will be coming back with the results very soon.

It was a great pleasure listening to the speakers here!*Over and out* from Court Room 2.
 Updates from Courtroom number 1

11.02 am Hon'ble Justice Deepa is gracious to extend the time and the Agent 2 is using it to full extent.
While she was leaving the podium she asked for clarifications by Hon'ble Justice Waziri that their client had 'spoilt the natural resources' in the common waters. The agent seems to be doing justice to the case. Hon'ble Justice Waziri gave an analogy to the Holocaust.

(The applicant was happy that the excellency didn't mention the Guantanamo bay!)

Respondent 2 takes the podium with the thick Compendium sent to the Bench.

 11.10 am  The Agent 1 of the Respondents starts rebutting the claims of the Applicants and are citing that their 'learned friends' have misinterpreted the judgements cited by the Applicants. The judges are perusing the thick compendium while the agent moves to the second argument unfazed.
11.25 am 

The respondents take the applicants full on. The Agent 1 of the Respondents states that since no one has the jurisdiction, we have the jurisdiction for some reason better known to him. Moving on, he is stating a 'passionate' interpretation of a part of the Compromis.

"The issue is not of force, its a matter of jurisdiction" the Respondent cites some cases and the judges acquiescence.

Agent 1 of the Respondent concludes. Hon'ble Justice Wazari asks the Agent, before he leaves, that why didn't they lodge diplomatic protest while their EEZ was being exploited? While at it, Hon'ble Justice Deepa asked the agent that about Criminal Jurisdiction again and the judges seem unconvinced by the clarifications of the Agent 1.

The Agent-2 of the Respondent takes the podium.


11.35 am

Agent 2 of respondents take the stage and on every point negates the applicants and states that they have grossly misread the Salvage convention.

Every time the Agent 2 says Hon'ble Court it seems Horrible Court.

11.54 am

Hon'ble Justice Waziri questions the Agent 2 on the fact that while representing 'LOL' he should have instituted the case in the domestic courts and not in the present forum. 

The Agent 2 while in the middle of his arguments, the judges stuck to the time and he is now moving on the prayer. 
The rebuttal have ensued and the Agent 1 of the Applicants is very forceful.  
12.06 pm
Agent 1 is followed by her co-agent. Agent 2's rebuttal albeit equally enthralling got this reporter thinking of 'veal' whereas she is talking about the corporate veil!
The Respondents follow with their sur-rebuttals. 
12.15 pm
With food now the top agenda of this reporters mind, the respondents have finally concluded their sur-rebuttals.

The Honb'le judges gave a few parting words of wisdom and with that, this reporter reports, the Judges have left the building. Well, figuratively anyway...

That's it from the Semis Court Room 1 for this year!

It's GLC Chennai v. NLSIU, Bangalore
Annnnd, we'll be back after lunch!
P.S: Though one of the teams of the finals refuse to have any food. Somebody's nervous! 
Welcome back!
The finals are starting in 5!
NLSIU, Bangalore v. GLC, Chennai.
This is Hardeep and Abhinav reporting live minute by minute for the finals of the ANMCC 2014. The judges for the round are Hon'ble Justice Suresh Kait and Hon'ble Justice Jayant Nath, Sitting Justices of the High Court of Delhi
2.26 pm: Ayushi Agarwal of NLSIU started on the facts. She seems to be teaching the judges! 'Lets look at Article 55!' 
2.30 pm: She is off to a good start with citing the Northern Continental Shelves and Tunisia v. Libya cases.

"UNCLOS,1982 has replaced the earlier UNCLOS and it's a misfortune to bring it to the court" Ayushi.
Peru v. Chile is the most recent case on limitation. The judges have not asked the agent anything. She is having a free ride.
2:37 pm: Agent 1 is not only an a legal consultant to the forum but is also giving the real life factors for solving the conundrum facing the court. 
2:39 pm:  The legal arguments of Ayushi are backed by the mathematical equations. 
Honb'ble Justice Nath asks 'The Total distance of 150 nautical miles of which 125 miles are taken up by you? Isn't it prejudical to the other party? 
"EQUITY doesn't mean Equality" says Agent 1 *soft applause*   
Justice Nath further asks whether delimitation is with retrospective effect? Ayushi says it's without retrospective effect.  
2:44 pm: The hand gestures of Agent 1 seem to more pronounced than that of Vinod Mehta on Newshour! Too much news. 
2:47 pm: Justice Nath enquires how the coast guard breached their obligations? Ayushi points out that 'the ship did sink because of dewatering by the coast guard despite warning from LOL'   
2:49 pm:  She is arguing consistently and is very thorough with the facts. The judges are listening intently 
...and time out! 
Extention of time granted. Guess, we weren't the only one who liked the thoroughness of the Agent!
2:52 pm: She is going all out. Equated Warships to navalships. You only know the value of each minute when you are on time and proving a point.
2:55 pm: Now its over to the second Agent for the Appellants, Pratiskha Basarkar.
...and one of our blogger went to click photos. Too much of Redbull, maybe. 
Hardeep blogging now. 
2:59 pm: The Hon'ble Justice is enquiring about the principle of 'no cure no pay' and the Agent seems to be convincing. 
3:03 pm: If no express prohibition exists the State can exercise the jurisdiction but since there was one, the respondent clearly should lose, eerr the case. The trophy too Pratiksha?  
3:08 pm: The agent has an authority in the compendium. Ooooooooo. 
3:10 pm: The arrest of the Ambassador was illegal says the agent forcefully. The immunities of Dilpomats are inviolable. The judges are nodding. The judge asks her why was the diplomat arrested? She replies wryly that it was under contempt clause because the diplomat gave an undertaking. She is quoting Article 52 of Vienna convention that the diplomatic immunity cannot be waved. 
The judges do not seem to agree. "What remedy does the other country have if indeed the Ambassador doesn't fulfill the questions. The country has no remedy?" is the line of questioning for the Agent. The agent seems to be unconvinving. 
3:18 pm: "The pratical way to handle this is to exert diplomatic pressure and through recourse ofcourts" says Agent 2, because each country is interconnected and they need each other. 
The prayer for Applicants are in way. 
NLSIU ends its substantive submissions.  
GLC, Chennai on the pondium now. 
3:23 pm:  Prashant Kiran, Agent 1, of the Respondent starts the arguments with a bang giving a thick compendium to the judge and is pointing the very fact that interpretation of the Applicants aren't applicable.  
3:26 pm:  Prashant Kiran is going all out! The 'learned' friends have misinterpreted the judgment he says. Not so learned then, is it? 
3:30 pm: The judge emphatically asks what do remedy do you want? You are already given the rights of fisheries! The Agent says that the fishes there are migratory and their dependency on it is nil.
(Practical Research! Well done GLC)
3:36 pm: The respondents plead that Article 97 is not applicable in the present case and would not give the Applicants the jurisidction and even if it does so, Arguendo, it will on high seas. Since its our EEZ, the rightful jurisdiction should be ours. 
3:40 pm: "Killing of two people cannot be taken to mean that its a navigational error. Hence their claim of exlcusive jurisdiction would not be a valid one, Your excellency" Prashant Kiran is consistent and clear. 
....and time is up. 
The Judges don't seem to agree with the fact that they can shoot people because of apprehension in low light at 4 am in the morning. The agent seems to be repeating the same argument over. When asked by the judge to be brief on jurisdiction, they plead 'equi-distance' principle.     
3:50 pm: Mohan Kumar, Agent 2 of the Respondent comes to the pondium. 
3:54 pm: He pleads that since they damaged the environment including the coral reefs and because its 'completely destroyed' the court should apply the principle of strict liablity.
The judge is perplexed as to how the Agent is selectively reading the facts of the case. 

4:03 pm: Article 4 of the Slavage Convention is under contention and interpretation of Article 32 of the UN Charter is being discussed by the Agent.

4:13 pm: The beauty of coastal environment is destroyed, Your Excellency! "Somebody" is missing Goa much. Atleast, yours truly.

4:15 pm: The Agent urges the Court to not accept the 'no cure no pay principle' in the present case. It's not a soverign act. The agent it still seems calls this court the 'Horrible' Court. We aren't that bad, are we?

4:20 pm: Agent 2 is on the prayer for the Respondents!

With this GLC Chennai's substantive submissions end.

**Final Rebuttals start**

Speaker for NLSIU, the Applicants looks like a big fan of Vinod Mehta. Still. She is determined to prove her point and the judges seem to concur with her points.

Surrebuttals have ensued and for the techincal arguments in the case the respondents are going full on. He is fervent in his appeal.

It was a close match and now we await the result.

4:52 pm: The Valedictory ceremony has begin with Mohit Khubchandani and Sameeksha taking the podium.
Amity Choir begins the ceremony with Gayatri Mantra.  
Honoring the evening are: 

Chief Guest: Shri. V.S. SAMPATH, Chief Election Commissioner

Guest of Honour, Mr. RAKESH KHANNA, Senior Advocate & Additional Solicitor General of India

Shri. Lalit Bhasin Honorary President, Amity Law School & Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Prof. (Dr.) B.P. SINGH SEHGAL, Director, Amity Law School, Delhi
PROF. M.K. BALACHANDRAN, Chair Professor for Law, Amity Law School, Delhi
5:31 pm All the honorary guests are giving enlightening and illuminating speeches but this blogger due to low battery in his laptop will not be able to update all wisdom being imparted on the stage. Which anyway this blogger would have failed at. 
We'll be back with the result soon. *Goes to search for a battery outlet or borrow someone's phone* Wish the blogger luck. 
....And the Winners!
Best Researcher:Arushie Marwah, NLU-J
Best Memorial: NLSIU  
Best Speaker: Ayushi, NLSIU
Second Best Lady advocate: Pratiksha, NLSIU
Winner: NLSIU, Bangalore
Runner up: GLC, Chennai
NLSIU has sweeped the competition!
 Thanks for anyone who has been reading until here or just scrolled to see the winners. Thank you to you as well. 
Your Bloggers for the day, 
Hardeep, Abhinav & Niharika
Credits: The entire Amity Law School, Delhi. Thank you guys! 
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