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12 April 2010
Solicitor general of India and ex-officio Bar Council of India (BCI) member Gopal Subramanium was unanimously elected to serve as the BCI chairman for two years, following Suraj Narain Prasad Sinha in the position.
26 March 2010

books_edu_th_by_hashmilA total of 170 candidates are sitting the coming Bombay solicitors examinations next month, although after only 6 per cent passed the last round of the tests the tests will not be made easier.

11 December 2009

books_edu_th_by_hashmilOnly 11 out of 186 articled clerks have passed the October solicitors examination set by the Bombay Incorporated Law Society, which is a significantly lower percentage than in previous years.

12 June 2009

AZB_-_ZiaModyFormer Solicitor General Goolam Vahanvati was appointed Attorney-General of India on Monday (8 June), giving AZB & Partners the second close family connection in that post.