Recruitment refers to the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs (either permanent or temporary) within an organization. []

  • 15 May 2012

    25 jobs for NLS 2013 grads in AMSS, AZB, Ashurst & others after late Day Zero to not upset PPOs

    NLSIUBangaloreLibrary_2b3a5331ae2db119ea3e40cd27bebf85NLSIUBangaloreLibrary_2b3a5331ae2db119ea3e40cd27bebf8525 out of 76 students in NLSIU’s class of 2013 were placed across seven law firms and a foreign firm after 47 students participated in the law school’s so-called “Day Zero” on 12 May 2012, when six law firms and a foreign firm visited the campus.

  • 29 April 2011

    CNLU calls off hunger strike after three recruiters visit campus

    Exclusive: The CNLU Patna hunger strike ended on Tuesday after assurances from Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA) of a meeting with the Chief Minister, and two law firms and a journal visited the campus to recruit, according to a student.

  • 20 April 2011

    Latest: CNLU Patna hunger strikers wait for CM, allege recruitment whitewash

    imageimage Exclusive: The CNLU Patna hunger strike has entered its third day as protesting students demand a meeting with Bihar’s chief minister (CM) hoping to improve the placement process for future batches.

  • 19 April 2011

    CNLU Patna students hunger strike, protest few job prospects

    CNLU Patna students are reportedly protesting against the limited job prospects offered by the national law school.

  • 08 April 2011

    Back in time / Issue 92

    Legally India newsletter

  • 12 November 2009

    Careers Counsel: Why is CGPA all important?

    Legally-India-careers-counsel_by-ScarlethWhite-LGLegally-India-careers-counsel_by-ScarlethWhite-LGA first year student at a National Law School asks: Why do recruiting law firms feel that cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is the "be-all-and-end-all"?

  • 17 September 2009

    ILS Pune launches "corporate cell" to foster careers

    ILS_Pune_thILS_Pune_thILS Law College Pune students have started up a corporate law forum last week hoping to foster discussion and awareness of the area and improve students' career prospects.
    A total of 173 students have so signed up to the programme to date out of a student body of 1,600.

    The programme is organised by ILS students but will be supervised by Professor Smita Sabne, who lectures on company, corporate, investment, securities, environmental and employment law.

    Sabne said: "It is for them to take into consideration the needs of the legal profession now. We can not now limit our students' knowledge only to the syllabus so we thought we should equip the students.

    "If we force it on them they will not be interested," she joked, "but the fact that it is student run initiative will increase interest."

    The cell will include weekly presentations by senior students to the rest of the "corporate cell" members, which will then discuss the topic, as well as organising conferences, seminars and lectures by practising lawyers.

    The students also aim to launch a monthly e-newsletter, updating students on the latest corporate law developments with analysis.

    ILS fourth-year LLB student Jacob Abraham is one of the co-founders of the scheme, together with fourth year students Alakiri Asaithambi, Meghanad Karle and Varnika Mohan, as well as final-year LLB student Jainee Shah.

    He said the idea was to increase practical legal and soft-skills: "Being that our curriculum has little to do with practice experience, people expect us to know the action of the law rather than just the application of the law."

    "Individuals do get it through their internships but this was never shared – we thought we'd get a forum where we can share the experience of students and alumni," he added.

    Abraham said that while one of the objectives was to increase the employability of students, he explained that it was also aimed at students who did not want to join the "corporate world", to become teachers and take up further education, such as LLMs.

    The "corporate cell" programme has the support of J Sagar Associates (JSA) Mumbai partner Nitin Potdar. He said that he congratulated the students for taking this "proactive step" and added that he was sure it would "help them in making good corporate lawyers in future".
  • 17 July 2009

    Trilegal pips rivals to the post in law school recruitment race

    Trilegal-anand_prasad_thTrilegal-anand_prasad_thTrilegal has recruited final year law students from a National Law School almost six months earlier than last year in an attempt to beat the fierce competition for top law school talent.

  • 05 June 2009

    Amarchand ramps up Bangalore law school intake

    NLSIUBangalore_thumbNLSIUBangalore_thumbAmarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co has significantly increased its recruitment of penultimate year students from one of India's top law schools.

    The firm's Mumbai office has enlisted 11 fourth-year law students from National Law School of India University Bangalore (NLSIU).

    Last year the number was lower, said Amarchand co-managing partner Cyril Shroff, who was in Bangalore on Monday (1 June) to announce the news.

    Sources said that last year Amarchand had recruited only four students from the fourth-year group.

    The selected students out of an intake of around 80 will only graduate the five-year BA LLB programme in 2010, marking Amarchand's faith in a coming upturn.

    When asked by Legally India about his views on 2010, Shroff joked: "Better than 2008 for sure."

    However, Amarchand's recruitment figures are still shy of the 20 odd students it is understood to have recruited in previous boom years.

    The upturn in Amarchand's recruitment happens against a background of decreased campus competition from international firms, which have been making lawyer lay-offs in their home jurisdictions.

    Compared to last year, far fewer students who graduated the NLSIU five-year course this year had secured job offers from international firms, according to campus sources.

    Some magic circle firms are understood to have recruited only two students from this year's fourth year batch, compared to around 10 last year.

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