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Who Gets the Law Firm Job and How You Can Be That Who (A Poodle)

I own a Gaddi dog (an Indian sheep dog) called Sheroo. He is a 120 pound sheep dog who can bring a wild cat or a wolf down. I have kept him for the protection of my cattle. Sheroo is brown, big, shaggy and so obedient and intelligent that he sometimes even writes a blog post for me. Ha! Just kidding. But he is really obedient and intelligent, mind you.

Once I heard of a big dog show in Delhi. I heard the prize money for the ‘Best Allround Dog’ was 50k. Money led me in. It was a big show. So many dogs had come in. I had never seen dogs of such variety.

People bought many dogs too. A dog (a Poodle) got sold for 1 lac rupees. A maid servant, who had been working for a family since the last 10 years and had not earned 1 lac till now brought the Poodle home. The poodle was treated so well by the family. I wish the maid was also a Poodle.

Anyways, I went to the registration desk to register Sheroo.

“Which breed”?, asked the official.

Gaddi kutta hai janab (It is a Gaddi Dog)”, I answered.

“That’s no breed”, he spat back.

“Sir, he is obedient and very intelligent. He guards my buffaloes and cows”, I said politely.

“No. He can’t be registered”, he was indifferent.

“But...”, I tried salvaging but he did not budge. That man was a savage. I saw he owned a Rottweiler. Ha!

Anyway I had a look what the dogs with their trainers did. They did really well. The Poodle had won the competitioin. But I am sure my Sheroo would have done equally well. But he was of no breed. Just a Gaddi dog; very obedient and very intelligent.

When I was returning back a friend who was interning at a large law firm in Mumbai called, “Yaar. They didn’t give me a PPO”.

My friend is not from a National Law School. He was sad, so was my Sheroo.

The Poodle was happy. He was small and a bit dumb too. But he was a Poodle and imported from Britain.

BTW, did I tell you that a foreign degree will hold you in good stead for a law firm job? I wish everyone was a Poodle.

When I went back home I trimmed my sheep like they trim Poodles.

My fellow villagers don't read my blog but they tell me I am unusual and subtly brilliant, even when it comes to shearing my sheep.

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