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Indian law firms

24 January 2013

An announcement from Harvard Law School’s Brittany Brewer, who’s currently in India carrying out some interesting research. Do help if you can, it looks interesting.

01 July 2010

Parivar Legal, an Indian family run law firm is all set to have DNA Mapping as a part of its recruitment checklist. “We want our recent hires to have some of our family blood running in them. Our family is associated with acute legal acumen and is renowned for being legal heavyweights”, said Mr. Karta Sharma, managing partner of Parivar Legal.

Mr. Sharma a true legal heavyweight weighs at 120 kilograms while his son at Harvard Law School stands at 127 kilograms.

BrainWaker a legal talent management company has been hired to provide ‘blood sampling units’ in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata “We chose these places for their proximity to NLSIU, NALSAR and NUJS”, said Kitkit Lactose of Brainwaker.

“This is all rubbish”, barks Arun Gupta, partner at Laavaris Legal, a non family run law firm. “I stand at 125 kilograms and can claim to be a legal heavyweight without having genes or blood of any family”, he says, not making any sense. I mean you got to have some genes, at least.

It is understood the Paarivar Legal has stocked its libraries with copies of “Harry Potter v. Draco Malfoy: Why Malfoy always wins” as a part of its initiative to encourage its family members to remain pure bloods.

According to our sources, serious apprehensions regarding younger members of Parivar Legal procreating with the lasses of foreign law firms and disturbing the family lineage have been raised. For this very reason the entry of foreign law firms have been opposed by Parivar Legal.

Paarival Legal has also been in contact with the Khap Panchayats. It is now confirmed that the Khap Panchayats have suggested the firm that they should hire from Ginnie’s Dal Inter-Planet Law School (GPLS) as its founder happily supports similar family-run initiatives.

False News With Balls News Network

21 July 2009

Khaitan & Co will take a lawyer from UK international firm Eversheds on a three-month secondment in September, reported The Lawyer.

16 July 2009

BarCouncil-Sinha_thBar Council of India chairman Suraj Narain Prasad Sinha has responded to Legally India readers' comments to our interview with him of two weeks ago. He argues that top law students are depriving the bar and bench of talent by joining law firms and pleads that all lawyers should aim high in their careers.

08 March 2009

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