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Bombay Incorporated Law Society

15 October 2013

Can you beat the horrible stats of the Bombay Incorporate Law Society’s (BILS) solicitors exams?

10 October 2013

Bombay solicitorsAround 273 candidates will sit for the latest Bombay solicitors exam on Monday – an increase of 40 per cent as against test takers 18 months ago.

12 January 2012

Exclusive: Only seven out of 196 or less than 4 per cent of examinees passed the latest Bombay Incorporated Law Society’s solicitors examination, erasing April’s temporary spike in pass rates to 7 per cent and showcasing undiminished demand for the qualification.

21 December 2010

pencil-by_arquera Exclusive: Only four out of 205 candidates have passed the latest Bombay Incorporated Law Society’s solicitors exam, with two first-timers clearing the cut-off marks. This is even lower than the 6 per cent who passed the previous two examination sessions.

21 June 2010

pencil-by_arqueraEleven out of 171 candidates - or 6 per cent - passed April's examination of the Bombay Incorporate Law Society to become Bombay solicitors, as none of the 30-odd first-time test takers managed to clear the exam.

Read on to download and try your hand at the most recent test paper.

26 March 2010

books_edu_th_by_hashmilA total of 170 candidates are sitting the coming Bombay solicitors examinations next month, although after only 6 per cent passed the last round of the tests the tests will not be made easier.

11 December 2009

books_edu_th_by_hashmilOnly 11 out of 186 articled clerks have passed the October solicitors examination set by the Bombay Incorporated Law Society, which is a significantly lower percentage than in previous years.