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01 February 2013

2ukuow4f“Better late than never” will hopefully be apt and accepted here: Legally India is pleased to finally announce the talented, witty and insightful winners from more than 12 months of our rolling blogging competition. We know you’ll enjoy these fantastic reads!

18 November 2011

Advice: Blogging requires computer, not typewriterThe Indian legal blogging scene has exploded since Legally India held its first blogging competition in 2010. To celebrate and continue encouraging top Indian legal blogging, LI is now hosting the second blogging competition for readers’ and Indian legal bloggers’ enrichment. The rules are simple: every month, if all goes well, the best blogger will win Rs 3,500.

06 May 2011

Finally after many, many requests Legally India is now ready to offer internships to law students.

28 September 2010

Legally-India-law-blogs It is time: the public and judges have spoken and determined the four best blawgers in India to win Rs 65,000, the best blog posts of seven months of the Legally India blogging competition and the special prize of Rs 20,000 for the best post on social justice. Click through to find out – again, it was a very tight call.

10 September 2010


The final leg is here to decide on who can rightfully wear the crown of India’s best legal blogger. You will also decide on who has written the single best blog post of the lot, as well as the special prize for the best blogging tackling issues of social and legal importance. These categories are the big ones, with almost Rs 1 lakh of prizes remaining to be divvied up.

02 September 2010

Legally-India-law-blogsThe public and the three judges have spoken and decided on the most entertaining, the most useful and the most well-written blog posts in the second round of the Legally India blogging competition. Click through to find out the winners in what was an even harder choice in most categories than the first round.


25 August 2010

Legally-India-law-blogsThe penultimate stage of voting for the best Indian legal bloggers starts now: rebrowse and decide on the funniest blog post, the most useful blog post and the best written blogs. These categories again promise to be a tough but thoroughly entertaining contest.

24 August 2010

Legally-India-law-blogsA total of 153 unique public votes are in and tallied and three judges have pored over the entries to determine the best student and qualified lawyer blogs written in the Legally India blogging competition. Congratulations to the clear run-away winner in each of the categories.

16 August 2010

Legally-India-law-blogsThe time has arrived for you to choose your favourite bloggers and re-experience your favourite posts. We start out this week with what will be a hideously tough challenge for the best single posts on life as a qualified lawyer and life as a law student. Get stuck in!

17 June 2010


For almost six months Legally India's law bloggers have surprised, educated, entertained, assisted, exposed and stretched the minds of this site's readers beyond everyone's wildest expectations. We now look at some of the best quality legal writing and writers in that half year, in the run-up to the final month of the Rs 1.2 lakh blogging competition.