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20 July 2013

BarHacker is back with a fully revamped course to ace the All India Bar Exam

The highly acclaimed and successful All India Bar Exam (AIBE) preparation course is back and fully revamped to make passing the new exam pattern a breeze. BarHacker.in, which has helped hundreds pass the AIBE, from the very first three years ago, to the last one, has been re-built from the ground up as a comprehensive tuition course that will not only guarantee you pass (or your money back) but also improve your legal skills.{jcomments off}

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10 January 2012

Exclusive: The January 2012 All India Bar Exam (AIBE) analysed along with ‘hacked’ model answers to all 100 questions by the folks who brought you BarHacker.in, the very first AIBE preparation course that boasts a 100% pass rate to date.

10 January 2012

BarHacker’s unofficial answers to the 8 January 2012 All India Bar Exam (AIBE). Answers given below are the most likely correct choices to the best of BarHacker’s knowledge but no responsibility can be taken for any possible errors. Please leave comments with your thoughts.

31 December 2011

Sponsored post: Is the Bar Exam here to stay? As the third All India Bar Exam is around the corner, it started to look like the bar exam is outliving the fervent opposition led by disgruntled law students, until on Christmas eve the Calcutta High Court ordered a stay on publishing of results of the bar exam, while allowing the exam to take place. Not many of the 22,000 odd exam takers will be counting on the exam being scrapped though, especially since they have to write the paper on 8 January anyway.

22 July 2011

The AIBE: Be prepared with BarhackerIs Sunday’s All India Bar Exam (AIBE) bothering you? Not confident of your preparation yet ? Here is a solution - Barhacker magical indexes of Bar Council of India (BCI) study materials, realistic mock tests, video guidance and more. (sponsored post)

16 May 2011

Sponsored post: The acclaimed All India Bar Exam (AIBE) preparation course is back again with its money back guarantee and a 100% pass rate to boot. Ensure your pass and maximise your scores. Read more and look into the AIBE crystal ball.

03 March 2011

examination-hall_by_comedy-nose Yesterday afternoon the BarHacker All India Bar Exam (AIBE) preparation indexes went viral in chain emails in law firm offices between 2010 graduates and fellow bar exam takers. One thread with our 14 indexes was forwarded in at least one major law firm with Lower Parel offices and across a number of national law schools.

Unfortunately, if you got hold of one of these pirated copies do NOT use it in the exam: that version contained unintentional but critical errors and will make your bar exam harder rather than easier. Sorry, you’ll have to sign up to get the new version! (and we have improved anti-piracy measures in this version for good measure)