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Revealed: BarHacker's secret of 100% bar exam pass rate and how we can offer a money back guarantee again

Pass the Bar Exam or your money back!
Pass the Bar Exam or your money back!

Sponsored post: The acclaimed All India Bar Exam (AIBE) preparation course is back again with its money back guarantee and a 100% pass rate to boot. Ensure your pass and maximise your scores. Read more and look into the AIBE crystal ball.

From the look of things, the All India Bar Exam (AIBE) is going to stay. That is likely to have a few consequences:

1. in the near future, all law colleges will have to design their courses in such a way so that their students can do well in the Bar Exam.

2. law graduates may be asked their Bar Exam score in interviews and many will certainly mention it in their CV.

3. since every new lawyer will take this test, and as this is the only exam in which the ability of all graduating lawyers will be tested, the Bar Exam score could become a standard tool to judge the academic success of a young lawyer.

4. Those lost souls who join law just because there is no other option for them, may not be very willing to come to law colleges now, since they can’t just walk into the profession.

The course with a money back guarantee

Realising the growing importance of a good Bar Exam score in the career of fresh graduates, BarHacker has a new mission for the second edition of the All India Bar Exam. BarHacker is not only back to make the experience of taking the Bar Exam a cakewalk for you, we will also gear you up with all our tricks to make you score high in the Bar Exam. On top of that, if you take our course and still fail, we shall give your money back. That’s a 100% money back guarantee, and we can offer it because we are very, very confident about the effectiveness of the course. It is easy to use, very simple to understand, and a great companion for those who prepare at the eleventh hour.

Last year’s performance

The BarHacker subscribers did phenomenally well in the first Bar Exam. All of the students who subscribed to BarHacker passed the AIBE. Not only that, more than 80% of students scored over 80%. The highest scorer was Shouvik Kumar Guha who scored 94 (and he is helping us to make the course even easier and even more effective this time). All this was possible after very little studying, since we launched the course 7 days before the exam, and people kept signing up until two days before the exam!

The secret to the stellar performance of BarHacker subscribers

So what is the secret of the great success of this course? One thing was definitely the BarHacker indexes, which made finding answers from the BCI material extremely easy. Also, the questions we had included in the mock tests came in the real exam. Almost 50% of the questions that came in the paper were predicted in the 7 mock tests developed by BarHacker. Our strategic videos taught the students how to scientifically guess answers even when the correct answer is not known. If anyone used even 30% of the course, there was no way they were going to fail. Try a little harder, and you could score in the high 80s, and add a nice point in your CV stating that you were among the top 10% out of those who took the Bar Exam.

In the meanwhile, we have been receiving some glowing testimonials. Makarand Panchakshari said:

Wonderful course. Scored 80 in the final AIBE. much the same as in the mock tests I tried. (1st 77, 2nd 79, 3rd 81). Great test, perfect course, good material indexes. thankyou :-)

Another student Manisha Chaudhury found the mock tests most useful:

“I think the mock exams were excellent, they predicted almost all the questions which could have come in the exam”

Azhar Meer on the other hand liked the indexes more:

The indexes helped me save time – pointed me in the right direction with minimum fuss.

Well, this year we had more time to prepare, and we have developed some more innovative and groundbreaking material to make sure you can maximize your score. This includes more indexes, a workbook for those who want to score above 70, videos with improved strategy, hard copy material to carry into the exam hall and realistic, timed mock tests to get into exam mode. We have put together a page with all the information that you may need to decide whether you should take the course.

Free access for BPL students

Please note that this course will be completely free for anyone who is Below Poverty Line (BPL), just like last time. If you have any documents, including BPL cards, indicating economic weakness, please contact us to obtain free access to the entire course. If anyone you know may benefit from this, please forward this link to them.

Pricing and Early Bird Discount

The price this time will be Rs 3700 for the entire course. The first 100 buyers will get it at a discounted price of Rs 2800. This includes hard-copy material that you can carry into the exam hall, which will be couriered to your chosen address.

Take no chances, choose BarHacker

You may know that you are a smart lawyer and that the future is going to be bright for you but as always, the first impression that your peers and seniors will have about you will be based on your marks scored in the last exam you took. Don’t let a bad score in the Bar Exam affect the start of your legal career. A negative first impression can always change over time, but it will require disproportionately high effort, especially when you can ace the Bar Exam by preparing for it. Let BarHacker help you in achieving your true potential.

Are you a well wisher of BarHacker? Any message? leave it here.

Visit www.barhacker.in now for more information or get in touch via the form and we can tell you more (we hate spam and will respect the privacy of your details, promise!)

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