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Morality and Law

Hello people

Law as has defined by numerous scholars but to no awail. Everybody has a different definition of law and everybody perceives law in a different sense. However, for everbody one aspect of law is common ie laws govern a society. It is for the people. However, i would like to draw the attention of the people towards the immoral conditions mentioned in the Bombay Anti Begging Law that applies to Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkatta. Under the act there are conditions that can punish the beggar for a maximum imprisonment of 10 years. I would like to post this question to you all, is it moral to punish a person who is suffering from poverty and has no means of acquiring the basic neccesities of life ie food. There are numerous examples of the same when a person was picked up. 

This although might appear trivial but don't such people have a right to live? They are put behind the bars, cramped in the imsufficient spaces in Social Welfare Homes. I do realise that in the social welfare homes they are taught vocational skills which might help them to earn a decent living after being released from the homes, but again the same question is it their fault that they are born poor??Is it moral to curbe their basic or the fundamental right to live with dignity, enjoy freedom just because they are shabbily dressed or they can't acquire the funds require to own a home or are not educated enough to earn a decent living for themselves? Why do we rich and the people with money think they are a blot on the face of the metros??

The Delhi Government has started a drive to remove the beggars from the streets of Delhi and have started to deport them back to their native states. How is this decision different from the acts of MNS in Mumbai?? This contention was raised by a famous activist Mr. Harsh Mandher in a PIL. What about the fundamental right mentioned in the Constitution of India which gives freedom to any citizen of India to settle in any part of India and to take up any occupation. Now is this decision of the Delhi government which has the ascent of the Delhi High Court. 

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