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RMLNLU wins Stetson North as NLU Delhi, HNLU keep 2nd, 3rd in Mooting Premier League


RMLNLU Lucknow charged ahead to victory on 2 December as it defeated NLU Delhi in the finals of the North India Rounds of the 17th Stetson International Environmental Law Moot Court Competition.

NLU D finished in the runner-up spot and HNLU’s team won the award for the best memorial in this year’s competition, which was held at NLIU Bhopal and saw 16 teams from Northern India participating. NLIU live-blogged the event on Legally India.

RMLNLU’s team consisted of Roli Sharma, Smriti Punnoose and researcher Shradha Rakhecha and they will be joining runners up NLU D, CNLU Patna and current MPL 4 topper NLSIU at the Stetson international rounds that will be held from 21 to 23 March 2013 in Tampa, Florida, USA.

An elated Sharma said on the phone: “The experience was simply amazing! NLIU did a very good job organizing the north rounds. The competition was also very challenging, the teams from HNLU and NLU D were particularly good.”

When asked about their team’s preparations for the world rounds next year, Punoose said: “We didn’t know we would be going till today but looking at the competition this time, we have decided to go beyond our research for the memorial and brush up our basics on International Environmental Law as we will be grilled by the Judges there way more than here”

With this Tier 3 victory RMLNLU has scored 20 points, doubling its previous total to finish with 40 points at 5th place in the Mooting Premier League-4 sponsored by Herbert Smith Freehills.

NLU D also bagged 20 points with its team consisting of Vandana Venkatesh, Kritika Palode and Jishnu Sanyal finishing runners-up. Venkatesh also won best student advocate which carries equivalent MPL 4 points as the best speaker category.

Venkatesh, on being asked about how the competition was, said: “The experience was very good and there was a lot of work put into this, I’m glad we were able to qualify for the World Rounds.” She commended RMLNLU for its win but said that she was a bit disappointed with the quality of the judges. “Overall the judging was good but in my personal opinion it could have been better in the finals where we had judges from the MP High Court.”

NLU Delhi has been steadily building its lead over HNLU and NUJS Kolkata in the MPL 4 table. With this result its total is now 81, but a large gap of 72 points still remains to the current topper NLSIU Bangalore.

HNLU Raipur added 10 points to its tally by bagging the best memorial award to just stay in third place just ahead of NUJS. Semi finalists Amity Law School Delhi and Nirma University have added 5 points each to their respective tallies.

Update: Points have been updated again for the Surana Trial North East moot, which disappeared from the MPL table due to an administrative error. Surana North-East was won by HNLU Raipur’s Subhro Sengupta, Anubhuti Mishra, Smita Chandra and Garima Mitra. Sengupta also won the best memorial prize, while NUJS Kolkata was runner-up. Nerim Law College Guwahati and NEF Law College were semi-finalists, while Lucknow University’s Faculty of Law scored the award for best memorandum.

More updates to follow from Team MPL shortly.

International law firm Herbert Smith is sponsoring the Mooting Premier League (MPL) and will contribute a prize pool of Rs 60,000 for the top three winning colleges.

Mooting Premier League 4 season standings

Pos Law school T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Org W R/u S/F B S B M/R HM Pts Details
1 NLSIU Bangalore 100 40 13 3 1 2 2 153 [Rizvi Moot] (Semis); [Surana Trial Adv - South] (gold); [Manfred Lachs Space Moot World Rounds] (gold, best memo, best orator);[Stetson South India](gold);[Oxford Media Law National Qualifiers](Silver, Best orator)
2 NLU Delhi 70 4 6 1 2 3 1 81 [HMMCC (Semis)][Henry Dunant] (gold); [NLU Delhi Corp Moot] (organiser); [NLIU Juris Corp] (Semis); [Oxford Media Law National Qualifiers](Gold, best memo);[Commonwealth Moot National Rounds](semis); [Stetson North Rounds] (Runners Up) (Best Orator) ]
3 HNLU Raipur 10 8 41 1 2 2 1 3 49 Nani Palkhivala (Best Researcher); [Pro Bono] (Runner's Up, Best speaker, Best researcher, Best memorial) [Rizvi Moot] (silver) [Justice Hidayatullah Moot] (organizer) [Stetson North Rounds] (Best Memorial); Surana Trial North East (winner, best orator)
4 NUJS Kolkata 8 45 2 2 3 48 [HMMCC (Best team)(Best speaker)] [Nani Palkhivala (runners up)][BR Sawhney (Best peaker)][SLCU Moot (Gold, Best speaker)]; Surana Trial North East: runner-up
5 RMLNLU Lucknow 20 20 1 2 40 [NLU Delhi Corp Moot] (gold, best researcher); [Surana Trial Adv - North] (best memo);[Stetson North Rounds] (winners)
5 NLU Jodhpur 15 4 21 1 1 4 1 40 [Henry Dunant] (silver); [Surana Trial Adv - North] (semis); [B.R Sawhney Moot] (semis) ; [NLIU Juris Corp] (Semis); [Oxford Media Law National Qualifiers] (Semis);[Commonwealth Moot National Rounds] (Winners) (Best Speaker)]
6 Jindal Global Law School 20 8 10 1 2 2 38 [Nani Palkhivala] (Best Memorial)][Henry Dunant] (best researcher, semis); [Surana Trial Adv - North] (gold); [Oxford Media Law National Qualifiers](Semis)
7 Nalsar Hyderabad 8 25 1 1 1 1 2 31 [HMMCC (Runners up)] [Rizvi Moot] (Best team); [B.R Sawhney Moot] (organisers); [NLIU Juris Corp] (Best Speaker);[FDI Moot (Best Memorial)];[Commonwealth Moot National Rounds] (Best Memo);
8 ILS Pune 5 15 10 1 1 1 1 30 [HMMCC] (Best researcher); [SLCU Moot] (silver); [NLIU Juris Corp] (gold); [Stetson South India](Semis)
9 Faculty of Law, Jamia Milia Islamia University 10 8 10 1 1 1 28 [Nani Palkhivala (Best speaker)][Henry Dunant (Best memo)Surana Trial adv-North (Silver, bet speaker)]
10 [[GNLU Gandhinagar 15 8 1 1 23 [Nani Palkhivala] (best team); [NLU Delhi Corp Moot] (Best team);[FDI Moot] (Honourable Mention);
11 RGNUL Patiala 12 8 2 1 22 [Nani Palkhivala] (Semis); [NLU Delhi Corp Moot] (semis); B. R Sawhney Moot (runners up); [NLIU Juris Corp] (silver);
12 GLC Mumbai 10 8 1 1 18 Henry Dunant (Best speaker)
13 NUALS Kochi 10 5 1 1 15 [NLU Delhi Corp Moot] (silver); [Stetson South] (Best memo)
13 ULC Bangalore 15 1 1 15 [NLU Delhi Corp Moot] (best memo);[Pro-bono Enviro Moot (Winners)
15 NLIU Bhopal 6 8 1 2 1 14 [HMMCC (Semis)(Best memorial)] [Nani Palkhivala (semis)]; [NLIU Juris Corp] (Organizers);
16 Nirma University 10 3 2 13 [Henry Dunant] (semis); [Pro Bono] Semis;[Stetson North Rounds] (semis)
16 NLU Orissa 8 5 2 13 [B.R Sawhney Moot] (Best Memorial); [NLIU Juris Corp] (Best Memorial);
16 Amity Law School Noida 13 1 1 1 13 [Rizvi Moot] (Semis, best speaker, best memorial);
19 CNLU Patna 10 1 10 [Stetson South] (Silver)
19 KLA, Trivandrum 10 1 10 [Stetson South] (Best orator)
19 Department of Law, North-Eastern Hill University 10 1 10 [Henry Dunant] (Best speaker);
19 KIIT School of Law 10 1 10 [B.R Sawhney Moot] (Winners) ;
Amity Law School,Delhi 5 3 2 8 [Commonwealth Moot] (semis) [Stetson North Rounds] (semis)
Symbiosis, Pune 8 1 8 [NLIU Juris Corp] Best Researcher
School of Legal Studies, CUSAT Kochi 8 1 1 8 [Surana Trial Adv - South] (best memo, semis);
SVKM’s Pravin Gandhi College of Law 8 1 1 8 [SLCU Moot] (best memo, semis);
School of Law, Sastra University, Thanjavur 6 2 6 [Surana Trial Adv - South] (semis); [Pro Bono] (Semis)
V.M. Salgaoncar, Goa 5 1 5 [Stetson South] (Semis)
A K K New Law Academy, Pune 5 1 5 [Commonwealth Moot National Rounds] (Runner's Up)
New Law College, Bharti Vidayapeeth University, Pune 5 1 5 [Surana Trial Adv - South] (best speaker);
Lucknow University Faculty of Law [Surana Trial Adv - North East: memo
Army Institute of Law, Mohali 3 1 3 [Surana Trial Adv - North] (semis);
Faculty of Law, IFHE Hyderabad 3 1 3 [SLCU Moot] (semis);
Campus Law Centre. Delhi 3 1 3 [B.R Sawhnhey Moot] (semis);
Nerim Law College, Guwahati 3 1 3 Surana Trial North East: Semis
NEF Law College 3 1 3 Surana Trial North East: Semis
School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore 1 1 1 [SLCU Moot] (organiser);
Faculty of Law, MITS University,Lakhmangarh, Rajasthan (Mody Institute of Technology and Science) 1 1 1 [Commonwealth Moot National Rounds] (Organisers)
SOEL Chennai 1 1 1 Pro Bono (organisers)
Rizvi Law College 1 1 1 Rizvi Moot (organisers)

For more information please refer to the MPL 4 rulebook.

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