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17th Stetson International Environmental Law Moot Court Competition, North Rounds

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Hello and welcome to the Blog on the 17th Stetson International Environmental Law Moot Court Competition. We regret the delay and would resume with the results of the preliminary rounds. The teams that qualified for the Quarter Finals are:-

Symbiosis Law School, Pune
Institute of Law, Nirma University
NLU, Delhi
RMLNLU, Lucknow
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
NLU, Jodhpur
Amity Law School, Delhi
HNLU, Raipur

6.45 PM

All the court rooms are done with their rounds. Court room.1 is where the rounds ended last. The judges were charged, constantly asking questions and not letting the participants find their footing. The round had become majorly about who could maintain their nerves better! The main topics of discussion were CBD and 'transborder haze'!.
In court room.2, there was less drama and more serious content. The judges were patient in hearing the speakers out but at the same time, extensive in their questioning approach. The speakers were very confident in answering them which left the judges impressed at the end of the day! The rebuttals went unquestioned.

Room.3 saw some serious court room drama going on there. The speakers were bombarded with questions and the judges seemed to be on a roll. It looked like the speakers were not really able to convince the judges with their contentions. Time to buck-up guys! Nonetheless, the round went off well. The applicants provided better protection however. The teams tackles the questions well and the judges seemed patient in questioning their assumptions, rendering the other arguments redundant. The applicant speaker was brilliant and left the judges impressed and crushed the entire case of the respondent in 2 minutes of rebuttals.
In Room.4, the judges questioned majorly on "Erga omnes" obligation. The speakers were consistent with their answers and it ended up into quite a close match. Speaker 1 was very confident, having a level-headed approach. She answered the questions in an extremely composed manner.The second speaker was also commendable.Their research was impeccable and both didn't seem to get flustered,a quality that every mooter should have! To take things to a lighter side, one of the judges made a wise remark about the constant chirping sounds in the court room owing to the presence of two birds, that the ICJ was a firm believer of biological diversity as was visible from the the present state of the court. Cheerio!
We will resume the blog, soon with the results of the Quarter finals and let you know which teams made it to the finals and will be battling for the top spot in Florida!
Do watch  out for us!

7.30 PM

Here we are , back with the results of the Quarter finals. With the rising excitement and high hopes of the team members, along with the people waiting for the results to be revealed soon, the judges gave their verdict that the four teams that have qualified for the Semi-finals to be conducted tomorrow, are as follows-
1. Amity Law School, New Delhi.
2. NLU, Delhi.
3. Institute of Law, Nirma University.
4. RMLNLU, Lucknow.

All the best teams! Let's see who wins the race tomorrow! Till then, stay connected for the updates of the semi finals!


Good Morning. Its a cold day in Bhopal as we see the matches of Amity Delhi vs. NLU Delhi and Nirma University vs. RMLNLU Lucknow.


Amity Delhi has just finished their pleading with impeccable research and  quite some panache. They did stumble on some crucial facts about "erga omnes" and "jus cogens" but kept their calm. Its NLU D on the fore now.

Nirma University just finished their arguments and had a hard time convincing the judges it seems. They were questioned on the Vienna Convention and the recognition of findings of International Organisations.


NLU D seems to have done well with the feminine charm seeming to have worked well for them. They answered well on citing endangered species convention and the convention on Biological Diversity. This round has ended.

RMLNLU, Lucknow did well while anwering difference between customary and regional customary law and they seem to have impressed the judges. Good for them! This round has also ended. We shall post the results soon. Keep watching.


Its RMLNLU Lucknow vs. NLU Delhi.


The Finals are almost over and the both the teams got ample time to speak and the judges gave them enough relaxation, more than the semi finals at any rate. Both teams spoke really well quoting law and comtemporary news. Even the Bhopal Gas Tragedy found a mention. Touche to the speaker we'd say.

Results to be announced soon. We'll be back.



Best Memorial - HNLU , Raipur

Best Memorial , Runner up - Amity Law School , Delhi

Best Memorial , Second Runner up - RMLNLU , Lucknow

Second Runner up Team - Nirma University

Third Runner up Team - Amity Law School, Delhi

Best Student Advocate - Vandana Venkatesh , NLU Delhi

Second best Student Advocate - Kritika Padode , NLU Delhi

Third Best Student Advocate - Sparsha Janardhan , NLU Jodhpur

Spirit of Surana Award - NLU Jodhpur


Runner - Up - NLU Delhi

Best Speaker , Finals - Kritika Padode , NLU , Delhi

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