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NLSIU storms to MPL victory with Maritime performance, as NLU Delhi cements 2nd with Lachs Asia win, NLU J scrapes third ahead of NUJS

MPL 4: The home of Indian mooting
MPL 4: The home of Indian mooting

NLSIU Bangalore sealed its second consecutive victory in the Mooting Premiere League (MPL) sponsored by Herbert Smith Freehills, after clinching three citations in this season’s last moot.

At Murdoch University’s International Maritime Arbitration Moot held last weekend in Perth, Australia, Southampton, UK, NLSIU won the best memorial award, according to the moot’s coordinator Miriam Everall, picking up an additional 5 MPL points for its lead.

On top of that, NLSIU speakers Tarun Krishnakumar and Vinodini Srinivasan, and NUJS Kolkata speaker Modhulika Bose all ranked among the top 25 speakers in the general rounds, picking up 3 MPL points each for honourable mentions.

Six Indian teams were “enthusiastic participants and supporters” of the moot in recent years, said Everall, with Indian Maritime University Chennai, NLU Jodhpur, GNLU Gandhinagar and Kerala Law Academy (KLA) also taking part.

NLU Delhi with Lachs world chance after winning Lachs Asia

However, second-placed NLU Delhi won 30 MPL points by defeating the Beijing Foreign Studies University in the 2 June Tokyo finals of the Manfred Lachs Asia rounds after besting MPL top-ranked rival NLSIU in the semi-finals.

However, the MPL chip leader and 2012 Lachs world round winners NLSIU did not give NLU Delhi a chance to catch up by winning citations for best memorial and the best speaker in the prelims at the competition – worth a total of 55 MPL points with their semi-final place.

Delhi will now compete in the September world rounds of the Lachs moot in Beijing, giving India the chance to win the world rounds three-times in four years, with NLSIU having clinched two wins previously. The world rounds will be part of the upcoming fifth season of the MPL.

MPL winners

A mere 5 points away from the 400 mark, Bangalore took MPL to a new high, and not just with the Jessup trophy homecoming. To boot, thanks to Herbert Smith Freehills sponsorship, NLSIU’s MCC will be awarded Rs 30,000 to aid future mooting glories and an MPL 4 winner’s trophy, which we’ll dispatch shortly.

NLU Delhi boosted itself to number two, displacing NLU Jodhpur from season 2, after showing strength in tier two, also winning a trophy and Rs 20,000 in funds.

NLU Jodhpur, despite NUJS’ honourable mention in the Maritime moot, has held on to third place by a whisker. NLU J’s RCC will win Rs 10,000 for its third place in the MPL.

[Note: There were a few small errors in the MPL table in previous stories that we have fixed after recalculating from scratch, several times. Fortunately, the rankings did not change but there were some discrepancies.]

Nalsar Hyderabad which had dominated MPL 1 and MPL 2 fell behind into seventh place, behind new MPL top-10 additions Symbiosis Pune and ILS Pune. The national law school triplet of RMLNLU Lucknow, HNLU Raipur, GNLU Gandhinagar rounded off the top 10.

RGNUL Patiala slipped into 11th, just ahead of Jindal Global Law School Sonipat and Nuals Kochi.

MPL 5 is coming…

We are putting our heads together about changes and improvements for the next season of the MPL. Please let us know in the comments or get in touch with us at if you have any thoughts about competitions to include, exclude, promote, demote or articles to do.

International law firm Herbert Smith is sponsoring the Mooting Premier League (MPL) and has contribute a prize pool of Rs 60,000 for the top three winning colleges.

Mooting Premier League 4 season standings

PosLaw schoolT1T2T3T4T5OrgWR/uS/FB SB M/RHMPtsDetails
1 NLSIU Bangalore 180 55 80 41 39 1 6 3 4 4 7 6 395 Rizvi Moot (Semis); Surana Trial - South (Gold); Manfred Lachs Space Moot World Rounds (Gold, memo, speaker); Stetson South India (Gold); Oxford Media Law National Qualifiers (Silver, speaker); KK Luthra Criminal (semis); Jessup South Rounds (Gold, memo, speaker); GIMC (silver); Kerala Law Academy (semis) NUJS Herbert Smith (Best Memo) NLU-J Antitrust Moot (Runners Up) (Best Researcher) (Best Memo); Vis, Vienna (Honorable Mention- Speaker) Jessup World Rounds (Winners) (Honorable Mentions- 2nd Best Oralist, Best Speaker in Finals, 29th best oralist); NLS Arbitration (Org); NLSIU: Lachs funding (gold); Lachs Asia (semis, best memo, best speaker); Maritime (Best memo, 2 HM for speakers)
2 NLU Delhi 50 120 90 39 23 1 7 3 5 4 1 8 322 HMMCC (Semis); Henry Dunant (gold); NLU Delhi Corp Moot (organiser); NLIU Juris Corp (Semis); Oxford Media Law National Qualifiers (Gold, memo); Commonwealth Moot Nat'l (semis); Stetson North Rounds (silver, speaker), Jessup North (Gold); Kerala Law Academy (silver) NUJS Herbert Smith (Semis) NLU-J Antitrust Moot (Semifinalist); Red Cross Moot (Winners)(Best Speaker) ; Oxford IPR Moot (Runners Up); Leiden Sarin Air Law Moot (Best Speaker)(Honourable Mention for Best Applicant Team) Jessup World Rounds (Honorable Mentions - 19th Best Team, 21st Best Speaker, 30th best speaker, 3rd best Memo, Dillard Baxter best resp memo); Oxford Media Moot (Win, 2nd & 3rd oralist for HM); NLS Arbitration (Gold & best speaker); Lachs Asia (gold)
3 NLU Jodhpur 20 35 30 58 27 1 2 5 6 2 1 3 170 (Henry Dunant) (silver); (Surana Trial Adv - North) (semis); (B.R Sawhney Moot) (semis) ; (NLIU Juris Corp) (Semis); (Oxford Media Law National Qualifiers) (Semis);(Commonwealth Moot National Rounds) (Gold) (speaker), Jessup North (semis, speaker);(KK Luthra) (Gold); ULC Bangalore (silver); NUJS Herbert Smith (Runners Up) (Best Speaker) NLU-J Antitrust Moot (Organizers); Vis East, Hong Kong (Honorable Mention - Respondent Memorandum, Honourable Mention, 2nd Best Oralist); NLS Arbitration (best memo; silver); ICC Trial (semis, 2nd best speaker); Commonwealth (semis); Lachs funding (silver)
4 NUJS Kolkata 35 35   46 51 1 2 2 5 8   3 167 HMMCC (Best team)(speaker) (Nani Palkhivala (silver); BR Sawhney (speaker);SLCU Moot (Gold, speaker); Surana Trial North East: (silver); KK Luthra (speaker); DM Harish (semis & speaker); NUJS Herbert Smith (org); ELSA WTO Asian Rounds (Best Speaker, Semis); Vis East Hong Kong (Honorable Mention- Best Pan-Asian Team); Vis, Vienna (Honorable Mention- Respondent Memo and Octa Finalists); NLS Arbitration (semi finals); Lachs funding (semis, best speaker); ELSA WTO (semis, best prelims speaker); Maritime (HM speaker)
5 Symbiosis, Pune 40     35 15   1 1 1   2 2 90 (NLIU Juris Corp) Best Researcher; Kerala Law Academy (gold); Surana Corporate Moot (Semis) Amity Moot (Runners Up); GH Raisoni Moot (Winners) (Best Researcher); Vis (East) Hong Kong (Quarter Finalists) ( 2 Honorable Mentions for Speakers)
6 ILS Pune 10 15 5 27 33   2 1 3 1 2 1 90 (HMMCC) (Best researcher); (SLCU Moot) (silver); (NLIU Juris Corp) (gold); (Stetson South India)(Semis); DM Harish (semis) Surana Corporate Moot (Best Oralist) (Semis); ULC Bangalore (orator); GH Raisoni (Semis) ; NLU-J Antitrust Moot (Winners); Vis, Vienna (Honorable Mention- Respndent Memorandum)
7 Nalsar Hyderabad 30 20 5 8 25 1 1   1 1 2 4 88 (HMMCC (silver); (Rizvi Moot) (Best team); (B.R Sawhney Moot) (organisers); (NLIU Juris Corp) (speaker);(FDI Moot (memo);(Commonwealth Moot National Rounds) (memo); Jessup South (Semifinalists); Vis (East), Hong Kong (Honorable Mention- Claimant Memo); Vis, Vienna (Honorable Mentions- Speaker, Claimant Memorandum); ICC Trial (semis, hon mention)
8 RMLNLU Lucknow   30 30 8 20   1 2 2   2 3 88 (NLU Delhi Corp Moot) (gold, best researcher); (Surana Trial Adv - North) (memo);(Stetson North Rounds) (Gold), Jessup North (silver);GNLU International Moot (semifinalists); Stetson World Rounds (Semi Finalists) ( Honourable Mention - 2nd Best Memorial, 5th Best Speaker, 6th Best Speaker); Lachs funding (semis)
9 HNLU Raipur     10 32 41 1 2 2 2 1 6   83 Nani Palkhivala (Best Researcher); (Pro Bono) (Runner's Up, speaker, Best researcher, memo) (Rizvi Moot) (silver) (Justice Hidayatullah Moot) (organizer) (Stetson North Rounds) (memo); Surana Trial North East (winner, speaker) (KK Luthra) (memo); Kerala Law Academy (semis) Amity Moot (Best Memo) NUJS Herbert Smith (Semis)
10 GNLU Gandhinagar     5 30 21 2   1 3 1   1 56 (Nani Palkhivala) (best team); (NLU Delhi Corp Moot) (Best team);(FDI Moot) (Honourable Mention);Jessup North (semis); GNLU International Moot (organizers) Surana Corporate Moot (Gold); GH Raisoni Moot (Runners Up)(Best Mooter) NLU-J Antitrust Moot (Semifinalist); Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot (Semifinalists)
11 RGNUL Patiala   20   32 5     2 1   3   57 (HMMCC (silver); (Rizvi Moot) (Best team); (B.R Sawhney Moot) (organisers); (NLIU Juris Corp) (speaker);(FDI Moot (memo);(Commonwealth Moot National Rounds) (memo); Jessup South (Semifinalists); Vis (East), Hong Kong (Honorable Mention- Claimant Memo); Vis,Vienna (Honorable Mentions- Speaker.
12 Jindal Global Law School     20 8 15   1   2 1 2   43 (Nani Palkhivala) (memo)(Henry Dunant) (best researcher, semis); (Surana Trial Adv - North) (gold); (Oxford Media Law National Qualifiers)(Semis); NLU-J Antitrust Moot (Best Speaker)
13 NUALS Kochi     10 23 5   1 1     2   38 (NLU Delhi Corp Moot) (silver); (Stetson South) (memo); Kerala Law Academy (memo) Amity Moot (Winners)
14 NLUO Cuttack       16 13       2   2   29 B.R Sawhney Moot (memo); NLIU Juris Corp (memo); GH Raisoni Moot (Best Memo) (Semis);Amity Moot (Semifinalists); NLS Arbitration (semis)
15 Faculty of Law, Jamia Milia Islamia University     10 8 10     1   1 1   28 Nani Palkhivala (speaker); Henry Dunant (memo); Surana Trial adv-North (Silver, speaker)
16 GLC Mumbai     10 8 8         1 1   26 (Surana Trial Advocacy South) (silver) (NLU Delhi Corp Law Moot) (Semifinalist); Jessup South Rounds (silver); GNLU International Moot (memo)
17 Amity Law School,Delhi (IP University)     5 4 13 2 1   2       22 Commonwealth Moot (semis); Stetson North Rounds (semis); GIMC (semis) Amity Moot (Organizers) ; ELSA WTO Asian Rounds (winners)
18 Nirma University     10 8 3       3       21 Henry Dunant (semis); (Pro Bono) Semis; Stetson North Rounds (semis)
19 SVKM's Pravin Gandhi College of Law     5   16       2 1 1   21 SLCU Moot (memo, semis); Jessup South (semis); ULC Bangalore (semis, memo)
20 CNLU Patna     20         1     1   20 (Stetson South) (Silver); Jessup North (memo)
21 Campus Law Centre, New Delhi       15 4   1   1       19 KK Luthra (Semifinalists); NUJS Herbert Smith Moot (Winners)
22 ULC Bangalore         16 1 1       1   16 (NLU Delhi Corp Moot) (memo);(Pro-bono Enviro Moot (Gold); ULC moot (org)
23 NLIU Bhopal       4 8 2     2   1   12 HMMCC (Semis, memo); Nani Palkhivala (semis); NLIU JurisCorp (org);
24 Amity Law School Noida         13       1 1 1   13 Rizvi Moot (semis, speaker, memo);
25 KLA, Trivandrum     10             1     10 Stetson South (speaker)
26 Department of Law, North-Eastern Hill University     10             1     10 Henry Dunant (speaker);
27 KIIT School of Law         10   1           10 B.R Sawhney Moot (Gold) ;
28 Faculty of Law, Allahbad University         10   1           10 ULC Bangalore (Gold)
29 Faculty of Law, Benaras Hindu University       8                 8 Surana Corporate Moot (memo)
30 School of Legal Studies, CUSAT Kochi         8       1   1   8 Surana Trial South (memo, semis);
31 UILS Punjab         8         1     8 Kerala Law Academy (speaker)
32 School of Law, Sastra University, Thanjavur       0 6       2       6 Surana Trial - South (semis); Pro Bono (Semis)
33 V.M. Salgaoncar, Goa     5           1       5 Stetson South (Semis)
34 A K K New Law Academy, Pune         5     1         5 Commonwealth Moot National Rounds (Runners Up)
35 New Law College, Bharti Vidayapeeth University, Pune         5         1     5 Surana Trial Adv - South (speaker);
36 Lucknow University Faculty of Law         5           1   5 Surana Trial Adv - North East (memo)
36 GLC Ernakulam         5           1   5 ULC Bangalore (memo)
37 Symbiosis, Noida       4         1       4 Amity Moot (Semifinalists)
38 Law Centre-I, Delhi University         3       1       3 ULC Bangalore (Semifinalists)
39 JSS Law College, Mysore           2             0 Surana Corporate Moot (Organizer)

For more information please refer to the MPL 4 rulebook.

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