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Jindal pulls up after Nani Palkhivala win, as RMLNLU tops Nalsar BR Sawhney

Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) Sonepat won the tenth edition of the Nani Palkhivala tax moot court competition at GLC Mumbai and RMLNLU Lucknow won the seventh Justice BR Sawhney moot at Nalsar Hyderabad this weekend.

JGLS has climbed to sixth place in the Mooting Premier League (MPL) 5 sponsored by Herbert Smith Freehills with the win.

JGLS speaker Parvati Parkkot and Kartik Prasad and researcher Alaukik Singh picked up the trophy for the tier 4 tax moot on Saturday. Singh, who had broken into the quarter finals of the competition last year and had resolved to win it this year, was kicked about the Nishith Desai Associates internship and the lifetime membership to the All India Federation of Tax Practitioners, which the team won as prizes.

“The argument is the base upon which the opponents have their cases [and] if we break their cases they don’t have anything to say,” he said. “This has given me more incentive to work on tax. There are so many pending cases for transfer pricing and tax matters because people somehow find it very complex and that is probably why people don’t join tax [practices]. But the [moot court] judges said after our arguments that we should join [tax practices].”

Runner-up at Palkhivala - Symbiosis Pune - won internships with Economic Laws Practice (ELP). A total of 26 teams participated in the competition.

RMLNLU wins Sawhney, Jindal climbs further

RMLNLU speakers Mohit Negi and Himani Singh and researcher Mavis Cardoz won the tier 5 BR Sawhney constitutional law moot yesterday, besting NUJS Kolkata.

Negi, who was impressed with competitors GNLU Gandhinagar in the prelims, said: “The best part of the moot was that the judges knew how to grill us. Whatever we argued, they knew how to counter it. There was no blank bench.”

24 teams participated in the moot after knocking out 24 others in the memorial submission rounds.

JGLS also added 5 bonus points in the Mooting Premiere League (MPL) season 5 this weekend by breaking into the top four of the BR Sawhney moot. It climbed up five places in the league table, in which 22 law schools have now opened scoring accounts.

Eight MPL 5 moots have concluded this season so far.

Coming up – mooting bonanza weekend: Tier 4 – 3rd Amity Noida moot – 17-19 October; 4th NLIU Juris Corp corporate moot – 18-20 October

Tier 5 – 5th Rizvi national moot and 6th Hidayatullah national moot – 18-20 October


At a glance

Law school



JGLS Sonepat

Nani Palkhivala (Best Team) T4 + BR Sawhney (Semi Finalist) T5

15 + 3 = 18

Sastra School of Law Thanjavur; Akshaya Sachin

Nani Palkhivala (Semi Finalist) T4 + Nani Palkhivala (Best Researcher) T4

4 + 8 = 12

GLC Mumbai; Vipul Joshi

BR Sawhney (Semi Finalist) T5 + BR Sawhney (Best Oralist) T5 + Nani Palkhivala (Organiser) T4

3 + 5 +2 = 10

RMLNLU Lucknow

BR Sawhney (Best Team) T5


Symbiosis Pune

Nani Palkhivala (Runners Up) T4


Law Centre – I , Delhi University

Nani Palkhivala (Best Memorial) T4


NLUO, Cuttack:

Preeti Dash

Nani Palkhivala (Best Speaker) T4


NALSAR Hyderabad

Nani Palkhivala (Semi – Finalist) T4 + BR Sawhney (Organisers) T5

4 + 2 = 6

NUJS Kolkata

BR Sawhney (Runners Up) T5


NLU Jodhpur

BR Sawhney (Best Memorial) T5


MPL 5 season standings

PosLaw schoolT1T2T3T4T5OrgWR/uS/FB SB M/RHMPtsDetails
1 NLU Delhi 25   20           3   1   45 Henry Dunant (Best memorial, Semi finalist) + Manfred Lachs World (Semi finalist) + BCI moot (semi finalist)
2 KIIT Bhubaneshwar     40       1     1 1   40 BCI moot (Best team, Best mooter – male, Best memorial)
3 NLIU Bhopal     20 15     1 1     1   35 Raj Anand (Best team) + BCI moot (Runners up, Best mooter – female)
4 NLU Jodhpur     20 8 5   1 1     1   33 Henry Dunant (Best team) + Raj Anand (Runners up) + BR Sawhney (Best memorial)
5 NLU Orissa       31     1     1 1   31 Surana IT (Best team, Best memorial) + Nani Palkhivala (Best speaker)
6 JGLS Sonepat     10 15 3   1 1 1       28 Henry Dunant (Runners up) + Nani Palkhivala (Best Team) + BR Sawhney (Semi Finalist)
7 NUJS Kolkata       4 18     1 2 1 1   22 Surana IT (Semi finalist) + SLCU National moot (Best speaker, Best memorial, Semi finalists) + BR Sawhney (Runners up)
8 NLSIU Bangalore     20           2 1     20 Henry Dunant (Best advocate, semi finalist) + BCI moot (semi finalist)
9 GLC Mumbai     10 2 8 1     1 1 1   20 Henry Dunant (Best researcher) + BR Sawhney (Best oralist, semi finalist) + Nani Palkhivala (organiser)
10 Nuals Kochi     10 8         2   1   18 Henry Dunant (Best researcher) + Raj Anand (Semi finalist) + Surana IT (Semi finalist)
11 GNLU Gandhinagar       8 10   1     1     18 Surana IT (Best advocate) + SLCU National moot (Best team)
12 ILS Pune       14         1 1 1   14 Raj Anand (Semi finalist, Best speaker, Best memorial)
13 Sastra school of Law Thanjavur       12         1   1   12 Nani Palkhivala (Semi Finalist, best researcher)
14 Seedling School of Law & Governance     10               1   10 BCI moot (Best memorial
15 RMLNLU Lucknow         10   1           10 BR Sawhney (Best team)
16 RGNUL Patiala       8       1         8 Surana IT (Runners up)
16 Symbiosis Pune       8       1         8 Nani Palkhivala (Runners up)
17 Delhi University LC I       8             1   8 Nani Palkhivala (Best memorial)
18 Nalsar Hyderabad       4 2 1     1       6 Nani Palkhivala (Semi – Finalist) + BR Sawhney (Organisers)
19 SOEL Chennai         5     1         5 SLCU National moot (Runners up)
20 HNLU Raipur         3               3 SLCU National moot (Semi finalists)
21 Christ University         2 1             2 SLCU National moot (Organiser)
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